Best Hybrid Bicycles in India

If you looking to buy a hybrid/bicycle for commuting, you have landed on the right resource. In this article, I will review the Best Hybrid Bicycles in India. I will include models which will suit the requirements and budgets of most people.

So, read on and let me know your thoughts about my choices in the comments below.

However, before I list down the products, let me cover some basic information about Hybrid Cycles.


What is a Hybrid Bicycle?

The hybrid bicycle is a cross between MTB (Durable, Built for off roads) and Road bicycles (Light, Built for speed). This bicycle is designed to handle multiple terrains, provide comfort as well as speed for its user. If you are not sure of the type of bicycle that you should buy, you can refer to my buying guide as well.

However, it is obvious that these bicycles are not as durable as the MTB and not as fast as Road Cycles.


Common characteristics of a Hybrid Cycle:

  • The tyre is narrower compared to MTBs but is wider compared to Road Cycles.
  • Wheel size is generally bigger compared to MTBs (the same size are road bikes)
  • Flat or slightly raised handlebars for a comfortable ride
  • More comfortable & broader saddles like MTBs



Types of Hybrid Cycles:

Although there is no “official” classification of hybrid bicycles. However, if you observe them carefully, you can notice that not all hybrid bicycles are the same. They are built to provide varying levels of speed and comfort the user.

I use these two major giveaways/highlights to classify them:

  1. Tyre Thickness: Thicker the tyre, the better the comfort it provides. However, thicker tyres also mean more rolling resistance, hence these bicycles are slower to comparable bikes with thinner wheels. Most hybrid bicycles use 700c tyres, however, the thickness is varied as per the design and intended use.
  2. Handlebars – Raised handlebars help you with a more upright and comfortable riding position. While the sportier models will have lower handlebars.

You will be able to see the difference in the images below:

Types - Urban Hybrid
Urban Hybrids
Types - Comfort Hybrid
Comfort City Bikes








A lot of people also classify electric bicycles as hybrids. However, I have not included them in this list. If you are interested in buying or knowing about them, you can read my article on Electric Bicycles in India.



Top Hybrid Bicycles Under 30,000


1. Schwinn Searcher 4

This bicycle is priced slightly higher than Rs. 30,000 at the time of writing this review. However, I don’t think anyone would mind spending a couple of hundred Rs. extra to buy a quality product that they would be using for years to come.

Schwinn Searcher 4 - Best Hybrid Bicycles in India

Check Latest Price in India – Flipkart

The bicycle comes with 21 gears. This is a hardtail model with front suspensions. You can easily ride it on moderately rough off-road trails.

This bicycle uses an aluminium alloy frame and has wire brakes on both wheels.

Tyres used are 700×35c supported by double-walled alloy rims.

I had also featured this bicycle in my review of Best bicycles under Rs. 30000 in India.



2. Lapierre Shaper 100

This is an aluminium alloy cycle with 24 gears. This model uses 700x28c tyres (Thinner compared to the Schwinn Searcher featured above).

This bike also uses wire brakes but does not have any suspensions to it. If you looking for a fast bicycle to be ridden on city roads, you can definitely prefer this cycle.

Lapierre Shaper 100 - Best Hybrid Cycle under 30000

Check Latest Price in India – Flipkart



3.  Firefox Momentum 

Firefox Momentum is a bicycle with amazing looks and design. This bicycle has a more comfortable seating position compared to the two above.

This is a hardtail bike. It uses the Suntour NEX alloy suspension on the front. This suspension is equipped with hydraulic lockout.

The cycle comes with Shimano gears (Shimano Acera on the rear wheels). A total of 24 gears.Firefox Momentum 700C Review

Check out the availability and latest price – Amazon

The model uses Kenda K184 700 X 35C tyres. There are mechanical disc brakes on both wheels.



Bicycles Priced Under Rs. 25,000:


4. Btwin Riverside 500

A very cost effective but quality bicycle. One of the best bicycles you can use to commute to work every day and also use it for light touring to nearby places over the weekends. This is a hardtail model with front suspension.

Currently, this model is available in a dark grey colour online. It is available in three different frame sizes. You can use this guide to select the right frame size for yourself (depending on your height).

Btwin Riverside 500 - Best hybrid cycle under 25000

Check the latest price – Decathlon | You can also check Triban 100 FlatBar

The bicycle is equipped with 9-speed gears and double disk brake for enhanced braking during the rains. The frame of the bicycle is made using aluminium alloy.

It uses 700 x 1.50 (38-622) Btwin hybrid tyres, supported by double-walled aluminium alloy rims.

It has a quick release system on both wheels.


5. Montra Timba 1.1

This is the fifth bicycle in my list of Best Hybrid Bicycles in India. Montra is an Indian bicycle brand. They are known for offering mid segment bicycle for a very competitive price.

This is an aluminium alloy bicycle equipped with 21-speed gears (Shimano Tourney + Altus). The bicycle uses wire brakes.

Montra Timba 1.1 - Best Hybrid cycles in India

Check the latest price in India – Flipkart

The bicycle uses double walled rims and Kenda 700x35C tyres.



Hybrid Cycles Priced Under Rs. 20,000:


6. Montra Helicon Disc

This is one of my favourite budget hybrid bicycle in India. I have included this in both my list of overall best bicycles in India as well as my list of best cycles under Rs. 20,000.

The matt black finish of this bicycle is one of the best offered by Montra. This is an aluminium alloy frame bicycle with dual disc brakes.

The bicycle uses a rigid fork i.e. comes with no suspension.

Montra Helicon Disc - Review & Price in India

Check more User Reviews & Price – Amazon

Montra Helicon Disc offers mechanical disc brakes (Which perform better compared the entry level disc brakes offered on most budget bicycles).

This bike also comes with Kenda K1176, 27.5 x 1.75 tires. They are mounted on XMR 27.5 double wall alloy rims.


7. Montra Trance

Montra Trance is made using 6061 aluminium alloy frame. It has 21-speed gears and uses Shimano Altus and Tourney components. This model is available in various colours, however, at the time of writing this review, it was only available in Black + Green colour combination on Amazon.

The design of the frame is standard and offers a good mix of speed and comfort. You can easily adjust the handlebars and the seat as per your riding preference.

Montra Trance - Sports Hybrid Bicycle India

Check more User Reviews and Price – Amazon India

The bicycle uses a 27 Inch tyre (700x35c) which is mounted on XMR 700c double walled alloy rim for greater durability. The bike also equipped with V-brakes.



Hybrid Cycles Under Rs. 15,000:


8. Cosmic Shuffle 700c

Cosmic Shuffle is a rigid frame bicycle and is ideal for someone who does not want the extra weight and rolling resistance that front suspension brings along with it.

For someone who is looking for a budget bicycle to commute to work or college, this bike can be a perfect pick.  If you maintain this bike well, it should last you for years to come.

The features of this bike are very similar to Montra Helicon listed above. However, there is a significant price difference between the two. Cosmic shuffle being the cheaper of the two.

Cosmic Shuffle 700C - Hybrid cycle under 15000

Check the Latest Price of Cosmic Shuffle – Amazon India



9. Montra DownTown

This is the fourth bicycle from the Montra brand in my list of best hybrid cycles in India. This is also one of the most popular models that Montra sell. The bicycle looks very attractive and packs a lot of good features at a very competitive price.

Montra Downtown - Dual Disk Brake Hybrid Cycle with gear

Check more features and availability online – Amazon

Made using 6061 aluminium alloy frame, Montra Downtown comes with 21-speed Shimano gears (Tourney). This bicycle like the Cosmic Shuffle above is also a rigid frame bicycle.

Amazon India currently stocks a few colours and different year models. There is a slight variation in the cost accordingly. You can use the link above to browse through all available models.


10. Mach City Munich

MachCity brand is owned by TI cycles group (BSA). MachCity Munich is a premium version of the regular Mach City iBike model.

Munich is available in both single-speed as well as with 21 gear version. This bicycle is very rugged and will not need a lot of maintenance.MAch City Munich - Hybrid Cycle under 15000

Check various colour and gear options available online – Amazon

The Munich is a rigid frame bicycle and is available in green stem colour (as shown above) or in blue. It uses a 700x35c hybrid city tyre for speed.



Hybrid Cycles Under Rs. 10,000:


11. Mach City iBike

This bicycle consistently features in all my list if it falls in the right category. This is currently one the best hybrid bicycles in India in its price band. Truly value for money, this is a really good bicycle to buy if you are just starting out to commute to the office.

MACH CITY IBIKE - Best cycle price below 10000 india

It is available in various different options and colours. You can refer to my comparison post – MachCity iBike vs Btwin MyBike for detailed review and price of the two brands.


12. Hero Traveller

A good basic bicycle by Hero. The colour is nice and used by teens as well as adults. This is a single speed bicycle with no suspension or disc brakes. However, the built quality is good.

The bicycle uses Vbrakes and is made using a lightweight steel frame. As with other hybrid bikes, this model uses a 700c tyre as well.HERO TRAVELLER with gear hybrid cycle

Check the Latest Price in India – Amazon

This is comparatively a new model online and hence does not have a lot of user reviews on sites like Flipkart and Amazon yet.



13. Btwin Riverside 100

A perfect bicycle for casual rides. If you are planning to ride your bike near your house or around the park, you can use either the Riverside 100 or any of the two bicycles listed above in the price range below Rs. 10,000.

This is a 6 gear bicycle which uses a unisex frame. Both men, as well as women, can use this bicycle with ease. It uses V-brakes and does not come with any suspension.

Btwin Riverside 100 Hybrid Cycle

If I have to select one bicycle amongst the three listed in this price band, I suggest you buy the MachCity iBike. You not only have a lot of options while buying it but it is also a very well built bike.


This brings me to an end of my review of the Best Hybrid Bicycles in India. Hope you were able to select a cycle as per your needs. Do let me know in the comments section your thoughts and feedback about the same.



  • Anita

    Please advise… Is Firefox Karma good? I am 5.3 feet height female and beginner in cycling. I wish to gain experience in cycling and after practice ride for 50 plus kilometers in a few weeks/months.
    Kindly suggest If Firefox Karma is good or some other good bicycle.

  • Anand

    Dear Bicyclexp,

    it is indeed a great effort to maintain this site with much impressive and helpful content.
    I extend my thanks in simplifying my research in finding a best hybrid bicycle.
    However, I would like to check with you on the recommendations/suggestions in buying a bicycle for me

    After reading this article, I clearly realized that hybrid categorical cycle is the one I am looking for.
    my height is 5 ft 11 in (almost 6 ft)
    and I am wanting a geared one with front suspension includes atleast one of the disc brakes.
    lighter weigh, less maintenance and budget is less than 30k

    please suggest me

  • Manish

    I am 54, 84 Kgs, 174 cm, inseam length 75 cm (without shoes)
    I am cycling for years now. Daily commute 20 KM and weekend 75+ KM. Three types of cycles I own -Basic (BSA-SLR), Hero Trax both shocks 3×6 gears and Schnell (no name on it) 29er, 3×7 gears (19″ Frame) Hybrid front shocks with flat bar handle.
    I use all bicycles but knee pain restricts me BSA on uphill within the city, Hero restricts me long rides (Heavier). While I use Schnell on long rides, after the ride I have lower back pain (previous sciatica history) and though I use nice saddle and cycling short (decathlon) I have a restless bum.

    1. I need advice for good hybrid with disc brakes (worn out rim and front shocker changed in Hero) <50K for a daily ride as well as BRM's.
    2. The dilemma between Montra Downtown and Montra Blues 1.2 D for BRM and comfort? A lot of speed breakers and some potholes in city and backache condition.
    3. SCHWINN SUPER SPORT – no front shox?
    4. Should I go with 21" frame for back comfort?


  • Gautam Mukherjee

    Hi bicyclexp,
    I’m from Raipur, Chhattisgarh looking for hybrid cycle for fitness purpose & my bugdet is Rs. 25000/-. Thinking to purchase firefox roadrunner pro d its value for money or not. Please suggest me if any more good options in this budget….!!!!

    Gautam Mukherjee

  • Shubam

    Hi bicyclexp , i want a bicycle for daily commute as well as for long tour on weekends,so as per my height(6′) and weight(77kg) i come on the conclusion to buy a hybrid bicycle with suspension forks(as sometimes tour may expected to hilly areas) and lockable suspension system(for smooth on road) ,so i found montra backbeat but its largest size(19″) is not suitable to my hieght, and my budget is strictly between 17k-20k, suggest me a quality product of the company u prefer for me.

  • Mohd Anas

    Sir you described it beautifully. I am 43 years old height 175cm i would like start cycling after childhood days mainly for fitness and some grocery . I don’t know how long I will do it. Anyway I short listed match city and Montra down town kindly help me to choose the right one thanks in Advance

    Mohd Anas

    • bicycleXP

      Maybe the way that I answered the query was not correct 🙂

      Downtown is a good option in this price bracket. Do check out the details using the link provided above.

  • Sandeep Patil

    Hi, excellant info. II have recently started cycling as exercise. Been doing 15-20 kms daily for past 3 months on a non-geared cycle.

    Now I want to go in for a new cycle. I have mixed types of roads, good & bad both with some dirt roads also. My budget is upto Rs. 15,000/- -18,000/-

    Which cycle should I buy ?


    Hi Bicyclexp,

    I used to be fairly active in playing football and going to the gym, but suffered a meniscus tear in the knee due to which, been pretty out of shape for the last 6 months. I plan to take up cycling and swimming in order to regain fitness. I visited Decathalon twice and was suggested different models by different salesmen on both occasions.
    Btwin Triban 100 and Btwin Rockrider 300. Now i was really impressed with the design of Triban 100 but after reading this article and discussing with my cousin (who has also just taken up cycling and bought a Riverside 120), i think i should go for a Hybrid cycle.
    I stay in Pune and the roads are average here. Plus it rains on most days. My budget is around 20k. Please suggest a couple of options which would be best for me. I am 5’7 and around 78kgs.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Sandhu,

      I have no experience dealing with injuries, so won’t be able to comment on the same.

      However, I always suggest starting off with a hybrid. They are comfortable & easier to ride around. I recommend looking at Montra Trance Pro.

      Just ensure that you do not stress any muscles too much. Do proper stretching exercises before and after cycling. Increase your riding difficulty and/or time slowly, this will give enough time for your body to adapt.


  • Ratheesh

    I want to buy cycle. Pls suggest me which one is better for my requirement. My requirement 1. For weekdays i will ride about 30KM distance 2. For weekend i will ride 75KM to 125KM distance. 3. Avg speed req is 22KM/h to 26KM/h. 4. Gear shifting should be easier. 5. Cost less than 30K. 6. Less in maintenance

  • Ashish Agarwal

    Hello Team BicycleXP,

    I am looking for a comfortable urban bike for casual riding and fitness purpose. I am 176cm in height and 100kg+ in weight. Going through your site, your reviews and rankings (and also a few other references), I have shortlisted the below two bikes.

    MONTRA TIMBA 1.1 DISC (2018)
    MONTRA HELICON DISC (27.5T) (2018) Black

    Kindly suggest which would be better. Also if you suggest something else, do let me know.
    And, how would be fat bikes for me?

    Looking forward to your suggestion for my purchase.


  • Niharika


    I’m a beginner, female and of height 5.3″, looking for a bike within a range 10k-15k. I need one for commute in city which has good and bad roads. Please suggest one.

  • Aprajita verma

    Hi Team BicycleXP,

    This article is very helpful for beginners at cycling.
    I am looking for a hybrid cycle for fitness and short commute purpose under a budget of 20 K.
    I am a female of height 4 ft 11 in and 52 kg in weight.
    Please let me know your suggestion.


    • bicycleXP

      Hi Aprajita,

      If you are ok having a top bar, you can opt for the Riverside 500 (The small frame size). You can check out the bike here on the Decathlon website.

      Unfortunately, there are not many good options with ladies bicycle frame. If you wish to buy a ladies model. I suggest looking at this model by Btwin. Again, small size will work well for you.

      Hope this helps.

  • Ashwini

    Am 32, with height 5.4 and weight 80kg. Please suggest a bicycle(not ladies bicycles) based on my height and weight. Also I need bicycle options which has bar very low, so that i can comfortably get down during sudden breaks. Please suggest shops in Bangalore with many brand (hercules, hero, avon) bicycles options.
    Budget under 10000.
    Thanks in Advance

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Ashwini,

      Have a look at this bike by Huffy. It is unlike regular ladies bicycles but has a slanted top bar. This will help you get down easily.

      It is an MTB, so will work well if you are looking to buy a bike to exercise daily. It is well built for the price you will pay for it online.

      You can visit TrackNTrails in Bangalore. However, I don’t think they stock Huffy bikes.

      I hope this helps.

  • Raj

    Hi, I am a beginner, 35 aged.

    At starting I Dont know how my passion will develop for cycling as I am busy with pvt banking job.

    Thought of cycling come to my mind to gain more fitness. I wanted to buy budget cycle but even don’t want to repent also in future just because of my bad decision. Kindly help me to take decision.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Raj,

      If you need a cheap option, I would recommend the Mach city showcased above. Else you can opt for Montra Trance.

  • Vikram

    Thanks for this brilliant curation of bikes.
    I’m 21 and looking to purchase a hybrid bike for exercise and very short commute for under ₹10000.
    Although not listed here, I have identified the Hero Octane Zephyr 7S. It uses an alloy frame and is well priced.
    But I’m concerned with its durability as compared to a more traditional steel frame as on the Mach City iBike.
    Is the weight difference significant?
    And how would the tire width compare between the two from a durability and comfort standpoint? (35 mm vs 50 mm)
    Thanks in advance!

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Vikram,

      Great choice, I am actually planning to add the Zephyr 700c to this list. The durability of the frame should not be an issue (for the price point).

      However, there will certainly be a difference in comfort due to the tyre width. Thicker tyres generally offer better comfort. Since you are looking to commute shorter distance and mainly looking to exercise. I don’t think going for thinner wheels will give you any significant advantage.

      If I had to choose, I would prefer the regular Mach City (not Munich, which again comes with 700c tyres)

      Hope this helps.

  • Nithya

    I’m a 18 YO girl who is looking for a bike that is suitable for commute to college (10km from my place) it consists of heavy traffic roads as well as muddy sideroads. I’m around 5’3, I will also cycle in the weekends at leisure.Please suggest a bike around the budget 10k to 20k.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Nithya,

      If you are fine with a unisex bike, I recommend you opt for the Riverside 500 (Click for Details). It is slightly more expensive compared to the budget you stated but will be good for the long run.

      Check the size guide on the product page (near the buy now button) to check which frame size is suitable for you.

      • Girish

        I know this is not the right place to post. My query is about Road bikes but I didn’t find any blog posts about road bikes. So I own a Btwin Riverside Hybrid and planning to upgrade to a road bike – probably entry level due to budget constraints (up to 50k). I will be riding 50-60 kms during weekends, 20-30 kms during weekdays and might be a Gran Fondo once in a month. Few hours of research in Google and I have shortlisted couple of models. But I’m hell confused as to which to finalize. The models are Triban RC 120, Montra Celtic 2.1 (2018), Firefox Tarmak, Ridley Damocles 1, Polygon Strattos S2 (2019), Scott Speedster 40 (2018). Now while Triban is lowest prices and Scott the highest. Going by spec, I got impressed by Firefox Tarmak – only it has got Shimano Sora groupset, rest all has Shimano Claris and Triban has Microshift. My one concern while choosing a road bike is resale value if I want to upgrade in an year or two. Does Firefox has decent resale value (it costs 44k) or should I choose Scott or Polygon or Ridley with a lower spec. Then, how will the ride quality be between these models (if you’ve tried any or heard from fellow riders). Finally, quality of product in totality. You feedback will be of real help. Thanks!

  • Deepak


    I would like to buy a hybrid bike. I have a plan to Scott sub cross tour men or trek fx1. Both are having price slightly above 30k. So should I go for that or montra blues brand will be better which is also less than 30k. And I would like to use it for lifelong.

  • Ashish

    I am Ashish, 5 6 tall male. I cycle around 100 kms a week, with so far max of around 50km in a day. Mostly on normal roads, and sometime in parks having somewhat hilly experience. Please advice which cycle should I buy and share your reasoning which will help me to make informed choice. Thanks

  • Sri

    Hi experts,

    I’m 5’10” tall and about 82KG, i’m intending to use the bicycle for fitness purpose and casual/recreational rides nearby home.

    Please suggest me a good, sturdy and reliable Hybrid bicycle preferably with gear and front suspension(optional), with lowest maintenance possible. Price range i’m looking at is below 15K.

    Looking forward to your expert advise, please suggestions for the bicycles.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Jagdish


    I need a good cycle for my nephew who is 9 years old, what type would be suitable for him and any specific model if u have in mind.

  • Nandhini

    I am a woman wanting to practice cycling regularly. I am torn between the options of Montra Trance W (2018) and the Firefox Rapide 21s models. Can you suggest the best one?

  • Adarsh Mohan


    I am 6ft 2inch tall man weiging 100+ kgs. I used to commute to office using a regular BTWIN single speed bicycle , couple of years back. Now i want to restart the same also with a new bicycle. This time i also plan to ride longer distances over the weekends .Could you please suggest a bicycle with the correct size that will suit me .My budget is between 15k and 20k

  • Akhil


    I am 5ft 10in man, weight 67kg. I am looking for suitable cycle for fitness purpose who can ride for 20~25Km/day. Could you please suggest a bicycle with the correct size that will suit me .My budget is between 10k and 15k.

  • Vijay

    Hey bicyclexp

    This website is very helpful.

    I’m looking for a cycle mostly for a daily commute that’s going to be 4 km long, in traffic on roads that are of variable quality (over space and time…) ;-). I haven’t really cycled in ten years, and I’d already settled on getting a hybrid before I got here. If I got a cycle I’d probably want to be able to ride it on the weekend as well, to explore hilly parts around

    Here are my questions:

    I’d settled on the decathlon riverside 120 (which is currently on a bit of a discount), but you seem to be a fan of montra, so I’m now considering that option.

    1. What’s the value of the 21/24 speed gearbox? The decathlon is an 8-speed
    2. For my needs, how important is the suspension? the riverside seems not to have shocks.
    3. I don’t have access to a cycle store. I’ve ridden the BTWIn, which was a huge reason to choose that over the other options. What are your thoughts on buying a cycle cold over the internet?

    Thanks a bunch!


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