Best Fat Tyre Cycles in India – Bikes For Kids & Adults

If you are researching fat tyre bicycles, you probably know how fun they can be. Don’t worry if you do not have much idea about them. We will cover everything you need to know in this review of the best fat bicycles in India. 

Fat Tyre bicycles are also known as fat boy cycles, fat tyre bikes or simply fat bikes.


What is a Fat Bike?

So before we start off with the review. Let me spend some time on what actually is a fat bike. In simple words, the fat bike is really a mountain bike with over-sized wheels attached to it (Sounds like fun 🙂 ). They were built to be ridden over snow and sand. However, can ride them on any off-road trail with gravel and stones too.

The wide tyres provide you with the extra grip that you need. The extra surface area means the bicycle won’t sink in while riding on sand (Ever tried riding a road cycle on the beach?). The can inflate and deflate the tyres as per the riding condition to give you extra comfort or grip.

Since there are only a few places in India where you can ride these bikes over the snow, most people use them on off-road trails or sandy beaches.

I hope this gives a little context. So enough of Gyan, we continue with our review of the best fat bicycles in India.


Best Fat Bikes in India for Adults:

1. Roulik Avalanche

Roulik as a brand is better known for its electric bicycle. However, they do have some good products in the regular bicycle category. Roulik Avalanche is one of their best-looking bicycles.

I really loved the colour and the decals on the bicycle. The product looks very well finished and premium.


Roulik Avalanche - Best Fat tyre cycle in India

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Key Features:

  • The bicycle is made using Aluminium 6061 alloy, making it sturdy and light. (As compared to other Fat Bikes)
  • It has an 80 mm mechanical fork suspension on the front.
  • The bicycle has a sturdy rim and uses Kenda 26×4 Inch fat tyres.
  • Front and back wheel are both equipped with disk brakes and quick release hubs.
  • The cycle has 24 gears. Derailleur: Front- Shimano Altus M190, Rear- Shimano Altus M280; Shifter: Shimano SL-EF-65-8S-22.2mm; Crank: 24/34/42TX170mm; Freewheel: Shimano Cassette 8 speed black



2. LA Sovereign Extreme Terrain

LA Sovereign is an Indian bicycle brand that specializes in high quality imported bikes. As per the company website, they have a tie-up with a business in Thailand to market their products in India. However, La Sovereign has quickly made a name for itself in the bicycle market of India.

LA Sovereign Extreme Terrain Fat Bike India

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Key features of the bike are:

  • The bicycle is made using a 6061 Aluminium alloy to help keep the weight of the cycle down.
  • Both front and rear derailleur are Shimano – RD M25. While it uses a Shimano thumb shifter TDS -50.
  • Both front and back tyres use disc brakes. The braking performance of the bicycle is really good.
  • The tyre size is size is 26×4 inches
  • The weight of the bicycle is 16 Kgs.


3. Montra Big Boy Fat Bike

If you can spend a little more money. I strongly suggest you buy the Montra big boy fat bike. This bike has been designed in England. The performance of the bicycle is top notch. It is surely built like a tank and feels the same way when you are riding it. Amazing experience!

There are multiple different variations available. Click the link below to see the colours and sizes available.

Montra BIGBOY Fat Bike India

I could find these bikes being sold on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Tyres are similar to the Atlas fat bike above. It uses Wanda P1215, 26×4 Inch tyres
  •  The cycle uses a fat bike 6061 aluminium alloy frame to keep the weight down
  • Gear shifters – This bike uses a Shimano Tourney, Sl-Tx50, (1X7-Speed)
  • Shimano tourney, RD TY500, 7 speed is used as the rear derailleur
  • The cycle comes with mechanical disc brakes, which are adequate for most people.



4. Marlin Fat Bikes – Thor, Fat Boy, Urban Cruiser & Rock Rider

Marlin Fat bikes are the latest entrant in this fast-growing bicycle segment. They offer four amazing models which I really liked.

Fat bikes should have a nasty /bully kind of a look and Marlin has really craked them. Have a look at the three models I am talking about below.

Check out the Entire Marlin Fat Bike Range – Amazon

Key Highlights:

  • Marlin has launched multiple models. I am sure you would like at least of them.
  • Most models are available in different colour variations
  • A lot of these models are made using lightweight aluminium alloy frames.
  • They also used quality components in their fat bikes e.g. Shimano gears etc
  • All the models mentioned in this review come equipped with dual disc brakes to help you brake safely.



5. Sturdy Fat Bike

Most people buy Fat bicycles for fun. If you are looking for an inexpensive way (Relatively speaking), this is the perfect cycle for you. Although it is not under Rs. 15,000 but is very closely priced to that amount (At the time of writing this post – You can check live price by clicking on the link below)

Surprisingly, this bicycle still has Shimano gears and a front wheel suspension fork (Both bicycles reviewed so far have only a rigid front fork). A full list of amazing features of this bike is below.

Sturdy Fat bike is now also available in various different colours like Black, Red, Orange, Yellow etc


Check out the price on Amazon

Details Features:

  • 21 speed Shimano gears
  • This bike comes with both, front & rear, disk brakes
  • Carbon steel frame (The above two bicycles were made up of aluminium alloy)
  • 18 Inch cycle frame
  • This bicycle also comes with a lot of accessories. A safety lock, Torch (Which can be used on the front of the bike), Safety led light for the back, cool looking tyre led lights, a nice seat cover, water bottle holder, a cycle bell, an air pump, assembly tools and a pouch.



6. Tata Stryder Big Rock –  Fat Bike

Most people might get surprised to see Tata’s name on this list. However, Tata has recently made a foray into the bicycle market with its brand called “Tata Stryder”.

Time will tell how well they will do or what is the market’s response to their products. However, one thing that we can be confident about is the quality of the product.

I am also happily surprised to find the product good looking and at pace with the market leaders.

Tata Stryder Big Rock 26T Fat Bike

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7. Atlas Peak Big Boss Fat Tyre Cycle (Out of stock when I last checked)

Atlas is one of the most well know and old bicycle brand in India. They have been launching some really well-designed products lately. The peak big boss fat tyre cycle surely ranks high amongst them.

I really liked the finish of the bike. The paint and decals on the bike really look good. The ride is comfortable. The bike is fitted with Shimano gear systems and works really well. The bicycle is little heavy at 18 Kgs but hey, you are getting it at a great price. I think this is a good fat tyre cycle for under Rs. 25,000 (At the time of writing this review)

This particular model is available in two colour on Flipkart.


Atlas Peak Boss - Best Fat bicycle in IndiaAtlas Peak Boss - Best Fat Tyre Bicycle in India

Check the live price on Flipkart – Orange Bike


Key features of the bike are:

  • Comes equipped with 21 gears with thumb shifters
  • Both front and rear derailleur are Shimano
  • Front tyre has a wire brake while the rear wheel is fitted with a disk brake
  • The tyre size is size is 26×4 inches – Wanda
  • The frame size is 18 Inches




Best Fat Bicycles in India for Kids:

We will now be reviewing some of the best fat bicycles in India for kids. Again for this section, we have selected 3 of the best fat tyre cycles that you can buy online.


1. COSMIC Fatso

If you have a constraint budget but still want to buy a fat tyre cycle for a kid, you can go for this. This is a good option for someone who wants to buy a fat tyre cycle in India under 15,000. However, please do not expect the same finish and quality that you get for premium brands

This bicycle is available in different colours on Flipkart and Amazon (Link below)

Cosmic Fatso Blue - Best kids fat bicycle in IndiaCosmic Fatso - fat bike for kids in india

Check the live price of the bicycle on – Flipkart

The key feature of the bike are:

  • Frame size mentioned is 14 inch (Please do verify this before you buy)
  • This is an ideal bicycle for kids in the age group of 5 to 8 (Mainly dependent on the kid’s height)
  • The bicycle is made out of aluminium alloy
  • It comes with 7 gears – Shimano Revo shifters
  • The bike also comes with a rear disk brake
  • The handlebar is high (BMX style) – making it a more comfortable bike for your kids to ride


2. Mongoose Massif Fat Tyre Bicycle

If you looking for a better quality bike for you kid, you can go for Mongoose Massif. I really loved the black and yellow colour combination, this bike will surely put your kid as the centre of attraction. The bike has 4 inch wide tyres, enabling you to ride over any obstacle.

Mongoos Massif kids fat tyre cycle india

This bicycle is available on Amazon

The key feature of the bike include:

  • The bicycle has rear wheel Shimano derailleur with 7-speed control
  • Wide 4 inch tyres
  • 3 piece crank
  • As will all fat tyre cycles, this is a bit heavier compared to your regular mountain bikes

p.s. – Don’t go by the current rating on Amazon website. A couple of people rated it one star and asked a pre-purchase question. You can read real user reviews on the Amazon US site.



3. Montra Bigboy Fat Bicycle

A really good bicycle from a well-known cycle manufacture in India. It is available in two different colour combinations on Amazon and Track&Trail. You can have a look at the colours below.


Montra BIGBOY 7 Fat Tyre cycle indiaMontra

You can check live prices on – Model 1 | Model 2

Key Feature of the bike are:

  • The bicycle comes with an aluminium alloy frame
  • It has a rigid steel fork
  • The cycle comes with a Shimano Tourney, RD-TZ21, 6-Speed rear derailleur
  • The tyres used are Wanda 20×4 inch


With this, I finish our review of the best fat tyre cycles in India. Now, I will try and answer some of the most common questions asked about fat bikes by first time users:


I also tried making a video for my Youtube channel on the same topic. Do watch and let me know your feedback in the comments below (Please be kind, this is my first attempt at making a video 🙂 )


Where can I ride my fat bike?

Fat bikes are built like a tank. You can ride them almost anywhere. However, considering Indian conditions, I am listing down a few scenarios:

  • You can carry them along with you on a weekend getaway. These bikes should be really fun to ride on any off-road location you can find.
  • If you stay near a beach, you can take a nice relaxing (but tiring) ride on the beach.
  • You can even use them on jogging tracks near your apartment/house. They can very effectively help you exercise your lungs and legs.
  • Ride them to work? I would not suggest doing this considering the traffic conditions in most Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai etc – The thing is you need some energy to get these bikes going. So, if you get stuck in traffic, you will spend all your energy by the time you reach your workplace


Can I ride my Fat Tyre Cycle to Work or School?

Yes, why not. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is the distance and the terrain of your route. Fat bikes generally need more energy to pedal. So if your workplace or school is too far, you will find yourself exhausted by the time you reach your destination.


Is it fun to ride a Fat Tyre cycle?

Yes, Absolutely. However, you need to understand the limitations of these bikes before you decide to spend money on them. If you are planning on taking up cycling after a gap of a few years, I would suggest you go for a comfort/hybrid bicycle. If you planning to buy this for your kids, they would surely have a ball.


Can I ride Fat bike on the road?

You need to understand that fat tyre cycles need more energy to get them going. So even though there is not a problem with the cycle, you might find it difficult to ride it on a crowded street. If the roads that you planning to take are isolated, sure I don’t see any problem with riding this bike. However, you will have to most fun riding them on off-road tracks or trails.


What is the cost of a Fat Bike?

Structurally, a Fat bike is quite similar to an MTB. The only major difference is the size of the tyre that is used on it. Hence, there is no major difference in the price of the Fat bike as well. The cost almost the same as a regular MTB.

You will need to keep in mind though, that the price will vary based on the quality of components and the brand on the fat bike that you buy.


I hope you have now understood the pros and cons of a Fat bike. If you have any more questions do leave a comment below. I will try my best to answer them. This ends my review of the best fat bicycles in India. I hope you will be able to buy the right fat bike for yourself.



  • Omega

    I want to purchase a new bicycle i don’t know whether to buy this one or not i need basically for normal fun ride on city roads. Kindly suggest and is raleigh big sam will be okay? And if not then plz tell me the best MTB under 20K. Thank you. And i liked ur review boss 🙂

    • bicycleXP


      Glad you liked the review 🙂

      Raleigh Sam is a nice bicycle. It comes with Shimano Altus derailleur, which performs really well and is much better compared to the entry level derailleurs by the same company.

      However, personally, I really like the LA Sovereign Extreme Terrain(Refer the link in the post above). It has comparable features and is slightly cheaper as well. I hope this helps.

  • Flame Kaiser

    I am also thinking to buy myself with a new bicycle . I don’t know which one to buy either a fat tyre bike or normal MTB like huge cycle. Which one will be good for me . My age is 13 . I liked your review …..

    • bicycleXP


      If you wish to buy a bicycle to ride to school etc daily, opt for an MTB. It will be a little easier to ride. However, if you are buying a bicycle to have fun and play around with your friends, then you can opt for a Fat Bike.

      I hope this helps 🙂

  • Amresh Pinto

    I own a Raleigh Big SAM. But it does not have front or rear shock absorbers. My question is could I add a shock absorber for front wheel in a Raleigh big SAM? And if so, which part would be compatible. Thanks in advance

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Amresh,

      I will personally not recommend you to do so. It will be very expensive and the end product might not of good finish (Depending on who does the work). I would recommend riding your bike as is or upgrade to another bike of your choice.


  • Kush

    Good review, gave me some insight 🙂 i am 32 and want to take up cycling as a form of exercise and just because i love being outdoors. should not do more than 8-15 kms per day to start with. Had zeroed onto Raleigh terrain 10? any reviews for the same ? but seeing a fat bike in 15k made me rethink the terrain 10 costing more than 20k. any clarity you can give me ?

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