Best Geared Bicycles in India

In this article, I will be reviewing the Best Geared Bicycles in India with Prices. I have covered cycles in all price bands so that you will surely find a product that fits your budget. If you are looking to buy a bicycle with gear, look no further. Scroll down to look at the recommendations.

Gone are the days when having gears on your bicycle were considered a luxury. Gears have now become an essential part of the bicycle now. Even the most basic bicycles now equipped with them.

The quality of the components used does matter. Hence I have compiled this list below to ensure you get the most out of your budget.



I strongly recommend buying a good bicycle even if you are just starting out. The ride quality of such bicycles is much superior and you also get a good value when you try to sell it off while upgrading.

For adults, I will recommend going for Montra Trance Pro (Check the link for details) or the Btwin Riverside 500 (Use the link for latest price)

For teens, I would recommend considering the Hercules Roadeo range of cycles.

You can consider these two models, Hercules Roadeo Maverick (Check user reviews) or the Roadeo A275 (Check the availability and price)


Do remember to browse through the entire list below for some more amazing products.


Note: The bicycles in the list below are listed in Descending order. Bicycles with higher price range are listed on top. Scroll down to find bicycles in your budget.




Best Bicycles with Gears:


Top Geared Bicycles in India Above 1 Lakh:

I will start off this list with bicycles that are priced well above the 1 Lakh mark in India.

Bigger cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi etc would have a lot of premium bicycle store that would stock International brands such as Giant, Cannondale, Lapierre etc.

However, a lot of smaller cities might not be so lucky. For such bicycle enthusiasts it is better to buy these beauties online (Assuming the sellers’ service your pincode)



1. Lapierre Air Code300

As stated earlier, Lapierre is a leading International bicycle brand. It is known for its fast road bicycles. The Lapierre Air Code 300 is no different.

Made entirely using carbon frame. This bicycle is light, fast and meant to be ridden over longer distances.

It uses some of the best components that Shimano has to offer. Its wire brakes (These cycles don’t use disc brakes to keep the weight down) perform better compared to regular disc brake bikes.

Lapierre air Code 300 Road Cycle Review And Price in India

Check the Latest Price & Availability – Flipkart

Things to Note:

Buying this bicycle will surely put a dent to your budget. However, it is really worth the price for cycling enthusiasts. At the time of writing this review, this bike was priced well over Rs. 2 Lakhs.



2. Orbea Alma 50M 27.5inches

Orbea is a Spanish brand. In fact, they are the largest bicycle manufacturer in Spain. They have been in the business of making bikes for over 80 years now.

This particular model is an MTB as opposed to a road bicycle that I discussed above. This is a highly durable product and is the amongst the best choice for people who love to cycle on off-road trails.

Orbea Alma 50M 27.5inches Review & Price

Check the Latest Price Orbea Alma 50MAmazon | All Orbea Models

Key Highlights:
  • Made using a carbon frame
  • Has a 50M Zoom front suspension
  • Comes with a Hydraulic Shimano disc brake (Front & Back)



3. Btwin Ultra 900

This is a carbon frame bicycle by Btwin. This bicycle should be available at your nearest Decathlon store to test ride.

You do not need to worry If you don’t have a Decathlon store in your city, you can easily buy this online from their website (Link after the image below)

Btwin Ultra 900 Price & Review India

Check the Latest Price & Availability – Decathlon

Key Features:
  • Again a bicycle made using a lightweight carbon frame.
  • One of the best bicycles for cycling races in India.
  • 2 Years warranty by Decathlon.




Geared Bicycles Under Rs. 1 Lakh (Up to Rs. 50,000)

To be honest, not everyone can afford a bicycle that is price above 1 Lakh in India. 5oK INR is still very expensive and not everyone will understand the need to spend so much on a bicycle.

However, if you still wish to buy quality products, a budget above Rs. 50,000 is more manageable. You can also buy International brands in this price bucket.



4. Btwin Ultra 700 AL

This is a bit cost-effective model compared to the Btwin Ultra 900 above. If you are just starting out participating in bicycle races in India, this model can be a really good option for you.

This cycle is made using an Aluminium frame as opposed to a carbon frame that Ultra 900 is made using.

Btwin Ultra 700 AL Price & Review

Check the Latest Price in India – Decathlon

Key Features:
  • The bicycle uses an aluminium frame and a carbon fork.
  • Shimano 105 direct mount brakes work well and help to keep the weight of the bicycle down (As opposed to using heavy disc brakes)
  • Ultra 500 has 22 gears. Shimano 105 11S 11 x 28. 11/12/13/14/15/17/19/21/23/25/28.
  • Uses performance tyres – Hutchinson Equinox 25 C.
  • Btwin offers a 5-year warranty on the product and lifetime warranty on the frame.



5. Raleigh Comp Sp

If you thought you cannot buy a carbon frame bicycle in this price range, this product is here to prove you wrong.

Raleigh Comp SP is well-designed carbon frame racing bicycle, that is priced well below the INR 90K mark (At the time of writing this review)

Raleigh Comp SP - Best Geared Racing Cycle in India

Check the Latest Price & Availability – Flipkart

Key Features:
  • Comes with 21 gears Shimano.
  • Uses Schwalbe Active Lugano 700x23C tyres.
  • The product weights only 8.6 Kgs.
  • Uses wire brakes on both tyres.
  • Crankset used is Shimano 105, FC-5700 52-39T 170mm



6. Orbea MX 40M

This is the second product by Orbea in my list of best bicycles with gears in India.

Orbea MX 40M comes with big 29 Inch tyres. As you would have already guessed this is an MTB and designed to be riding over rough off-road trails.

Orbea MX 40M - Best MTB Cycle with Gears in India

Check the Latest Price in India – Amazon

Key Features:
  • MX 40M is made using a lightweight aluminium alloy.
  • It comes with Suntour 100 mm fork suspension and dual hydraulic disc brakes.
  • The bike uses Shimano Altus derailleurs on both front and rear wheels.


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7. Btwin RockRider 560 & 560 S

Btwin offers two different variations of the RockRider 560.

The first one has only front suspension and hence is the cheaper of the two models while the RockRider 560 S has dual suspension (Both Front & Back) and is more expensive.

Check the Latest Price of Both – RockRider 560RockRider 560 S

Key Features:
  • Both these bicycle models have been designed and made for extreme mountain biking. You can explore long trails using these bikes.
  • Both models sport a RockShox suspension. The 560S comes with an X Fusion 02 Pro Suspension on the back. The suspension on both bikes can be locked on smoother roads for a better ride quality.
  • These models are made using lightweight 6061 aluminium frames.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes ensure proper braking on any terrain.



8. Bianchi Via Nirone 7

This is the last bike in this section and is priced very attractively (Very close to INR 50K).

It is also one of my personal favourites on this list in terms of overall looks and value for money.Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Review & Price India

Check the Latest Price & Offers – Flipkart

Key Highlights:
  • A rigid frame (No suspensions) road bicycle.
  • Made using Aluminium alloy frame and has 16 gears.
  • Uses wire brakes on both wheels.
  • Has 29-inch wheels and uses Vittoria Zaffiro Slick, 700x25c tyres.




Best Geared Bicycles Between 30,000 & 50,000 INR:

From this price bracket onwards, things become more affordable. You can opt for a bicycle in this range if you already ride a bicycle and now looking for an upgrade.


9.  Btwin Triban 500 & 520

One the best bicycles that you can buy in this budget range in India.

The Triban 520 uses better components and is slightly lighter in weight compared to Triban 500. As expected the 520 is more expensive as well.


Check Prices and Availability of Both Models – Triban 520 | Triban 500

Key Features:

  • Both come with an aluminium alloy frame that is designed for racing/speed.
  • These model sport a carbon fork that is equipped to handle a load of up to 12 Kgs
  • Ergonomicahandlebarsrs and slightly shorter top tube compared to professional road bicycle. This helps you have a more upright and a comfortable riding position.
  • The Triban 500 is equipped with 24 Gears while the Triban 520 comes with 27 Gear combinations.



10. Ridley Trailfire 29T

Ridley is an international brand of bicycle that is more known for its MTBs. Amongst the bikes listed in this category, I think only Btwin can RockRider comes close to the ride quality of this product.

There is a Ridley Trailfire 2 which is 27.5T bike and is a cheaper option compared to this product. At the time of writing this review, both Trailfire models were available on Flipkart. Use the link below the image to know more details.

Ridley TrailFire 29T Price in India

Check the Latest Price – Flipkart

Key Features:
  • Comes with 27 gear combinations.
  • Has disc brakes on both front and back wheels.
  • This is a hardtail model (It comes with a suspension on the front only)
  • The company offers a 5-year warranty on the cycle frame.



11. Cube Aim

A smart looking black and white hybrid bicycle by Cube. This frame of this cycle is made using aluminium alloy and features 24 gears.

This bicycle is ideal for someone looking for a product for daily commute and occasional long rides over the weekend.

Being a hybrid cycle enable it to be fast on city roads as well take up minor bumps and well laid out off-road trails.

Cube Aim Bicycle India Price

Check the Latest Price – Amazon

Key Features:
  • Dual disc brakes.
  • Easy fire shifter by Shimano (SL-M310).
  • Schwalbe Smart Sam, Active, 2.25″ Tires.
  • Suntour Fork with remote lockout system.



12. Montra Celtic 2.1

Fast, Stylish, Well Made and Value for Money. This bike is a combination of all these words that I just mentioned. If someone would tell me that the bike shown below can be bought in India for a price tag below Rs. 40,000, I would be amazed.

However, this is certainly true. At the time of generating this list, Montra Celtic 2.1 was available on Amazon India for a price below the Rs. 40K. (Use the link below the check the updated price now)

Montra Celtic 2.1 Price & Review India

Check the Latest Price – Amazon

Key Features:

  • Made using 6061 aluminium alloy frame.
  • Has 18 gears and uses Kenda K191, 700X25C tyres.
  • Uses V brakes to reduce weight, however, the braking works just fine.
  • Available in an attractive black and orange colour combinations





Best Bicycles with Gears Under Rs. 30,000


13. Montra Rock 3.1

As the name suggests, this bicycle is built like a Rock and is designed to take on the rough off-road trails. This is one of the best MTBs that you can buy under Rs. 30,000 in India. The only other major competitor is the RockRider 520 listed below in this list.Montra Rock 3.1 27.5T Price & Review

Check the Latest Price – Amazon

Key Features:
  • Made using lightweight alloy frame (6061 Aluminium)
  • Uses Shimano Altus derailleur (Front & Rear) and has 24 gears
  • Dual disc brakes
  • Is equipped with Kenda Komodo tyres
  • Uses a slightly bigger wheel size compared to regular bikes (27.5T)
  • Is fitted with Suntour 75mm suspension fork



14. Schwinn Super Sport 2

So if you wish to buy a hybrid bicycle (You can use them to commute or long rides during the weekend), Schwinn Super Sport 2 is a really good option in this price band.

It has a sleek design, beautiful colours and a comfortable riding position.

Schwinn Super Sport 2 Hybrid bicycle with Gears

Check the Latest Price – Flipkart

Key Features:
  • An aluminium alloy bike with 24 gears
  • I really like the fact that it is a rigid frame bicycle, helps it to go fast (No suspensions)
  • The bicycle uses 29 Inch tyres, one more why this is really fast



15. Btwin RockRider 520

If you looking to buy only a mountain bike, this is another great option that you have in this price range. This bike is designed in a way to give you the performance of premium mountain bikes at a very affordable budget.

At the time of making this list, this cycle was priced a tad above the Rs. 25,000 mark.

Btwin Rockrider 520 - Bicycles in India below Rs. 30000

Check the Latest Price & Availability – Decathlon

Key Features:
  • Is equipped with Hayes MX5 disc brakes on both wheels.
  • Double walled alloy rims ensure you can ride it over any surface.
  • Suntour XCT Fork
  • 24-speed gears
  • Btwin offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and 2 years on the entire product.


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Gear Cycles Priced Under Rs. 25,000


16. Montra Rock 2.1

This is the second model from the Montra Rock MTB series on this list.

Montra Rock 2.1 is slightly more affordable compared to the 3.1 showcased above. The price cut is obviously due to the use of more affordable components on the cycle.

Montra Rock 2.1 Best Gear Cycles under 25000 india

Check the Availability and Latest Price – Amazon

Key Features:
  • An aluminium alloy bike with 24 gears.
  • Is fitted with standard 26 Inch wheels and uses Kenda Komodo tyres.
  • Has front suspension and dual disk brakes.



17. Btwin Riverside 500

Unlike the Rock 2.1 (Which is an MTB), the Riverside 500 is a hybrid bicycle. You can use this model for your daily commute.

The frame design is such that it can be used by men as well as women. However, if you are looking ladies cycles specifically, you may wish to read my article on Best bicycles for Women in India.

Btwin Riverside 500 - Best geared hybrid cycle under 25000

Check the Availability and Price – Decathlon

Key Features:
  • A lightweight cycle that you can use for commuting and touring to nearby places.
  • Comes with 9-speed gears and has quick release mechanism on both front and back wheels.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Uses 700C wheels with dual disk brakes and double-walled alloy rims.
  • Has semi-raised handlebars which give you a comfortable riding position.



18. Ridley Trailfire 1

This is the second Ridley Trailfire on this list. I must admit, this bike looks really good and is sure to catch some eyes as you ride past.

This is a mountain bike with 27.5 Inch wheels. This model is fun to ride and you can easily ride to some easy offroad trails.

Ridley TrailFire Hardtail Cycle with Gears

Check the Latest Price & User Reviews – Flipkart

Key Features:
  • The bicycle comes with an aluminium alloy frame and dual disc brakes.
  • Is equipped with 24 gears to choose from for different terrains.
  • Has a front suspension.
  • The company offers a 1-year warranty on the product.





Best Gear Bicycles Below Rs. 20,000


19. Btwin Triban 100

If you are looking to buy a Budget sports/racing cycle, this model by Btwin is simply a steal. You can buy it with eyes closed. Remember, this model is built for people who are just starting out or want to explore road/racing cycles.

Once you are comfortable riding road cycles, you can upgrade to better models shown above on the list.

The best part about this model is that it is available in two different variations, one with a curved handlebar (Link the one shown in the image below) and the second model with flat handlebars.

You can compare both models using the link provided below the image.

Btwin Triban Road Racing Sports Cycle with Gear

Check out Both Triban 100 Models at – Decathlon

Key Features:
  • Designed for beginners who are just starting out on road cycles.
  • 7 Speed gears (Shimano)
  • Uses Btwin 700 x 32 hybrid tyres.
  • Comes with regular wire brakes to keep the weight down.



20. Montra Trance, Trance Pro & Trance D

One of the best gear bicycle that you can buy for a budget under Rs. 20,000 in India.

Montra Trance has multiple variations. The Trance D model is the most expensive and is priced slightly above the 2oK mark, while the other models are just below. (This was the case that the time of writing this article, use the link below to check the updated price – Prices do fluctuate every day online)

Montra Trance - Best bicycle with gears under 20000

Check the Latest Price of Montra Trance Models – Amazon

Key Points to Note:
  • All the three models have slightly different specs, so would request you to check them out using the link above.
  • I personally prefer to buy the Montra Trance Pro model out of the three.



21. Firefox Trooper

Firefox and Montra are two Indian brands that compete for the same customer segment. Hence, you also find them together on this list and in this price segment.

Firefox Trooper is a hardtail MTB cycle with 21 gears. It looks really cool and teens would really enjoy riding this bicycle around.

FireFox Trooper with 21 Gears Price & Review

Check the Availability & Latest Price – Flipkart

Key Features:
  • A bike with 21 gear that uses easy fire thumb shifters.
  • Hardtail bicycle made using lightweight alloy frame.
  • Dual disk brakes & regular 26 Inch tyres.

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Best Gear Cycles Under Rs. 15,000


22. Montra MadRock

A good quality entry level mountain bike that you can buy in India. As you might already know Montra is an Indian cycle brand. I have covered all their models in the ariticle linked above.

Montra MadRock - Best MTB with Gear under 15000

Click here for More Details – Amazon

Key Features:
  • Alumnium alloy frame bicycle with 21 gears.
  • Comes with front suspesion and dual disk brakes.
  • Seller offers a 2 year warranty on the frame and 1 year warranty on other impoortant parts.


If you wish to buy bicycles under the budget of 10,000 – Click here for the article that I have specifically written on that topic.



This brings me to the end of my review of the Best Geared Bicycles in India. I will be updating this article with more products soon, so do bookmark this page for later reading.

I hope you found a product that you would be buying. Also, if you think there is a model that I should have included in this list, make sure you add the same in the comments below.

So which bicycle did you decide on buying today? Do let me know your thoughts.


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