Cycle Buying Guide: Best Bicycles in India

Welcome to BicycleXP. When I started cycling a few years back, there were a lot of issues that troubled me, But the main question I struggled with was, how to choose the right Cycle in India? So I decided to put together this Cycle Buying Guide for Beginners in India. The article will cover all the basics that you need to know. The things you should consider and how much should you spend on your first bicycle. Warning – This is a fairly long post. If you are just looking for a quick recommendation on a good bicycle that you can buy online, I suggest you go for this Model by Montra. This bicycle is available for both Men as well as Women. I recommend you also check out user reviews and price on Flipkart too, before buying online. Cycle Buying Guide:   Which is the Best Bicycle in India? Which One Should I buy? Sorry to break your heart. However, there is no single right answer to this question. There is not one bicycle that will suit the requirements of all the beginners in India. It all depends on your needs and objectives. I would first suggest you get a piece of paper and write down answers to the question in the section below. Once you do that, you will have a good clarity on the type of bicycle you need buy. This may even help you narrow down your choices to two/three bicycles. You can finally buy one of them.   Sure, What factors to consider before buying a bicycle? Your needs and usage as a Cyclist: This is the most important factor while deciding what type of bicycle you need. So spend some time jotting down what your objectives are. Mainly the usage can be divided into four major categories as below: I will also suggest a bicycle type that is most suited for that requirement. The article will also discuss types of bicycles in details later. Exercise or Casual rides near your home to remain fit – Ideally, buy a Hybrid bicycle. Commuting to Work, School or College – Hybrid Cycles, These bikes are lighter compared to MTBs and more comfortable compared to Road Bicycles. Long distance rides (Endurance or Race) -Road Bikes Off Roading / Riding on Trails etc – Mountain Bikes or MTBs   The height of the Cyclist – How to decide bicycle frame size? Your height and the inseam length (Leg length), will help you decide the right bicycle size for you (Frame size). Choosing the right cycle frame size will not only help you ride more efficiently but will also reduce chances of injury. You can use this guide to narrow the right bicycle frame for you. Most eCommerce sites will show the ideal rider height on the product info page. You will just have to look a bit carefully to find that information. I would strongly suggest you verify this information before you buy the cycle online. Still confused? Go over to your local bicycle shop. Try out a few bicycles. It does not matter if they do not have the exact same model that you are looking for. This will help you get a better idea of the frame size that will suit you. You can come back and place the order online. You might even get a better deal at the local shop.   Riding conditions Go have a closer look at the general areas/roads you will be riding your bicycle on. How good or bad are they? Generally, these are the things you should keep an eye on: Are there any steep climbs or declines. Do you stay in a hilly area? Or are there too many bridges along the road you to plan to commute on? – If yes, you should consider a bicycle with gears. Are there too many small potholes (That you won’t be able to navigate?) is there a patch of road which is not laid down correctly? – Buy bicycle with front suspension (Only if you think the going will be really bad)   Budget We now come to the most tricky part of the selection process. How much money will I be spending?: ) The fact is that the best quality bicycles will cost you a lot of money (In the range of few lakh rupees). However, I also do believe that you can buy good bicycles cheap (If you set your expectations right) A lot of people think that they should buy the cheapest bicycle now and later upgrade to a better bicycle if they decide to continue cycling. I would suggest you do the other way round. Get a good bicycle now, if you decide not to bicycle after a few months, you can sell it off and get some of your money back, This is a better strategy because: If you invest a good amount of money in something, you tend to take it more seriously. Good bicycle = Better quality ride. Chances of you enjoying and continuing with cycling increases Good bicycles are easy to sell (Compared to a cheap one) – This is just for a backup plan 🙂 What does a higher budget get you? Comfort – Better saddles, which give you a comfortable ride. Braking performance – Disc brakes by default don’t mean better braking. A lot of expensive bikes don’t use disc brakes (mainly to save weight) but perform at par with discs. Tyres – Better quality tyres means less rolling resistance and better grip. Frame – Higher budget gets you lighter frames that are designed for performance. Better quality materials like Aluminium alloy,  Carbon fibre etc Other Components – A lot of other better quality components like suspensions. Low/No Maintenance – Good bicycle requires really low maintenance from you. If you treat them well, they will serve you great for years.   Types of Bicycles – Which one to Select? 1. Mountain Bikes or MTBs Mountain bikes are defined by the thick tyres that they have. These bicycles are built to be ridden over rough surfaces, mountain trails, offroad paths etc. Generally, these cycles would have a flat handlebar and at least a front suspension to negate the rough terrain. These bicycles look really macho and are fun to ride. Mostly, if you ask any teen, he/she might prefer an MTB over a Hybrid. Pros – These bicycles are sturdy and can take you over almost any surface. The grip is better due to a larger tyre width. Cons – MTBs are heavier to a comparable road cycle. These bicycles require a lot more effort when ridden on roads. Slower compared to other types of cycles on road.   2. Road Bicycles These cycles are defined more by the super slick tyres that these bicycles use. The other defining factor is the drop handlebars. These bicycles are built to ridden over smooth, well-paved roads. The frame of the bicycle is designed for speed and efficiency. Most leading brands would have products that are aerodynamically perfect. There are variations of road bicycles, which are designed for more comfort and meant for touring. The bicycle let you travel long distances at a greater speed. Pros – These bicycles are super light and are designed for speed. Cons – Not everyone finds its bent over riding position comfortable. Not suitable for bad roads.   3. Hybrid Cycles There are crossovers of mountain & road bikes. These cycles try to capture best of both worlds, MTBs and Road Cycles. These bikes have padded, more comfortable saddles and straight handlebars like the MTBs but have slightly thinner tyres. Also, Read – Best Hybrid Cycles in India. There are multiple variations available in Hybrid bicycles. The most common ones are the comfort bikes, which have raise handlebars. This helps the rider remain in an upright position while riding them. Pros – They are an ideal bike for beginners. Can be ridden over multiple different terrains. Cons – Specialised bikes perform better compared to them on a specific terrain.     So, Which are the Best Bicycles in India? I reviewed the specifications of 100’s of bicycles available in India. Spend numerous hours to come up with this list of best bicycles for Adults & Kids in India 2018. Since this is a very generic list, I have included bicycles from various categories. However, I am soon planning to come up with a detailed list of bicycles for specific requirements.   This is how the comparison table is structured: The first two bicycles are specifically meant for women. The next three are hybrid bicycles. These can be used on roads to commute (For work, grocery etc). After that, we have 3 MTBs. These bicycles can be used on hard-trails to offload. Last two cycles are built for speed. If this is your first bicycle in a while, I would not suggest you choose amongst these.   These bicycles are then further classified as further:  Beginners (Super Cheap) – Go for these bicycles if you want a cost-effective yet quality riding experience. These are good bicycles for someone who is taking up cycling now. Start with these bikes and then upgrade to an expensive one later as your interest & cycling radius grows. Regular Use (Budget Bikes) – These cycles are best suited for people who regularly use their bicycles. These people also have some experience in maintaining their cycles or doing minor fixes to them. They would use their bicycles for a short trip to work every day or a frequent weekend gateway to a suitable place where they can enjoy their rides. Semi-Pros (Good Bicycles) –  These users would have a bicycle at two in the garage. They can easily service their bicycle on their own. These users also frequently do 30+ km rides (Along with their regular usage)   Related Articles: Bicycle Brands in India   |   Best Fat Tyre Cycles in India  |  Best Electric Bicycles   Quick Tip – Buying cycles online Always check the frame size on the product page before you place your order. It will clearly help you decide if it is the right bicycle for your height. If the frame does not match your height, search for the same model on Flipkart/Amazon (You might find the frame size listed as separate product) These cycles are shipped in a semi assembled state. You should get the tools need to assemble it in the package. You assemble it on your own (You will need some patience if it is your first time doing it 🙂 ) or get it assembled by a local cycle shop.  However, I will suggest you take this up as a weekend project. It is not only fun to assemble the bike on your own but you will also learn a lot about your bicycle this way.   Review of Top Bicycles:   1. Mach City iBike W: One of the few really good beginner bicycles available in India for Women. The quality of the build is really good. A steal for the price you are paying. This is a fixie (Non geared) bicycle. This cycle is also available in Black on Flipkart. Check live price – Flipkart Key Features of the Cycle: As said above, this cycle does not come with any gears. It is good in a way. This makes the bike a bit lighter The frame of the bicycle is made out of lightweight steel There are no shock absorbers (Rigid suspension) Stand nylon 26-inch tyres Who should buy this cycle: As the name suggests, this bicycle is meant for women. Good bicycle for someone who wants to take up cycling to keep fit. It is very comfortable to ride this cycle. The bicycle can You can use this cycle to commute short distances.   2. Montra Trance W: Montra is known for their good looking bicycles. This particular model is not far behind.  The black and purple coloured bike looks really good. There is a couple major difference between the two ladies cycles that … Continue reading Cycle Buying Guide: Best Bicycles in India