Best Exercise Cycles in India


In this article, I will review the Best Exercise Cycles in India. People generally think of the Cycling Machines like the one you see in the everyday gyms. However, there are multiple types of bicycles available on the market.

I will be talking about each of those types and also recommend a few options to buy based on the quality, features and the price at which it is available in India.

Bicycles can provide you with an excellent cardio workout. The main advantage of bicycles is that almost any can use it (No matter what your current fitness levels are) with least worry about getting injured.

Even if you are overweight, cycling (Or swimming) can be the perfect exercise for you. If done correctly, cycling does not put undue stress on your knees or back.



What are the different types of Exercise Cycles/Machines?

There are two main types of bicycles that can be used for exercising. Stationary or Gym bicycles and other ones are the normal bicycles that you can ride outdoors.

Types of Gym Bicycles:
  • Upright Cycles:

These bicycles (as the name suggests) have an upright riding position. These machines try to give you the same experience and posture as you would have to ride a real bicycle. There are again quite a few variations available in Upright cycles, however, most would allow you to ride in various positions.

These bikes can be a bit hard on your back, especially if you not in the right shape. So start off slow and slowly build up your exercise regime. This will help you remain injury free.

If you are looking for an Upright bicycle, you can have a look at the Cardio Max JSB HF73 (Click for more details). It is a multifunction product, works as a cycle as well as a cross trainer.


  • Recumbent Cycles:

Recumbent cycles are stationary exercise cycles with a comfortable backrest and a bit laid back riding position. This is achieved by moving the pedal out a front on most of these machines. These machines are really good for people for lower back pain or injury.

The comfortable riding position allows the back to be rested with the work is done only by the leg muscles. If you are looking to buy a recumbent cycle then you should consider the Proline Fitness 335L Recumbent Bike (Click for more details).


Types of Regular Bicycles:

The regular bicycles can be mainly classified as Road bicycles, MTBs and Hybrid bicycles. You can read more about each type of bicycle – Here.

If you are looking to use a regular bicycle to exercise, then I will suggest you buy the best possible bicycle that you can afford and like. There is a reason why I say this. You will ride your bicycle more often and regularly only if you enjoy riding it.

If you buy a cheap bicycle that you don’t enjoy, your money will be wasted after a few cycling sessions (The bicycle will end up in one corner of your house 🙂 )

If you plan on riding your bicycle around the park or on trails near your house, I suggest you buy the big & bad fat tyre bicycle. Riding it is fun and enjoyable.

However, if you plan to commute, buy a good hybrid bicycle from my list of best bicycles in India as per your budget.

You can easily convert your regular bicycle into an indoor exercise machine using a good bicycle trainer stand.



Best Stationary Cycles for Exercise in India:


1. Cardio Max JSB HF73 – UpRight

One of the best exercise bike for cardio in India. This bicycle is available in two variations, with and without backrests. This product uses magnets to create resistance and perform much better compared to cheaper manual/air bikes.

Cardio Max JSB HF73 - Best exercise cycles in IndiaCardio Max Cycle JSB HF78 with Back Rest

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Key Features:

  • This is an upright exercise cycle with magnetic resistance. The bike has a 4 Kg Flyweight.
  • Both versions have a digital display which shows various information like Time, distance, Pulse (Using the hand pulse sensor), calories burned etc
  • This product has 8 different modes of operation/tension. You can raise difficulty levels to increase your calorie burn.
  • The product also has a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.



2. Online World Stress Buster Indoor Cycle – UpRight

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can go for this product. However, you should understand that the performance and the quality of this bike are not as good as the one above.

The bicycle is quite stable and a person weighing up to 100 Kgs can easily use the same. The grip of the bike is comfortable and padded.

Online World Stress Buster Indoor Cycle

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Key Features:

  • The equipment is made using a sturdy steel frame.
  • It works on a belt drive and has 6 different resistance levels.
  • An LCD display to show important information while exercising.



3. Proline Fitness 335L – Recumbent 

If you are looking for a recumbent exercise cycle then I suggest you buy this product. The equipment is very sturdy and can be used by a person up to 110 Kgs in weight.

The product has a nice comfortable seating position and can be used by someone with lower back pain. (Consult your Doctor/Physician before exercising)

Proline Fitness 335L - Best Recumbent exercise cycle in India

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Key Features:

  • The equipment has wheels for ease of movement around the house or for cleaning underneath
  • The cycle has a 5 Kg flywheel and comes with 8 different difficulty levels
  • The machine uses a magnetic resistance control system
  • A mini computer/control panel with 6 different controls. This console requires a battery to operate. The machine does not require any electricity to function.



4. Cosco CEB-Trim 400 R – Recumbent

This is the fourth product in my list of best exercise cycles in India. A good looking equipment from Cosco. This bike also has a magnetic flywheel, similar to the product above. As the manufacturer, individuals up to 100 Kgs of weight can safely use the same.

Cosco CEB-Trim 400 R - Recumbent Exercise Bicycle

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Now, I will cover two bikes which can be used for spinning.

Spinning Bike vs. Upright Bike – What is the difference?

  • Spin bikes are quite similar to upright bicycles but are built to be more robust. You can stand up and use these machines.
  • The flywheel is connected to pedals using a chain. Unlike a normal exercise bike, cannot stop pedalling to rest. You will have to slowly slow down to stop exercising. The wheel moves as fast as the pedal and both of them are fixed together.
  • The flywheels used on these machines are generally heavier compared to upright cycles.
  • These bikes tone your muscles almost as well as a normal cycle used outdoors.

I will not continue with the list of best exercise cycles in India. The 5th bicycle on the list is from Kobo.




5. Kobo SB 1 – Bicycle for Spinning

One of the best bicycles available in India for spinning at your home. The bike is nicely designed and is available in bright yellow and steel grey colour on Flipkart & Amazon.

The cycle has all the basic functionality that you would need. It comes with an adjustable seat, good non-skid pedals, LCD monitor & a water bottle holder.

The bicycle is ergonomically designed and you would find it easy to spin in various positions and speeds.


Kobo SB-1 - Best Spinning cycle IndiaKobo Spin Bike India


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The flywheel weighs 18 Kgs. The cycle works on a direct contact resistance technology. It comes with 9 different resistance levels.



6. Lifeline Exercise Air Bike – Multifunctional/Cross Trainer

Although this exercise cycle has a backrest, it is not a recumbent bike. This is due to the sitting position of the rider. You will be sitting upright on this bike and using it. You can use the backrest when you need some rest.

The equipment is from the Lifeline company, which is a well-known brand in the fitness industry in India.

This is one of the top-selling products in the exercise cycle category online.

Lifeline Exercise Air Bike

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Key Points to Note:

  • This is a non-motorized product. Which means you do not need to connect it to electricity to operate it.
  • The product comes with an electronic display which shows time, distance, calories burned etc
  • The handles move backwards and forwards to work out your arms too. (You cannot stop the handles from moving)
  • The product comes with additional freebies like the Gym back and Sweat belt.


  • The handles move while you cycle. There is no functionality to decouple the two movements. So if you are looking for a simple exercise cycle (Only for legs) then you should not buy this product.


This ends my review on the top exercise bicycles in India. I will now cover some important points that a lot of people would like to know about stationary gym bikes.


  • Most of the models would need to be assembled by the customer at home. A lot of these models have youtube videos on how the assembly should be done.
  • Some state might require you to pay an additional Octroi fee on your package. This is not included in the amount you pay on Amazon or Flipkart. So account for the same separately.

Recumbent vs. Upright – Which one to Choose?

I will briefly touch upon the difference between the two types of exercise cycles, this should help you understand them better.

  • Seat – Recumbent mostly have a larger & more comfortable seat. While the upright bike uses a small saddle (Like a regular bicycle). If you find the seat uncomfortable, you can wear padded cycling shorts. They should help you exercise better.
  • Pedals – Recumbent cycles have pedal positioned in the front of the machine. While the upright bikes have them under (Similar to how your regular bicycle pedals are positioned)
  • Rider Position – Due to pedal being on the front, the recumbent cycle has a slightly reclined riding position. While as the name suggests, the upright bike has a more upright riding position. Some bikes also allow you to lean forward on the handle to resemble riding a road bicycle.

To conclude, if you have any injury or pains, you should opt for the more comfortable recumbent bike. This equipment gives you to freedom to exercise while being gentle on your lower back and joints.

If you like an aggressive workout, you should opt for the Upright bike or even better a spin bike.


How to exercise using a Gym Bicycle?

The video below should give you an idea of what all exercises can be done. They are using a spinning bike for their routine, so you might not be able to do everything shown in the video.

Choose a product from the list above based on the type of exercise you will be comfortable doing.


Benefits of using an Exercise Cycle

  1. Cycling Machines help strengthen your lower body muscles. The benefits are not limited to the calf or thigh muscles. Cycling also helps you strengthen your lower back muscles.
  2. Indoor cycling is great for someone looking for a safe exercise for weight loss. Running is generally not recommended for overweight people as it might have a negative impact on your knees. However, cycling helps you tone your muscles and lose weight at the same time. You can move you to run or jogging post that.
  3. Indoor cycling is also great for someone looking only to do light cardio exercise.
  4. These types of equipment can also help you relieve your entire day’s stress.
  5. You do not need to worry about rains outside if you have a gym cycle at your home. You can exercise at any time or in any climate in the comfort of your home.


This brings me to the end of my review of the best cycles for exercise in India. I hope this information helps you with your exercise routine. Do let me know in the comments section, the product you decided to buy. Also, do share your purchase experience online and your initial thoughts about the exercise bike.


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