Best Hybrid Bicycles in India

If you looking to buy a hybrid/bicycle for commuting, you have landed on the right resource. In this article, I will review the Best Hybrid Bicycles in India. I will include models which will suit the requirements and budgets of most people.

So, read on and let me know your thoughts about my choices in the comments below.

However, before I list down the products, let me cover some basic information about Hybrid Cycles.


What is a Hybrid Bicycle?

The hybrid bicycle is a cross between MTB (Durable, Built for off roads) and Road bicycles (Light, Built for speed). This bicycle is designed to handle multiple terrains, provide comfort as well as speed for its user. If you are not sure of the type of bicycle that you should buy, you can refer to my buying guide as well.

However, it is obvious that these bicycles are not as durable as the MTB and not as fast as Road Cycles.


Common characteristics of a Hybrid Cycle:

  • The tyre is narrower compared to MTBs but is wider compared to Road Cycles.
  • Wheel size is generally bigger compared to MTBs (the same size are road bikes)
  • Flat or slightly raised handlebars for a comfortable ride
  • More comfortable & broader saddles like MTBs



Types of Hybrid Cycles:

Although there is no “official” classification of hybrid bicycles. However, if you observe them carefully, you can notice that not all hybrid bicycles are the same. They are built to provide varying levels of speed and comfort the user.

I use these two major giveaways/highlights to classify them:

  1. Tyre Thickness: Thicker the tyre, the better the comfort it provides. However, thicker tyres also mean more rolling resistance, hence these bicycles are slower to comparable bikes with thinner wheels. Most hybrid bicycles use 700c tyres, however, the thickness is varied as per the design and intended use.
  2. Handlebars – Raised handlebars help you with a more upright and comfortable riding position. While the sportier models will have lower handlebars.

You will be able to see the difference in the images below:

Types - Urban Hybrid
Urban Hybrids
Types - Comfort Hybrid
Comfort City Bikes








A lot of people also classify electric bicycles as hybrids. However, I have not included them in this list. If you are interested in buying or knowing about them, you can read my article on Electric Bicycles in India.



Top Hybrid Bicycles Under 30,000


1. Schwinn Searcher 4

This bicycle is priced slightly higher than Rs. 30,000 at the time of writing this review. However, I don’t think anyone would mind spending a couple of hundred Rs. extra to buy a quality product that they would be using for years to come.

Schwinn Searcher 4 - Best Hybrid Bicycles in India

Check Latest Price in India – Flipkart

The bicycle comes with 21 gears. This is a hardtail model with front suspensions. You can easily ride it on moderately rough off-road trails.

This bicycle uses an aluminium alloy frame and has wire brakes on both wheels.

Tyres used are 700×35c supported by double-walled alloy rims.

I had also featured this bicycle in my review of Best bicycles under Rs. 30000 in India.



2. Lapierre Shaper 100

This is an aluminium alloy cycle with 24 gears. This model uses 700x28c tyres (Thinner compared to the Schwinn Searcher featured above).

This bike also uses wire brakes but does not have any suspensions to it. If you looking for a fast bicycle to be ridden on city roads, you can definitely prefer this cycle.

Lapierre Shaper 100 - Best Hybrid Cycle under 30000

Check Latest Price in India – Flipkart



3.  Firefox Momentum 

Firefox Momentum is a bicycle with amazing looks and design. This bicycle has a more comfortable seating position compared to the two above.

This is a hardtail bike. It uses the Suntour NEX alloy suspension on the front. This suspension is equipped with hydraulic lockout.

The cycle comes with Shimano gears (Shimano Acera on the rear wheels). A total of 24 gears.Firefox Momentum 700C Review

Check out the availability and latest price – Amazon

The model uses Kenda K184 700 X 35C tyres. There are mechanical disc brakes on both wheels.



Bicycles Priced Under Rs. 25,000:


4. Btwin Riverside 500

A very cost effective but quality bicycle. One of the best bicycles you can use to commute to work every day and also use it for light touring to nearby places over the weekends. This is a hardtail model with front suspension.

Currently, this model is available in a dark grey colour online. It is available in three different frame sizes. You can use this guide to select the right frame size for yourself (depending on your height).

Btwin Riverside 500 - Best hybrid cycle under 25000

Check the latest price – Decathlon | You can also check Triban 100 FlatBar

The bicycle is equipped with 9-speed gears and double disk brake for enhanced braking during the rains. The frame of the bicycle is made using aluminium alloy.

It uses 700 x 1.50 (38-622) Btwin hybrid tyres, supported by double-walled aluminium alloy rims.

It has a quick release system on both wheels.


5. Montra Timba 1.1

This is the fifth bicycle in my list of Best Hybrid Bicycles in India. Montra is an Indian bicycle brand. They are known for offering mid segment bicycle for a very competitive price.

This is an aluminium alloy bicycle equipped with 21-speed gears (Shimano Tourney + Altus). The bicycle uses wire brakes.

Montra Timba 1.1 - Best Hybrid cycles in India

Check the latest price in India – Flipkart

The bicycle uses double walled rims and Kenda 700x35C tyres.



Hybrid Cycles Priced Under Rs. 20,000:


6. Montra Helicon Disc

This is one of my favourite budget hybrid bicycle in India. I have included this in both my list of overall best bicycles in India as well as my list of best cycles under Rs. 20,000.

The matt black finish of this bicycle is one of the best offered by Montra. This is an aluminium alloy frame bicycle with dual disc brakes.

The bicycle uses a rigid fork i.e. comes with no suspension.

Montra Helicon Disc - Review & Price in India

Check more User Reviews & Price – Amazon

Montra Helicon Disc offers mechanical disc brakes (Which perform better compared the entry level disc brakes offered on most budget bicycles).

This bike also comes with Kenda K1176, 27.5 x 1.75 tires. They are mounted on XMR 27.5 double wall alloy rims.


7. Montra Trance

Montra Trance is made using 6061 aluminium alloy frame. It has 21-speed gears and uses Shimano Altus and Tourney components. This model is available in various colours, however, at the time of writing this review, it was only available in Black + Green colour combination on Amazon.

The design of the frame is standard and offers a good mix of speed and comfort. You can easily adjust the handlebars and the seat as per your riding preference.

Montra Trance - Sports Hybrid Bicycle India

Check more User Reviews and Price – Amazon India

The bicycle uses a 27 Inch tyre (700x35c) which is mounted on XMR 700c double walled alloy rim for greater durability. The bike also equipped with V-brakes.



Hybrid Cycles Under Rs. 15,000:


8. Cosmic Shuffle 700c

Cosmic Shuffle is a rigid frame bicycle and is ideal for someone who does not want the extra weight and rolling resistance that front suspension brings along with it.

For someone who is looking for a budget bicycle to commute to work or college, this bike can be a perfect pick.  If you maintain this bike well, it should last you for years to come.

The features of this bike are very similar to Montra Helicon listed above. However, there is a significant price difference between the two. Cosmic shuffle being the cheaper of the two.

Cosmic Shuffle 700C - Hybrid cycle under 15000

Check the Latest Price of Cosmic Shuffle – Amazon India



9. Montra DownTown

This is the fourth bicycle from the Montra brand in my list of best hybrid cycles in India. This is also one of the most popular models that Montra sell. The bicycle looks very attractive and packs a lot of good features at a very competitive price.

Montra Downtown - Dual Disk Brake Hybrid Cycle with gear

Check more features and availability online – Amazon

Made using 6061 aluminium alloy frame, Montra Downtown comes with 21-speed Shimano gears (Tourney). This bicycle like the Cosmic Shuffle above is also a rigid frame bicycle.

Amazon India currently stocks a few colours and different year models. There is a slight variation in the cost accordingly. You can use the link above to browse through all available models.


10. Mach City Munich

MachCity brand is owned by TI cycles group (BSA). MachCity Munich is a premium version of the regular Mach City iBike model.

Munich is available in both single-speed as well as with 21 gear version. This bicycle is very rugged and will not need a lot of maintenance.MAch City Munich - Hybrid Cycle under 15000

Check various colour and gear options available online – Amazon

The Munich is a rigid frame bicycle and is available in green stem colour (as shown above) or in blue. It uses a 700x35c hybrid city tyre for speed.



Hybrid Cycles Under Rs. 10,000:


11. Mach City iBike

This bicycle consistently features in all my list if it falls in the right category. This is currently one the best hybrid bicycles in India in its price band. Truly value for money, this is a really good bicycle to buy if you are just starting out to commute to the office.

MACH CITY IBIKE - Best cycle price below 10000 india

It is available in various different options and colours. You can refer to my comparison post – MachCity iBike vs Btwin MyBike for detailed review and price of the two brands.


12. Hero Traveller

A good basic bicycle by Hero. The colour is nice and used by teens as well as adults. This is a single speed bicycle with no suspension or disc brakes. However, the built quality is good.

The bicycle uses Vbrakes and is made using a lightweight steel frame. As with other hybrid bikes, this model uses a 700c tyre as well.HERO TRAVELLER with gear hybrid cycle

Check the Latest Price in India – Amazon

This is comparatively a new model online and hence does not have a lot of user reviews on sites like Flipkart and Amazon yet.



13. Btwin Riverside 100

A perfect bicycle for casual rides. If you are planning to ride your bike near your house or around the park, you can use either the Riverside 100 or any of the two bicycles listed above in the price range below Rs. 10,000.

This is a 6 gear bicycle which uses a unisex frame. Both men, as well as women, can use this bicycle with ease. It uses V-brakes and does not come with any suspension.

Btwin Riverside 100 Hybrid Cycle

If I have to select one bicycle amongst the three listed in this price band, I suggest you buy the MachCity iBike. You not only have a lot of options while buying it but it is also a very well built bike.


This brings me to an end of my review of the Best Hybrid Bicycles in India. Hope you were able to select a cycle as per your needs. Do let me know in the comments section your thoughts and feedback about the same.



  • Anuj Sharma

    Although I have gone through above blog, I’m not able to decide which Hybrid bike to go for. I’m 24 and my height is 5’10”.
    My purpose – Atleast 20 kms ride everyday and long rides (around 100 kms) once or twice a week
    My budget – 15k (flexible upto 18k if I can get some steal deal)
    Features that I want – Gears, Front suspension (only if it fits my budget)

    Bikes that fit my criteria – Mach CIty iBike 7 Speed (9K), Firefox Fusion 2.6 6 Speed (10K), Mach City Munich 21 Speed (12K), Firefox Cyclone V (15K), Montra Downtown (16K), Firefox Roadrunner Pro-V (17K), Montra Trance Pro (18K), Firefox Rapide (18K), Montra Helicon Disc (18K – if available in 29″)
    *I don’t like the design of Btwin Riverside and Cosmic Shuffle*

    Now the problem that I’m facing is I have no idea about the quality and durability of above mentioned bikes. Since I expect my usage to be heavy I need one that is suitable for long rides and can be used for long term.

    Please provide your suggestions that can help me to make a sound decision.

    Thanks in advance


    • bicycleXP

      Hi Anuj,

      I have personally used the Montra Trance Pro and a couple of people I know still use the same. It is a good bike for you the money that you pay for it. If you are still confused, best to visit a couple of good stores and a have a look at the models before you buy them (Not necessary to buy it from the same store. You can still buy online if you get a better deal)

      Hope this helps!

  • Karthik

    Hi bicyclexp,
    I am looking to buy a hybrid cycle within 10k, and have chosen Mach city i bike handrail model,ibike munich,and Rayleigh my ride. Rayleigh isn’t available in my city ,and Munich ibike single speed doesn’t have size L, i am over 6 feet tall is size m fine or should I buy size L. Please guide me in the same and feel free to suggest some other models to.

    Thanks in advance,

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Karthik,

      L size is surely preferable for you. If the models are not available in your city, you can try to buy them online. Do check the links above to check the availability in your city.

  • rupam

    Hi bicyclexp, I am 183 cm and 87 kgs….is Montra Helicon Disc Cycle, Adult Large the right fit for me, i am looking to cycle on roads and get into extreme terrains slowly..

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Rupam,

      Yes, a large frame would suit your height. Hybrid cycles are not preferable for extreme terrains. I would suggest you opt for an MTB by Montra. Use the link I provided in the comment to look for a suitable model as per your budget.

      Hope this helps!

  • shalini

    Hi Bicyclexp,
    I am 152cm….. riding btwin mybike7s from 6+ months. Planning to upgrade my cycle but confused in Montra trance D and Scwinn super sports 2 as i am getting S frame size in these models only.
    My requirement is long rides on weekends and occasionaly small in weekdays.
    What you suggest out of these 2 or any other hybrid cycle S size with in 25K range?

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Shalini,

      Are you looking at buying the Ladies versions or the regular bikes? If you are considering ladies bikes, you can opt for this one.

      If you are considering regular bikes, Schwinn Super Sports 2 surely has better specifications but I could not find it around the 25K mark online (Maybe you got a better deal offline?) – If so, surely go for it.

  • vishal singh

    i want a hybrid bike under 23 k…..will use 5 to 6 kms daily…and 10 to 15 in weekend….and yeah i will mostly use in cities..and sometimes in village….and i need a bike with disc and front suspension..wiht less maintenance cost

  • pratik

    hello sir,

    i have shortlisted “Fantom Terrrano 29 Er.” please let me know if it is good to go. The price is 20k.
    specifications- fork zoom hydraulics, Rear Derailleur Acera, Front Derailleur Tourney, Qundo Hub ,Neco handlebar, zoom seatpost, and alloy 6061 body.

  • Deepak

    Hello BicycleXP,

    Really nice info. for beginner like me.

    Can you suggest between two.

    1. Cosmic Shuffle 700c

    Height 5.9”
    daily commute like 15km for office.

    Thank you.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Deepak,

      As you might have already noticed on some of the other comments. I personally love the Montra Trance Pro. So, I would opt for that If I was in your position. 🙂

      Have fun riding!

  • Deepak Khurana


    I want to go below 20k budget. But the ones I am looking all are just above 20k or so.

    1. Firefox Road Runner pro D
    2. Fifefox Momentum
    3. Btwin Riverside 500

    Which one do you suggest? I am more into road runner pro D. This one has quite similar composition to momentum.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Deepak,

      If you really like the bike, wait for a month, save that extra couple of thousand rupees and go for it 🙂

      My only recommendation would be to consider Montra bikes as well. They look equally good and are in similar price bracket.


  • Sp Singh


    I am 36 years old , 181 cm and 110 kg male.






    • bicycleXP


      You can opt for a double suspension bicycle. If budget is not a concern, you can go for the Btwin RockRider 560S(Use the link to check price) or the RockRider 520S. However, if you wish to buy a budget bicycle, you can opt for Roadeo Hannibal.

      Alternately, you can also buy a cycling machine at home. Use the adjecent link for my article with recommendations. You can opt for the Proline Recumbent machines, which has comfortable sitting postion and a backrest.

      p.s. – Do consult your doctor or physioterapist for guidance/approvals before you use them.

      Hope you get back to your regular lifestyle soon.

  • Mahesh

    Hi Bicyclexp, i weigh 97kg and my height is 5.11.

    I am looking for a decent single speed cycle for daily fitness and office going some 30* kms. So, kindly advice and i am on a very tight budget Rs.6000

    I have gone through some of your comparison blogs for Mach I bike & Btwin My bike. In Btwin my bike there are many reviews like there is a lot of issues in bottom bracket, am totally confused. I need an expert advice so kindly suggest and make my cycling & fitness journey a joyful one. Awaiting for your reply….

    Thanks’n Advance,


  • Sriraj Menon

    I am both very excited and confused after reading the above blog. My budget is not more than Rs. 8000, I am 24 and my height is 5’9″. Please suggest me the most appropriate hybrid bike. Just out of curiosity, is there any good bugdet hybrid bikes of the brands BSA, HERO & HERCULES?

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Sriraj,

      Mach City is a brand owned by BSA. It is a really good bike in your budget. Use the link above in the article to view colour options.

  • Mahesh

    Hi Bicyclexp,
    I weigh 97kg and my height is 5feet.11inches.

    I am Looking for a decent cycle for daily fitness and office purpose roughly 30*kms up & down and planning to do 80*kms on weekend(s). And i am on a very tight budget Rs.6000,kindly advice.

    If the budget won’t work slightly increase it to Rs.8000.

    Thanks’n Advance,


  • Harry

    Hi BicycleXP,

    I had almost finalized Firefox Rapide S because of its good reviews from friends and some places online. However I was not sure if I should buy a non-suspension bike.

    I live in Chandigarh which has good roads but occasionally I may go out to ride on near by hilly areas which may involve a bit of off-roading. But mostly my daily rides would involve a 20KM run to office one side.

    Now I am reconsidering between Firefox Rapide S, RoadRunner Pro V, Montra Blues 1.2 D and Firefox Momentum Pro.

    I had a budget of 20-23 K but if there is a good reason I can extend till 27K.

    Please help me choose the right bike for me. I am 5-10¹/² weighing 74Kg.


  • Mohammed Shebin M S

    I would like to know about the cosmic bicycles. I fell in love with the cosmic cruz 26 at first sight. One of my friends own this bicycle and he said he got it for 12k. What do you think about this bicycle ? Should I go for this one ? Or do you have some other suggestions….?

    Thank you

  • Marco


    Thanks for this Article,

    I am looking for a Hybrid bike with below specifications, could you please suggest some, Please provide options …

    1. Suspension – Both front and rear
    2. Suspension – Option to turn off front suspension
    3. Comfort Hybrid Bicycle with flat or slightly curved handle Bar

    I am ok with the any prize.

    Thanks for your help.

    B/R, M

      • Marco

        Hello bicysleXP team,

        Thanks for your reply.

        Would it be possible for you to provide few more Hybrid options (equivalent to Riverside 900) …

        B/r, M

  • Aditya

    Hi , my height is around 5’10” and I weigh around 103 kg, will the montra downtown 2018 bike be suitable for me for medium fitness rides and if not so then pls suggest me a cycle under 17000

  • Tarun

    Hi Bicyclexp,
    I am 26 years old, weigh 72.5kg and my height is 5.5.

    I am into distant cycling. Roads here are not like metro city roads. So, I am looking for a hybrid cycle that can handle my daily riding (~25k) , weekend long trip and once in while really long trip. My budget is less than Rs 20000.

    So far i was using budget cycles because I had low paying job. I was saving money for this moment. So please suggest a cycle that can long last and at the same time fulfill my needs.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Tarun,

      Have a look at Montra Blues. It is priced right around the 20 k mark. Use the link above in the article for more details.

  • Dithu Mohanan

    Hi, I like your article it was very nice..
    I m Dithu, 36yrs old, 174cm my height and 74kg is my weight.. And i m now using Btwin Rockrider 300, from December 28, 2018 i m riding 30+km, 3 to 4 days in week, and whenever i got time.. Now i need to upgrade my cycle to a hybrid one.. My budget is below 30k and i m very condused between Montra blues 1.2(Rs. 22500), Bergamont Helix1.5i(Rs.23800) and Scott sub cross tour(28000).
    I believe that u can give me a good advice in this..

  • Paras Malviya

    Looking for a Hybrid Cycle under 12000/- to be used by myself (5.5 feet, weighs 61kg) and my Girls (around 5.2 feet, weighs 45kg).
    We would be riding within City limits for 10-15 km. I have chosen Mach City iBike 7 Speed. Do you think this is a correct choice or I do have another better options.

    I have checked couple of store in Pune & PCMC area but they don’t have that brands.

    I would like to choose from Indian Brands only.


    • bicycleXP

      Also to add. You can buy them online. Check the article above for links. You will have to assemble a few parts yourself but it will be a good weekend activity with your girls. They will also learn a few things about the bike this way.

  • Pritpal Singh

    Hello…I am very new to cycling. I want a bicycle to commute to my workplace which is around 22 kms. But I am very much confused bet geared or non gear cycle as the route is mostly flat road. To be honest with you I am a bit worried about the cost of maintaining geared cycle. So please suggest me what should I do? And if the cost of maintaining geared cycle is actually high?

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Pritpal,

      Yes, if you need to replace components, a geared cycle will certainly be more costly. However, if you buy a good bike and maintain it well, it is worthwhile to go for that extra cost. You can explore new routes and travel longer using geared bikes.

      So, if you can afford them, definitely buy a geared one.

  • The Early Thirties Guy


    I’m looking for a hybrid cycle and have come down to the following options.

    1. fire fox – Momentum Pro
    2. Montera blue 1.2D
    3. fire fox road runner Pro-D – ( like this option a lot for the looks and also it is light on my budget but the Tyre width and the derailer options is a concern compared with the cycles mentioned above, also the above two being 24 speed and this one 21 speed; don’t know how much of difference would that make in terms of riding. )

    My Rides would be around Pune, would want to join a group for long distance rides, hence looking for a sturdy option and a long lasting one.

    I was told by the bicycle vendor that the montera is not a good option because it does not have many servicing centers in India like fire fox does. So availing the parts would be an issue for the montera cycles. One of them also expressed his concerns over the manufacturing quality of montera cycles.

    Your advice would be really helpful.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • bicycleXP

      Hi ETG,

      Have a look at Montra Trance Pro too. I really like that option. I would either go for Blues 1.2 or Trance Pro.

  • Ashish Tomar

    Sir My Budget is Around Rs 16,000. Minimum Distance covered daily by me is 20 Km May extend Upto 60 Km. Road in my City is of mix type (With potholes and plain too). I’m thinking of Hero Sprint Pro Doran 29T. Suggestion and advice please. Any other model from your side is welcomed. Waiting for your reply

  • Sudipto


    27 YO guy looking for a 7-speed cycle for daily commute (10 km up and 10 km down) and weekend rides (say 20 km one way). Confused between Mach City iBike 7-speed and BTwin Riverside 120. Which one is better? And is there any better one suited to my needs according to you below 12k?


  • Ash


    First of all i would like to commend you on a great job you are doing by guiding cycling enthusiasts make a right choice for their requirements.

    I am planing to buy a cycle mainly for fitness purpose and was looking at a fast as well as strong bike and was Initially planning for a road bike. However based on your recommendations and my requirements, as my commute would be in the city with not so great condition roads as well as the highways where three is a need for speed i have more or less settled for a Hybrid.

    I visited Decathlon and Track & Trail stores and liked Btwin Road Cycle 100 flat bar, i also checked out the Montra variants as recommended by you in the blogs i.e Montra Downtown, Trance,Trace Pro and Helicon Disc models.I liked Helicon as It has a great design and feels strong,(hope its a Hybrid and not an MTB as it is heavier than the other lot that i mentioned).

    If i have to make a choice between Montra Helicon and Montra Downtown which one would you recommend.
    As a beginner i have capped my budget around 15K stretchable upto around 18K for a good bike and need your advice in shortlisting the best.

    Thanks in advance.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Ash,

      Apologize for the delayed response. My personal vote would be for Downtown. Have you already bought one? Do share your review with the community.

  • Aditya Kedari

    I am 6’4 and weigh 125kg. I need a suggestion to buy a road bike as I want participate in a triathlon. My budget is upto 20,000/. Kindly recommend me a good road bike which can adjust to my height and weight.

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