Btwin Cycles – Price & Reviews of Models in India

Decathlon is slowly becoming the go-to destination for all sports enthusiasts in India (at least in the cities where we do have Decathlon stores). They also display, guide and sell their own bicycle brand called the Btwin Cycles.

As I started to write this blog post, I realized I visit the Decathlon store at least twice a month. Do keep in mind they also host a lot of events regularly. So I don’t visit the store just to buy the products but to participate/view the events as well.


Decathlon Btwin Store


The stores are fun to visit (Especially if you have kids). If you have yet not visited them yet, do plan your visit soon. This is not like your regular sports store. Decathlons (I can vouch for Banglore) are so big that you can actually try out their bicycle inside the store. 😀

Decathlon Store in Bangalore


The video below will help you visualize how an average Decathlon store looks like and how is the shopping experience of the customers.




As good as their store, collection, service and staff is, I equally dislike their website. It is not at all user-friendly. The menu options are too confusing (especially the cycling sub-section). Hence I decided to write a blog post to list down all bicycles that Decathlon offers and their prices in India.


As stated earlier, Decathlon sells bicycles under the brand name Btwin Cycles. I know a lot of people who write/pronounce the name as “Between Cycle” 😀

Btwin as a bicycle brand has quickly made its name in India for quality bikes at affordable cost. Their budget bicycles are very popular. However, people still prefer Treks & Cannondales over Btwin in the premium bicycle segment.


p.s. – I try to keep the prices updated. However, do use the link provided to check the latest price on the official site. Do let me know in the comments if you find any discripencies.


Btwin MTBs:

Btwin mountain bikes are called as the “RockRider”. There are multiple models available for the RockRider. The prices start from as low as Rs. 14,000 and go as high as Rs. 70,000.


Btwin Naming Convention:

Btwin follows a nice name convention. In most scenarios, a higher number will denote a better bicycle. E.g The RockRider 200 will be a better bicycle compared to the RockRider 100 and so on (And hence more expensive as well).

This is not only true for the RockRider series but for “most” other products as well. However, do note, there are exceptions to this rule and use it just as a rough guideline.

Btwin MTB - Rockrider 540 Review India

Check out the Entire Collection of RockRider Bikes – Decathlon India

The Btwin RockRider 340 is the entry level MTB that Decathlon sells. It is a hardtail bicycle (Comes with only front suspension) and is available in four different colours. (Use the link above to view all options)

RockRider 520 and 540 are two mid segment bikes. If you are looking to cycle explore off-road trails, both them options can do the job really well.

The table below will give you a brief understanding of all RockRider models that Btwin offers with an updated price list.

Btwin MTB Key Feature Price
RockRider 340 Hardtail bicycle available in 4 colours Rs. 13,999
RockRider 520 Hardtail + Mechanical Disc Brakes Rs. 25,999
RockRider 520 S Full Suspension MTB Rs. 35,999
RockRider 540 27.5″ MTB, Hydraulic Brakes & Fork Rs. 31,999
RockRider 560 Sporty MTB, Light & Comfortable Rs. 52,999
RockRider 560 S 560 MTB but with Full Suspension Rs. 69,999
RockRider 900 Cross country MTB Rs. 69,999



Have a look at the Rockrider 340 in action in the video below:




Btwin Hybrid Bike:

The hybrid bicycle range by Decathlon is called the Btwin Riverside. The cheapest city bike of them all is named as Btwin MyBike and is priced under Rs. 5000 in India. However, the mid-range bikes namely the Riverside 100, 120 & 500 are the most popular and best value for money.

Btwin Cycles - Decathlon Riverside Hybrid Bicycle in India

View the Entire Range of Riverside Bicycles by Btwin – Decathlon India


The table below will provide you with highlights of all Hybrid Btwin bicycles on sale at Decathlon along with their price list. Use the link mentioned above to have a look at all of them.


Btwin MTB Key Feature Price
Btwin MyBike Gearless, Rigid frame bicycle Rs. 4,499
Riverside 50 Gearless, Steel Frame Rs. 6,999
Riverside 100 6 Speed Gears with V-Brakes Rs. 8,999
Riverside 120 Steel Frame, 8 Gears with V-Brakes Rs. 11,999
Riverside 500 Alloy Frame, 9 Gears & Disc Brakes Rs. 22,999
Riverside 900 Hardtail fork with lockout, 10 Gears, Hydraulic Disk Brakes Rs. 37,999

The videos below should help you have a look at and compare the Riverside 120 and Riverside 500 bikes.






Btwin Road Bicycles:

Btwin road bicycle range is called as the Triban. Triban 100 is a really good entry level road bicycle. You can use it if you are just starting out or want to use to commute to work every day.

Decathlon also has a flat handlebar version of the Triban 100 which sells at the exact same price. This gives you an additional choice while buying one for yourself.

If you are just starting out and used to riding the road bikes, you can opt for the flat bar and then either upgrade your bike or just change the handle, once you are more comfortable.

Btwin Triban Road Racing Sports Cycle India

View the Entire Range of Road Bicycles by Decathlon – Triban 100 | All Other Models


However, if you are into professional racing or wish to prepare and take part in any of the upcoming cycling tournaments, you should look at buying the Triban 500 or 520.


Btwin MTB Key Feature Price
Triban 100 Entry level Road Bike – Alloy Frame, 7 Gears (Shimano Tourney) Rs. 19,999
Triban 100 – Flat Bar Triban 100 but with a flat handlebar Rs. 19,999
Triban 500 Alloy Frame, Carbon Fork, 16 Speed Gears Rs. 34,999
Triban 520 Similar features as 520 but with slightly better components Rs. 44,999
Triban 700 Bike made for Racing Sport and/or Endurance. Top Components Rs. 84,999
Ultra 900 Carbon frame. UCI-certified for road cycling races. Rs. 139,999




Have a look at an advertisement for the Triban 100 below. It showcases the bike and some of its features:





Kids Bicycles by Decathlon:

Decathlon offers a wide range of bicycle for kids as well. Right from balance bicycles, which is a really good choice for toddlers to RockRider MTB bikes which can be used by kids above 8 years of age. Read more about tricycles for kids below the age of 2 in the link above.

Btwin Cycles for kids

Have a look at all the colour and model options – Decathlon | Amazon


If you are not sure of the right size for the bicycle for your kids – Read this guide for more details. I have listed down the various cycles for kids in different age group and height.



Btwin Cycles (Folding) by Decathlon:

Decathlon also has a couple of folding bikes that you can use to ride to work. It is especially good for people who travel by train, metro or bus and then have to walk to their destination. Folding bicycles solve a lot of problems for these people.

If you are interested in buying folding bicycles, you should read my article on the Best Folding Bicycles in India.


This brings me to an end of this blog post. Do let me know if there is anything specific that you would like to know about Btwin Cycles, I will be happy to add that information to this articles in future revisions.



  • Rashmi Gotarne

    hello ….

    Was looking for reviews for Cycles and my 11 YO son wants Btwin…. I said, go for Montra since it is listed under Top 5 Cycles in India…

    Nevertheless… Kids don’t listen…

    He tried his friends cycle Btwin 540 Rockrider…. It’s around 32 k…

    Can you please suggest, if that’s a good option or anything else with same specifications in any other brand would be good.

    Spending 32 k is not easy…
    No particular criteria… It’s his B-Day on 1/1 and he wants cycle… And not a normal one… Gear cycle

    Thanks in advance for replying

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Rashmi,

      I must say your kid has a great choice 🙂

      Btwin is indeed a really good brand and you don’t need to worry about quality even a bit. They have their stores(Decathlon) in a lot of cities across India. So, if you do run into a problem with the bike, you can simply visit them and their technicians would be able to resolve it for you.

      If the Rockrider 540 is a bit expensive for you, you can have a look at their entire range here. The ST100 is amongst the new models that they have launched recently.

      Alternately, you can also look at Rock by Montra (Its a Mountain bike) – Check the entire range here – You can consider Montra Rock 2.1 and above.

      I hope this helps.

  • Sanket

    I want to know which will be a better option between Mach City iBike and BTWIN Riverside 50 considering all aspects? I also found that these cycles come without shocker and would it matter too much if I travel mostly in city and my travel is not more than 30 to 35 kms. in total?

  • sahil

    what i s the price of bitwin rockrider 740s in india
    is it available in 1 by 11 gear setup shimino derellier in india
    is their any bitwin rockrider 900 full suspension launching in india

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Bharat,

      Yes, I would surely recommend going for a gear cycle. Do check out the entry-level Riverside by Btwin. Let me know if you need recommendations.

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