Best Ladies Cycle in India

This review article will talk about the Best Ladies Cycle in India along with their pricing details. I have made a list of Top 10 bicycles that the Indian women would love to ride. These cycles have been shortlisted basis their features, build quality and Price.

The overall winner of my reviews was the Mach City iBike 7 Gear bicycle for Women. It is attractively priced around Rs. 10,000 mark and is not very expensive if you look at the overall build quality and the features it offers.

Alternately, you can also consider this great option by Decathlon. This bicycle is available in two sizes. You can easily find out which one works best for you by clicking on the “Find your Size” button next to the dropdown menu where you select the bike size.


Note – If you are looking for a bicycle for girl child, visit the article on Best Bicycle for Girls in India. Read on, if you are looking for an Adult bicycle.

I will now proceed with a detailed review.


Best Bicycles for Indian Women:


1. Mach City iBike W:

Mach City is a brand owned by BSA. They have been producing amazing commuter bicycle for daily usage. The key highlight of their bikes is that even though they are well built, they are not very expensive.

They also have multiple models to suit various requirements of their customers.

Even with their iBike W, they have a 7-speed model as well as a cheaper model without any gears.


Mach City W - Best Ladies Cycle in India

Check Latest Price on Amazon | Flipkart (The one on Amazon is without Gears)

Key Features:

  • Made using a rigid steel frame (No suspensions)
  • 26 Inch tyre size
  • Available in single speed or with 7 gears with Revo shifters model
  • Uses wire brakes – The performance of the same if good for a regular use
  • This bicycle also features in my list of best cycles in India.


2. Schwinn Super Sport 3

If you have some experience riding bicycles and looking for a good bicycle to commute, Schwinn super sport 3 would be the right choice for you.

This bicycle has bigger 29 Inch tyres and is built for speed and comfort. The bicycle also looks are classy with a black and purple colour combination. This is also one of the best gear cycles for ladies in India.

 Schwinn Super Sport 3 Women 29 T

Check the latest price in India – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • The bicycle is priced at around 15000 Rs. on Flipkart (At the time of writing this review – Click the link above for exact price) – The component used on the bicycle justify the price tag.
  • The bicycle is made using lightweight Aluminium alloy frame. The also makes the frame rust resistant.
  • Has 21-speed gears (Shimano) and uses easy fire/thumb shifters. (Mach City above uses Revo Shifters)
  • The tyres used are 29 Inch Kenda K-193, 700x32c. Rims used on the bicycle are made using double walled alloy.
  • The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty for Frame, 5 Years for Fork, 3-Months for Chain, Saddle and Grip, 6-Months for Handlebar Seatpost and Stem. 1 Year for Tyres, Wheelset and Drivetrain Groupset (Crank, Cassette, Bottom Bracket).


3. Huffy Savoy

A good looking and sturdy bicycle from the brand Huffy. The bicycle is good for daily usage. This is a mountain bike with 21 gears (One of the few mountain bikes available for women in India). You can easily use for your daily commute or ride around your house/park.

This bicycle is in the same price range as that of Mach City iBike. The Mach City iBike is built to be ridden in the city while this bicycle will suit someone who is more keen on exploring the neighbourhood trails

Huffy Savoy Ladies Cycle

Check the Latest price on – Amazon

Key Features

  • The bicycle is made using high strength steel
  • It uses Shimano gears (21 speed) and has a twist type shifter
  • Has 26″ x 1.95″ Trail Edge tyres on it. The rims are made using alloy
  • Comes with a front suspension to make your ride comfortable over trails


4. BSA Ladybird Breeze

BSA Ladybird is one of the most popular and best-selling ladies bicycle brand in India. When it was launched, there was only one model which was available in different colours. Now, we have a plethora of LadyBird models available to choose from.

BSA Ladybird Breeze is one very successful model in their offering currently. This model is available in various colours like Purple, Pink, Blue, Red, Blue, Sky Blue etc

BSA Lady Bird Breeze

View all colour variations on – Flipkart | Amazon

Key Features:

    • This bicycle is available in two different sizes, 26 Inch and 24 Inch tyre size. You can buy the one that suits your height (26 Inch tyre is the normal bicycle)
    • The frame of the bicycle is made using steel.
    • This model comes with a lot of additional accessories like the basket on the handlebars, Chain cover, Luggage Carrier, Saree guard on the back wheel etc
    • Other popular Ladybird models that you can look at are:
      • BSA Ladybird Bliss
      • Ladybird Shine
      • Ladybird Dreamz


5. Atlas Ultimate City Diva 

Simple and efficient is how I will define the Atlas Ultimate City Diva cycle for ladies. The sky blue colour looks really cool and classy. There are no over the top graphics on the bike and looks very minimalistic.

The ride quality is good as well. The handlebars are raised and provide you with a good & comfortable riding posture. You will need to install mudguards if you plan to ride it daily to commute.

The bicycle was priced between 7 to 8 thousand rupees at the time of writing this article. Use the link below to check the latest price online.

Atlas Ultimate City Diva - Top 10 Ladies cycle

Check the Latest Price in India – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • Single speed bicycle (without gears)
  • Wire brakes on both front and rear tyres
  • Steel frame
  • No Suspension
  • Tyre size is 26 Inches (Ralson Tyres). Rims are made using aluminium alloy.


6. Hercules FX 100

This is the second MTB in my list of Best Ladies Cycle in India after Huffy Savoy. Actually, both these bicycles can be classified as unisex cycles too.

The bicycle is bright orange in colour. It will surely get you noticed anywhere you go with its bold look. It comes with mudflaps and has a front suspension.Hercules FX 100 - MTB for Ladies in India

Check the price online – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • The frame is made using steel
  • The bicycle is a single speed model (Gearless)
  • Uses wire brakes on both wheels
  • Tyre size is 26 Inches


7. Cosmic Colours

This is by far the most traditional looking bicycle in the list. The top bar of the frame is really low and should help women who are still trying to learn to ride.

The bicycle come in a grey & pink colour combination. I honestly feel the manufacturer could have painted it in better colours 🙂

The ride is very comfortable. You will also find it extremely easy to get down on your feet

Cosmic Colours Womens bicycle india

Check More details about this bicycle on – Flipkart

The features of this bicycle are the same as the one above, hence I will not list them down again. You can visit Flipkart using the link above for more details about the model.


8. Avon Sherry

This is a bright coloured cycle for young women. This bicycle from Avon competes with the likes of Ladybird and Hero Miss India range of cycles. The colours and features of all three bicycle range are similar.

The pricing of these bicycles is also very similar and competitive. Avon Sherry can be bought online in the price range of 5000 to 6000 Rs. (At the time of writing this review)

Avon Cherry

Check the latest price and availability online – Amazon


9. Hero Miss India Gold

Miss India is a range of bicycles by Hero to compete with BSA’s LadyBird. As said above, the features of the bicycle very close match that of Ladybird.

They also offer a handlebar basket, chain cover, carrier and saree cover on most of their models.

Hero Miss India Gold

For more models, designs and colours, visit – Amazon


10. Kross Gauzy 

This bicycle has a good mixture of traditional elements like the mudguard shape and modern elements like the colour, graphics and the shape of the frame.

The bicycle is comfortable to ride with its bird shaped handlebars and low seat position. The non-existent top bar on the frame makes it easy to ride wearing skirts or a saree.

This is a single speed bicycle with 26-inch regular tyres.

Kross Gauzy Ladies Bicycle

For more details, visit – Flipkart


This brings me an end to this review on the Best Ladies Cycle in India with gears. Do let me know your thoughts on my choices in the comments below. Which one did you like? Do share you purchase and product experience with fellow cyclists.


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