Best Bicycle Brands in India

I would be covering the best bicycle brands in India. With cycling getting popular in India, a lot of good cycles brands have opened up their shops in India.

I would also include our own India brands into the mix too. Although, I would not comment on individual models of cycles offered by these brands. I will surely include links to pages where you can check prices in India as well as their best selling models.

Please do keep in mind that I am not trying to compare the brands. The idea is to just create a massive resource where you can find all the top cycle brands in India in a single list.

I will be listing them in alphabetical order.

So let us begin.



Ever since I created this list, I have got a lot of request about particular brands i.e. which ones to buy for a particular budget. I have hence decided to add this summary section, which will list some good brands in three different budget ranges.

Low Budget BrandsBSA MachCity | Btwin by Decathlon | Hercules Roadeo | Other Hercules Brands

Mid-Budget BrandsBtwin by Decathlon | Montra | FireFox

Premium Brands Giant | Merida | Polygon | Bianchi | Fuji

Do note these are some of the brands that I prefer. You can click the links above to browse through the models they offer or read some of the articles on this blog for recommendations.



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Top Cycle Brands in India

1. Atlas Cycles

This brand was established in 1950. If you are someone born in the 1960’s/70’s, this is a brand that you will remember very well. This company was established by Shri Janki Das Kapur to serve the needs of the common man of India. The need for a cost-effective mode of transportation.

Best Bicycle brands in india - Atlas Peak Big Boss Fat Bike

Check out their popular models and prices – Flipkart | Amazon


Atlas established themselves as the leaders of the bicycle market in India by 1965. They also launched India’s first sports bicycle in 1978.  They have come a long way from those days. Even though they have not lost the leadership position in the Indian bicycle market, they still have some models to offer.

Altas Motion & Atlas Ultimate City are some of their top-selling models currently. Altas also sells cycles for kids. They have some good models that kids really love.


2. Avon Cycles

Like Atlas, Avon is also amongst the oldest cycle brands in India. They started off as a cycle saddle and brake manufacturing company in 1948. Avon cycles started manufacturing bicycles in 1951. This company was set up by Pahwa brothers in Punjab. They believe in offering a good quality product at a very affordable price.

Avon branded Guts Cycle for Boys

Check their latest models and prices – Amazon

This company soon grew into one of the largest cycles manufacturers in India. The earlier designs were very simple and were targeted toward the common man of India. Today, they offer all varieties of cycles with a very modern and stylish look.



3. Bianchi Cycles

Official Website – Bianchi

This is the first International bicycle brand that I am covering in this list so far. Bianchi is an Italian bicycle manufacturer and has a history of over 130 years in this field. They are also among the top international brands. They are known for their performance models.

Bianchi c-sport Bicycle - Italian Brand

The frames of Bianchi bikes are crafted in Italy headquarter and are made with the sole purpose of racing. However, they do offer other variants like mountain, road, e-cycles & Fitness bikes too.

You will regularly see their high-end bikes being used by racers in the famous Tour de France.



4. BSA Cycles

BSA is a well know and recognized brand in India. This brand was set up by Murugappa Group in collaboration with Tube Investments from the UK. They also own a lot of other well-known cycles brands in India. Namely Hercules, Ladybird, Montra etc. We will be covering them later in the article below.

BSA Cycles Photon

BSA have been pioneers in launching some of the first’s in the Indian market. As per their website, they were the first to launch an MTB, Ladies cycle, kids cycle, geared cycle etc in India.

BSA too offers some really good bicycle for kids. This is one of those brands that you will surely find in even the smallest bicycle shop in any city.


5. Btwin Cycles

Btwin is a cycling brand owned by a French company Decathlon. I am sure all the sports enthusiastic crowd would surely know what Decathlon is. If not have a look at their India website (Link provided below the image). Decathlon cycles division was formed in 1976. It was later officially renamed as Btwin in the year 2006.

Btwin brand - My Bike Mountain Bike

Check out their latest models – Decathlon

The decathlon company was formed with the objective of making sports equipment more affordable for everyone across the globe. Their cycling brand Btwin has the same objective. They make great quality bikes at affordable prices. If you are looking for some value for money you pay, go for these bikes.



6. Cannondale Cycles

Official Website – Cannondale

Cannondale brand is owned by Canadian firm Dorel Industries. They are known globally for their innovative bicycle designs. They produce and sell a wide range of performance bicycles across the globe.

Initially, all their bicycles were handcrafted in the USA. However, now bicycles are manufactured at facilities in China and Taiwan.

Cannondale Supersix Evo Ultegra 700X25C


They design their bicycle frames and other key components together as a system. This helps in driving better performance out of their cycles. They mainly work with aluminium and carbon fibre frames.

They also invented the cutting edge bottom bracket technology. This technology is now widely accepted in the cycling industry as it greatly helps the pedalling efficiency of the rider.



7. Dahon Bicycles

Official Website – Dahon

Dahon cycles are the leaders in manufacturing of folding bicycles world over. The company was founded by Hon brothers in the year 1982. They were the first in the world to launch a folding bicycle that you could carry to work on a train or a city metro.Dahon Cycle Brand India

You can buy these cycle online in India on Flipkart


It is really easy to fold and unfold the bikes too. Have a look at the video below:

The amount of research that company put into their products can be gauged easily by the amount of patent they hold – Over a whopping 220.

Folding bicycles are yet to become popular in India. But going by the traffic trends in major cities like Mumbai, Banglore, Chennai etc, I would not be surprised to see an increased demand for these bicycles in years to come.



8. Firefox Bikes

Firefox is one of the rare independent Indian brands that was able to carve a name for themselves in the premium bicycle market (Montra is another brand that come to mind in this segment). They were so successful that Hero cycles later acquired them in the year 2015.Firefox Road Runner Pro D

They have products in almost all categories like kids, ladies, city, off-road MTBs,  Performance as well as BMX cycles. I could not find their products listed on Amazon or Flipkart at the time of writing this post. However, you can buy Firefox cycles on their own website.



9. Ghost Bikes

Official Website – Ghost Bikes

One of the few companies in the world that was formed by cycling enthusiasts. The company was formed in 1993 in North Bavaria. They offer a range of mountain bikes, road bikes, trekking bikes, e-bikes and urban models.  They are also committed to sponsoring some of the best Mountain biking teams and riders.

Ghost Brand Bicycle - SE3000

Unfortunately, I could not find a lot of models available on sale online in India. A few models were available for sale on Flipkart – Click Here to find out more about them.



10.Giant Bikes

Official Website – Giant Bicycles

If you want to buy a bicycle that the pros prefer, go for a Giant. They are the ultimate example of performance cycling. Giant is a Taiwanese company. They claim to be the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles by revenue.  They have manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China & Netherlands.

Giant Contend 1 2018

Check out Giant Bicycles here – Flipkart

They also make bicycles for other major brands around the world like Trek, Scott & Colnago.

However, not all their models are available in India. Flipkart & Amazon hardly stocks a couple of products. However, we did find a few good options on Choosemybicycle online store. You might also be able to buy some good models in the top bicycle shops in your cities.


11. Hercules Cycles

Hercules is also from the stable of TI cycles India. The first Hercules cycle was made in the year 1951. Hercules was also the first brand to introduce mountain bicycles in India. Even now, their MTBs are amongst the best selling in the country.

The first cycle that I owned was of this same brand 🙂  – So this brand will always have a special connection with me. These models still do feature as some of the top-selling bicycles in India.

Hercules Roadeo A50

Check out their latest models and prices – Flipkart | Amazon

Lately, their sub-brand Hercules Roadeo has been very popular with the teenagers. Being one of India best selling cycle brand, their products are easily available online as well as in your local bicycle shops.

The advantage of buying such a popular brand is that you get them serviced easily.



12. Hero Cycles

Like Hercules, Hero is also one of the top-selling brands in India. Their earlier range of “Hero Ranger” cycles was a rage in India a decade or two back.

The more modern series (Which sells better lately) is the “Hero Sprint” series. These bicycles have in features in our list of best bicycles under Rs. 10000. The “Hero Urban” range of bicycles by them have been launched as commuter/city bicycles.

Hero as a brand is known for selling a budget bicycle with acceptable quality at a really good price. You can check some of their best selling Geared cycles by Hero with disc brakes in our other article.

Hero Sprint Cycles - Best Brands in India

The biggest advantage of buying brands like Hero and Hercules is that you have a lot of options to choose from. You will surely find a bicycle to you liking in their vast range of options.


13. Kross Cycles

To begin with, the Kross cycles that you get in India has nothing to do with Kross brand of bicycles from Poland. The Kross cycles that you buy in India, is a sub-brand of the Hero group.

Unlike the polish brand, this particular brand focuses more on affordability. The brand is meant for beginner or casual rides and not seasoned riders.

Kross - Indian Bicycle Brand

Check more options from Kross on Amazon

Since this brand also belongs to the Hero group of companies, you will be able to easily locate a dealer in your locality. Also, servicing the same will not be an issue.


14. LadyBird Cycles

LadyBird was the first Indian bicycle brand to focus and make product solely designed for girls & women. I also think it was the first brand to use a bright and attractive colour cycle frames to break the monotony of dark coloured bicycles.BSA LadyBird Bliss FX

With the introduction of more brands designing products specifically for women, LadyBird cycles seems to have lost some of its premium customer bases. However, this brand still remains strong in the budget bicycle category.

You can check out the best bicycles for Ladies using the link provided.


15. Lapierre Bikes

Lapierre is a French cycling brand which has now become famous worldwide. Their bike quality is amongst the leading in the world. They have a partnership with the French cycling team FDJ. Jr., which uses their bicycle in some the toughest international races in the world.

Lapierre Shaper 200 - French cycle brand in India

As you would have guessed, this is not a product that you can buy on a regular budget. These bikes are expensive but the quality of the bicycles is second to none. One of their model, Shaper 100, was recently featured in my list of best bicycles in India under 30000.


16. Mach City Bikes

Mach city is a brand owned by BSA cycles (TI Cycles group). They have become very popular in India mainly due to its Mach City iBike. There are a lot of variations available in the model (colour as well as gears).

You can read a detailed review and comparison with Btwin’s MyBike in the link that I provided above.

BSA Mach City Ladies cycle with Gear

If you are looking to buy hybrid bicycles in India, MachCity iBike would be one of the top budget choices.


17. Merida Bicycles

The brand Merida was established in the year 1972. The three syllabus of the brand “Me-Ri-Da” translates to “beautifully designed, high quality”. Merida literally uses this motto in each of the bicycle models.

Merida bikes are designed and manufactured in Taiwan and imported to over 77 countries around the world.

Merida BIG SEVEN India


18. Mongoose Cycles

If you are looking to BMX bicycles, Mongoose would be the brand of your choice. They have a wide variety of BMX bicycles. Their bicycles are known for high quality and reliability. You can perform a range of stunts on these bicycles.

You can watch the video below for some of the stunts that can be performed on BMX bikes. The video showcases Yusuf Shaikh (India Flatland BMX Gold Medalist)



19. Montra Bikes

Montra can be termed as an Indian brand that is taking on some of the International brands in terms of quality and pricing.

They can be categorized as a mid-segment brand. The quality of their bicycles is much better compared to the entry level bikes. Although, not as good as the leading international brands like Trek or Giant.


Also Read – Best Montra Bicycles in India


However, if you look at how they are priced, I will term most fo their models as good value for money. You will find a lot of their models getting featured in my list of best bicycles in India.

Montra Helicon Disc

You can Buy them online on – Amazon


20. Raleigh Cycles

Raleigh Bicycle company is one of the oldest bicycle brands in the world. A lot of later roadster bicycles sold in India were inspired by their earlier design.


You can read details about these models and their reviews here -> Raleigh Bicycles India


The company started off as a small shop in 1885. The company was established only in 1889. By as early as 1913, Raleigh became the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world.

Raleigh Advertisement from the 1940s

Raleigh no more the leading company. However, as a brand, it is still known for its high-quality products. Some of their current best selling models include the Raleigh Moonraker, Proceed and the Terrain.



21. Ridley Bicycles

Ridley Bikes was launched by Jochim Aerts in Belgium. Even though it has a very short history, it has already become of the go-to names for racing bicycles in Belgium. They have now started offering some limited entry-level models in emerging markets like India.

Ridley TrailFire Hardtail Cycle


22. Roadeo Bikes

Hercules Roadeo is a brand in itself. I still remember my first bike which was a Roadeo. They now have over 12 models to suit different requirements of the entry level customers.

Roadeo bicycles are very popular amongst the teens in India.

Hercules Roadeo Hannibal Review & Price


23. Trek Bicycles

Anyone who is into cycling and follows international news/cycling blog would have surely heard about Trek bicycles. Even though they are expensive (For most average Indians), they are the ultimate machine that any cyclist would love to own.

Trek was founded in the year 1975 and are based out of Wisconsin, USA. Most of their bicycles are still made in the United States.

The Bike used by Jens Voigt – Hour Record – Wikipedia

24. Roulik Bicycles:

Roulik is an India bicycle manufacturer. They are based out of Kerala. They are known for the electric bikes, however, lately, they have also ventured into regular bicycles. Roulik Inzio is their best performing and known electric bicycle model.


Use the link above to read a detailed review of their e-bike as well as other electric bike products available in India.


25. Cosmic Cycles:

Another good Indian manufacturer. I really like their bicycle models. They are well priced and are selling really well online.

Cosmic Shuffle 700C - Hybrid cycle under 15000


26. Schnell Cycles:

Schnell is an India brand. However, there is hardly much information available about them on the internet. A lot of people mistake them to be a German brand. However, that is simply not the truth.

I have written a detailed article about them – You can read the same here – Best Schnell Bikes

Schnell ROVER 2.0 Cycle India



This marks an end to my post on the best bicycle brands in India. I am sure I would have missed at least a couple of good brands. If you can think of any, do post their detail in the comments below. I will surely include them in my further revisions of this blog post.

Also, do let me know how brands of bicycles have you used so far? Which is your favourite brand or which one are you planning to buy next? I look forward to your comments.



  • KV Rama Rao

    Can u suggest me some best models in montra brand? Actually going for an adventurous ride on a bicycle can welcome best thoughts. Also, suggest me best place to purchase

    • bicycleXP


      I personally like the Montra brand. I feel you can go for either of Trance, Trance Pro, Helicon Disc or Madrock (Based on your budget and requirements). You can refer to my guide on the Best Hybrid Bicycles in India for more details on where you can buy them (Also check the comments section of the article for more details).

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Milind,

      Apologize for the late response. I somehow missed your comment. If you still looking for a bike for your kid, you can opt for the Atlas U 20 (Use to link to view the product on Flipkart.

      If you want a cheaper option, opt for the Hercules Crusher(24T). This model is available on Flipkart too and is on the top selling models for this age group.


  • Sandeep

    Presently I m using Firefox mountain bike.
    I m running cycle daily 20 km.
    Now I m willing to buy new one.
    Can u suggest me the brand and model.
    Whether can I go for racing cycle?
    Please suggest me.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Sandeep,

      Since you have experience riding bicycles over long routes, you can opt for the road bicycles. However, good ones are a bit on the expensive side. The most basic road bike I can suggest now is this one (The link goes to Flipkart). Currently, BBD sale is on and you should be able to get some good deals.

      Montra Celtic 2.2 is a good bicycle to start off with. However, if find the bicycle expensive, Opt for Hybrid Montra Timba.

      Have fun riding.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Manish,

      To be honest, I haven’t tried Unirox bikes, so won’t be right on my part to comment on them yet. I will do so once I try out or atleast have a look at few of the models.

      Have a good day!

  • Shravan

    First of all, thanks for the info.
    I am looking for a bicycle which i will ride mostly on urban roads, with a little casual off-roading at times.
    Can you please tell me if I should go for Hybrid or MTB?
    Also, can you suggest a good model for the same under 15k?

    Thanks !

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Shravan,

      Since you mostly plan to ride on the road, opt for the hybrid. Nowadays most cities also have some good options to rent a bicycle for a day, if you plan to offroad sometimes, you can rent a good MTB for the day.

      I will suggest, opt for one of the Montra bicycles. Use the link to find some good options in your price range.

      Hope this helps!

  • Deepak Bhandari


    Thanks for sharing useful information.
    I am looking for MTB cycle to cover Leh route. Which require combination of plain road as well as off-road.
    Right now i am using a normal (without gear) bicycle and riding it on weekend only.
    Please can you suggest a good MTB with Gear \ shocker etc.
    i already tried Decathlon and Firefox but still looking for options.

    Thanks, Dee

  • Mathew

    Isn’t montra rock 1.0 good? I saw u recommending others except this one model at a reply.Can u plz tell me why or is it not that good for the price.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Mathew,

      I like most Montra bikes (For the price point that they are available in the Indian market). The quality and components used are decent. A specific model is more of a personal choice. I recommend you try out a few models before you buy the same.

  • Jasin

    I saw reviews on many MTBs and ended up in two with my price range, 15000-16000, MONTRA MADROCK 27.5 and COSMIC HULK 27.5. I am confused which one is more worth in terms of QUALITY. Please opt one for me.

  • Ranjit Rajan

    Thank you so much for your guidance 🙂
    I have another query, If I get Huge HDT-19 in Price of RockRider ST100 with all the accessories and one year free service. Is that a good deal or you still recommend for RockRider ST100?

  • Rakesh Vyas

    Hi, Pls suggest me the bycle range around 13000 to 15000/. I am very confused and I am looking for 26 and 27 “.
    I saw Sprint trans, zeus z-0.7, Montera mad rock .
    Raleigh is also my mind but cost is high.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Rakesh,

      Go for the one that you like the most. Out of the ones you listed, I would personally would have picked the Montra MadRock. Cheers!

  • Vinay Yadav


    Thanks for precious information. I’m interested in hybrid bicycle. My budget is 20k. My height is 6’2, I need for adventure, long driving. Looking for comfortwise and quality.
    Please tell which model and brand will be best for me.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Vinay,

      You can have a look at Montra cycles and their models (Click here for more details).

      Montra Blues can be a really good option around the budget you have. Links to the products are provided in the article I referred above. Hope it helps you buy the right bike for your needs.


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