[Top 5] Best Tricycle for Kids in India

In this post, I would be reviewing the best tricycle for 1, 2 & 3 year-olds in India. Tricycles (also call trikes) are one of the favourites, an evergreen toy that your toddler can enjoy. Children can play with their cycles for hours. It also gives them much needed physical activity.

Well, Which is the Best Tricycle for Toddlers in India?

Out of all the cycles reviewed, this R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Striker wins hands down. I will be covering the reasons and be comparing it (Price & Feature) with other products below. So do keep reading if you interested in a detailed review.

The review is broken down into two parts to suit different requirements. The first 3 products on the list are tricycle with push handlebars for parents. The last 2 products, however, are traditional tricycles for kids. If you are looking for a similar product, I suggest going for Cosmic Trike for kids.

I will suggest you read the entire article to the bottom. Read about balance bikes, an alternative to tricycles for your child.


What were the factors considered?

  • The quality of the tricycle
  • Functionality and ease of use
  • Price of the product
  • Safety Features

Quick Note:

Tricycle will need to be assembled by you. You should be able to do it in a couple of hours. Optionally you can take them to your nearest bike shop.



Best Tricycles in India:


1. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Striker & Benz

As I said above, these two are the best tricycles that you can buy for your baby in India currently. They have all the features you need.

Most importantly, I really love the safety standards that they have for their products. These tricycles are EM 71 European safety standard compliant.

Check out all the Models and Colour Variations Available – Amazon


Difference Between R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz, Striker, Benz & Magna:

  • Sportz is the most basic model between the four. It does have a two-point harness but the seat cannot be reversed.
  • The Sportz model also does not have storage basket at the front for the baby (Unlike the Striker & Benz)
  • Sportz does not have brakes on the wheels (Can we used by parents)
  • Striker model is little more expensive compared to the Sportz but does feature a reversible seat and storage basket.
  • Benz model has more premium seats and finish. The most import point is that Benz comes with a 5 point safety harness
  • Benz can be folded and thus occupy even less space compared to the other two models
  • The Benz models also come with a cup holder near the handlebar for the parents
  • Magna is a very different model compared to three discussed so far. It is made from a more premium Magnesium alloy metal
  • The luxurious design makes it the most expensive model of the four we discussed



2. Multipurpose Baby Tricycle by Amardeep

There are multiple reasons why this product is one of the best in the category. The product is built well and should last you for years. You can even pass it over to your friends later.

The tricycle hits all the checkboxes from my criterion list:

  • Quality: The tricycle is well built. The main frame is made out of steel.
  • Features:
    • The tricycle can actually work as a stroller.
    • Sports a nice rack at the back where you can keep toys/bag. It also has a nice bag attached to the handlebar.
    • A good quality roof, which can protect your kid from sun/rain. You can fold it back or remove it all together.
    • The seat is nice and comfortable with a backrest.
    • The push bar is nicely designed. You can control the speed and direction of the tricycle easily with it.
    • The wheels are sturdy.
    • The product also has a nice folding footrest. So if your kid is not in the mood of pedalling. He/she can use the footrest.
  • Safety:
    • The trike is equipped with an enclosed armrest. Your child can hold it to maintain balance.
    • The product also comes with a seat belt. You don’t have to worry about your kid wobbling off to the side.
  • Price:
    • It is the most expensive product on the list. However, you do get a lot of functionality and quality in exchange.

Check Live price and User Review – Amazon

Best Baby Tricycle for 2 Year Old in IndiaAmardeep Multipurpose Baby Tricycle


Cons of the product:

  • The assembly is tricky as it does not come with any manual.



3. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Grand

If you are looking for a tricycle with parental control on a budget, you can go for this product. This product costs almost half compared to the first product. However, you will need to cut down on some features and quality as well.

The assembly of this product is much easier compared to the product by Amardeep.

What’s good with the product?

  • Quality: This tricycle too has a metal frame and feels quite sturdy.
  • Features:
    • The parental push bar can control the direction as well. This I feel is a must-have functionality.
    • This tricycle too has a basket behind it.
    • This bike also has a folding footrest. You can use it if your kid feels lazy or simply is small enough not to reach the pedals now.
  • Safety:
    • This product does not have an enclosed armrest but it does have a good seat belt.
    • The tricycle also meets the EN 71 European standard for safety of tricycles.

Check Live price and User Review – Amazon

R for Rabbit - Cycle for 2 Year old IndiaR for Rabbit - Trike for kids india

Cons of this Tricycle:

  • The push bar for parents does not feel very sturdy. Although this is not a big issue.



4. Baybee Duster Premium Trike

This tricycle is like an in-between version compared to the two products on the top. The quality is slightly inferior to the first product. But it has featured more than the 2nd product. It is also priced accordingly, between the two products on the top.

Key Features:

  • The frame is sturdy. The push handlebar for parents is good too.
  • The folding roof works well. You can remove it if not required.
  • The bicycle has an enclosed armrest. This will also work as a safety feature if the child is small.
  • It has a small bucket behind.
  • The push bar can be used to manoeuvre the bicycle in the direction of your choice.

Check Live price and User Review – Amazon | Flipkart

Baybee Duster Premium baby TricycleBaybee Duster Premium Trike

Cons of the tricycle are:

  • The assembly is a bit complicated. You might need professional help.
  • The tyres are made out of plastic and not meant for rough usage.



This concludes my review of the best cycle for 2-year-old in India with a push control bar. I will now cover two traditional tricycles. The selection criterion remains the same. However, for safety, I have considered cycles which do not have any evident sharp corners that can injure the child.



5. Cosmic Trike

To be honest, there are not many good cycle options available online for a 2-year-old kid. However, this is surely amongst the best ones. It is available in three different colours on Flipkart (Red, Yellow and Blue).

The bicycle is quite sturdy. Has a good, low centre of gravity. This provides a stable ride to the child even if he/she moves to the sides.

The assembly of the cycle is relatively easy and you can do it at your home.


Cosmic Trike best cycle for kids under 2 yearsCosmic Trike - best tricycle in india

Check Live price and User Review – Flipkart

6. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes

This is actually a similar product to that we reviewed above. The main difference is that this variant does not come with the parental control stick. (R for Rabbit has a lot of models, you can check all of them using the link below)

The product quality and feature remain the same as the one above. The second minor difference is that this product does not come with the folding footrest for the kid. As there is not a push bar for the parents, this feature made no sense and hence the manufacturer has right removed it too.

R for Rabbit, Tiny Toes - Best Tricycle for Toddlers in India

Check Live price and User Review – Amazon


Balance Bikes vs Tricycles for Toddlers?

Lately, a lot of parents have been buying a balance bike for their kids. Some of the advantages of buying a balance bike over tricycles are covered below:

  • As the name suggests, the balance bike is built to teach your kids how to balance on their bicycles.
  • Kids get comfortable on tricycles or on cycles with trainer wheel. While on balance bike they always remain alert as they might fall if they don’t concentrate on riding. This helps them learn faster.
  • Balance bikes are more flexible, you can increase the height of the seat as your child grows. You cannot do this with a tricycle.

I would personally suggest you buy a Balance bicycle as against Trikes. You can check out BrilRider Balance Bikes on Amazon.

BrilRider Balance Bike India for Toddlers

This product is available in various colours (Use the link above to compare). Kids from the age of 1 year to 5 years can use this balance bike by adjusting the seat height.


This brings us to the end of my review of the best baby tricycle for toddlers in India. I hope this article was able to assist you to make the purchasing decision.

Do feel free to refer my guide on Bicycle for Kids in India if you need more help or guidance with selecting the right bicycle for your kids.

Do let me know your shopping experience in the comments section below. Also, if you would like to share a review of any bicycle that you have bought recently, do reach us out using the contact form. I would love to feature the same.

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