Best Folding Cycles in India

This article will review the Best Folding Cycles in India. Few people call them Folding cycles, Foldable Bicycles or even Collapsible Bikes. They have become increasingly popular in the overcrowding cities of India. The advantages of folding bikes are many. You can take them in most city metro trains, carry them in your office or store them easily in your homes.

To be honest, there are not many folding bikes available in India. There are only a few good brands that you can really rely on. A lot of models that I see offline are cheap Chinese, not well-made, products. They only look good 🙂

You can find these models online as well but bad reviews will force them to go out of market soon.

If you are looking for a bicycle that will last you long, I will definitely recommend you to buy a Dahon folding cycle ( Click here to view some options)

To know more about these models, continue reading.


Top 5 Folding Bicycles in India:


1. Dahon Vybe D7

As per Wikipedia, Dahon is the world’s largest manufacturer of folding bicycles. They are headquartered in California and have over 45 years of experience in this field.

Dahon holds over 200 patents for various components and workings for a folding bike. This is one impressive resume for any company to have.

Most Dahon bicycles use a patented, single-hinge frame design. This design enables the handlebar folds down and the frame hinge swings to the left. This packs the handlebar in on the inside.

Their main competitors are the British made Brompton Folding bikes.

Coming back to Dahon Vybe, this is a rigid frame bicycle made using mild steel. It has seven gears and uses Revo shifters.

Dahon Vybe D7 - Best Folding cycles in IndiaDahon Vybe Folded

Check Latest Price in India – Flipkart

p.s – The Flipkart website wrongfully tags this bike as a product for kids aged between 5 to 8 years.

Kids can surely ride this bike but it is mainly built for commuters.  The handlebar and the saddle post can be easily adjusted to suit your height.

The video below shows how easy it is to fold and unfold the Dahon Vybe. The bike shown in the video is not Vybe but this bicycle also folds the same way.



Key Features:

  • Dahon Vybe uses 20 Inch wheels.
  • Steel Frame.
  • 9 Inch Frame size.
  • 7 Shimano FT35 Gears with Revo Shifters (Microshift)
  • Weight – 12.5 Kgs
  • Folded Size – 67 x 34 x 72 cm (26.4” x 13.4” x 28.4”)
  • Priced just above Rs. 20,000



2. Btwin Hoptown 320 C1

Btwin is a brand of bicycles owned by the sports shop Decathlon. They are known for producing great quality cycles at a very affordable cost. They also offer a lifetime warranty on frames of most of their bicycles (Refer their websites using the link below for details & TnC)

The same can be said about the Hoptown 320 as well. This is a rigid frame bicycle with 6-speed gears.

BTWIN HOPTOWN 320 C1 Foldable Bicycle India

Click here for Latest Price and more Images – Decathlon


To get a closer look at the bicycle, view the video below. The video also shows how easily you can fold and unfold Btwin Hoptown 320 in few seconds


Key Features:

  • Hi-Ten steel frame.
  • Comes with 6-speed Sunrace derailleur and a grip shifter (Shown in the video above)
  • 20 x 1.75 Inch tyres
  • The biggest advantage is that this bicycle comes with mudguards (You will have to buy them separately for Dahon Vybe)
  • Folded dimension: L78 cm x H 66 cm x W 34 cm


3. GogoA1 Rockefeller

As I said earlier, India currently lacks options in the folding bicycle category. Both the bicycles mentioned above have 20 Inch tyres and are really compact. You can easily carry them inside a small car or in metro trains.

However, If you are looking for a bigger, 26 Inch tyre bicycle, you can go for this particular model. I found a lot of similar (But differently named brands) selling offline.

Personally, I will recommend you to consider either of the Dahon Models or the Btwin Hoptown. However, if you only need a bigger cycle you can consider this model.

GOGOA1 Rockefeller - Best folding bicycles in indiaGogo A1 Rockefeller Mag Wheels Foldie

Check more user reviews and latest price – Amazon | Flipkart

Rockefeller 26 Inch version is available in two different model. The main difference between the two is the mag wheel (As shown in the image above)

The mag wheel version is priced above Rs. 20,000, while the one with regular wheels was priced under Rs. 20,000 on Amazon at the time of writing this review.

Key Features:

  • Made using a steel frame
  • Have 21 gears with Revo shifters
  • Disc brake on the back wheel. Wire brakes on the front.
  • Comes with suspensions (Check each model for details – use the link above)



4. Dahon Suv D6

This is the fourth bicycle in my list of best folding cycles in India. I have already spoken a lot of Dahon. You would have guessed I really like their bicycles 🙂

If Dahon Vybe is a bit out of the budget, you can for the Dahon SUV D6. It has 6 gears compared to 7 gears on Vybe, however, there is a significant difference in the price of the two model.

Dahon Suv D6 - Best Foldie Bike in India

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I could not find a really good video for you on Youtube. However, there is one Chinese video (Watch below) 😀

Just ignore the Chinese captions and have a look at how the bike folds and unfolds. Your purpose will be met.


5. AdraXx Super Folding Bike

Made using carbon steel, this is a good compact folding bicycle. Both the handlebar and seat post height can be raised to suit your riding position.

The way it folds is different compared to Dahon bikes above. The major drawback for me is the price. At the time of writing this review, the bike was priced above Rs. 20,000. This is to me is a bit expensive considering the brand the build qualityAdraXx Super Folding Bike

Check Colour Variations and user reviews – Amazon

Key Features:

  • Made using carbon steel frame
  • Has 7-speed gears
  • Is available in three different colours. Black, Green & White.
  • Folded Size is: 70*28*95 cm


Folding bicycles by BMW, Mercedes & Jaguar

You will also find a lot of attractive looking bicycle with the names of big brands like BMW, Mercedes & Jaguar imprinted on them. However, I can assure you that most of these bicycles are fake.

You cannot buy a Mercedes made a folding bicycle for under Rs. 20,000. These are Chinese bicycles made using not so great components. X6 BMW Cycle

Have a look at some such models available on – Amazon


If you wish to have a look at the real Mercedes bicycle, watch the videos below. You will also get an idea about the cost of such branded original bicycles.



One more video for you..



This brings me to the end of my review of best folding cycles in India. I will on the lookout for better foldies online. Do let me know in the comments section if you have any suggestions.



  • Smit

    A good blog but the missed an important one… the worlds best foldie is #BROMPTON ..period…and yes IT IS AVAILABLE in INDIA !!!!

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Smit,

      Thank you for sharing your view. I do agree that Bromptons are really good. However, they are really expensive and most Indians who are just starting out or don’t have prior experience riding foldies might not want to invest so much begin with.

      Also, you cannot find them easily online. They are available only in limited shops across only a few cities in India. So availability for any average Indian again is an issue.

      This is the reason they don’t find mention on my list yet. 🙂

      I hope this changes soon.

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