Best Bicycles in India under 10000 INR

In this review, I will be comparing the Top 10 Best Bicycles in India under 10000. I will be looking at the overall quality, price as well as feature like suspension, gear etc. All products selected are geared cycles priced below 10000 for Adults.

Buying a budget bike is generally more difficult. You need to research the product well else you will spend a lot of time and money maintaining the same.



Well, so which is the best cycle in India below 10000?

So, if you are not looking to read the entire review, you can simply buy Mach City iBike or Hercules Roadeo A50 depending upon the type of cycle you are looking for. The Mach City iBike is more of a city bike and Hercules A50 is an MTB.

One more good option that you can consider is the Btwin Riverside 100.

Having said this, you still need to have the right expectations. You cannot compare Rs. 10,000 cycle with a really well made Rs. 20,000 bicycle. There will be a difference in the quality of components used.



Best Cycles in India Under 10,000


1. Hercules Roadeo A50

If you are looking to make a statement with your bike, this cycle will certainly get you the attention. The bicycle looks really nice and premium. The decals used are bright and modern looking. This is easily one of the best Hercules gear cycles below 10000 in India.

The cycle rides really well. You can go over minor bumps and potholes on the road with ease. If you are not planning on riding more than 25 km a day, this bike will suit you really well. You can look at upgrading the saddle later on for more comfort.

This bicycle is available in a cool yellow colour on Flipkart. (Link below the picture)Hercules Roadeo A50 - Best Cycle in India Under 10000

Check live price and user review – Amazon


A lot of people messaged me stating the A50 is showing as out of stock at their pin code. You can also look at the Hercules Roadeo Rampage (Use this link for the latest price) which has similar features. The main difference between the two models is that Rampage uses a steel frame while A50 has an aluminium alloy frame.


Key Features:

  • The front wheel uses a disc brake, while the rear tyre is equipped with a wire brake.
  • The frame is made of lightweight aluminium alloy
  • The bike comes with 21 gears. The gear type used is thumb/easy fire shifters (Shimano)
  • The cycles also have a front suspension. This really helps on bumpy roads
  • Tyres are 26 inches


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2. Mach City iBike

This bicycle also featured in our list of best cycles in India. This shows how good a product it is, even if it is priced below Rs. 10,000. This is the perfect bicycle for someone looking to commute say around 10 to 15 kilometres a day.

This bicycle has multiple price variations and is available on both Flipkart and Amazon (Link under the image). The cycle is available in Red, White, Matt Black, Blue & Grey colours.

MACH CITY IBIKE - Best cycle price below 10000 india

Check live price and user review – Flipkart | Amazon

Key Features:

  • Does not come with any disc brakes or suspensions. This helps keep the weight down on this city bike.
  • The brakes used on both wheel are regular wire brakes.
  • The frame is made using lightweight steel
  • Tyre size is 26 inches
  • It comes with 21 Shimano gear system with thumb shifters.
  • Both front wheel and seat post come with a quick release system for easy maintenance.
  • Pedals built using Velodrive technology to reduce strain while riding difficult terrains.



3. Btwin Riverside 100

Btwin Riverside 100 is a really good hybrid bicycle. You can use it for commutes near or for your casual rides around the park. It is a very versatile product and can be used in multiple ways. You can easily carry this bicycle with you for your weekend off-road trail rides.

If you are looking for a simple yet high-quality product, I suggest go for this bike.

Btwin Riverside 100 - Best Cycle under 10000 india

Check live price – Decathlon India

Key Features:

  • The frame is made using steel.
  • It does not have any shock absorbers.
  • 6 Speed gears with Revo shifters.
  • Brakes – V brakes



4. Hero Traveller

A beautiful looking single speed bicycle. It is a hybrid bike with 700c (thin tyres). A perfect buy for someone who is looking for an inexpensive but fast bicycle to commute across the city.

Hero Traveller 700C Review - Best Cycle under Rs. 10000

Check the Latest Price & User Reviews – Flipkart

A simple but elegant bicycle model. It does not have any gears, disc brakes or suspension. However, the build quality and frame design are superior compared to a lot of bicycles in this segment.

You can upgrade the brakes if you feel their performance is not good enough, especially during the rains.



5. Huffy Granite

This model has a lot in common with the Hero bicycle I discussed above. This bike also comes with a rigid frame, no gears or disc brakes. The only major difference between the two is the tyres. Huffy Granite comes with a regular pair while the Hero sprint comes equipped with 700c

Huffy Granite Bicycle Review

Check Latest Price & Availability – Amazon

The company also offer a slightly premium model of the same bike. That model comes with slightly more attractive colours and is also equipped with gears. You can compare that mode by clicking here.


6. Hercules Roadeo Hardliner 

Hardliner is made using aluminium alloy frame. The bicycle is equipped with 18 gears to help you conquer multiple different types of terrains.

The frame size for this model is 18.5 Inches, which is ideal for average Indian cyclist (Height between 5 feet 3 Inches to 5 feet 9 inches)Hercules Roadeo Hardliner - Best Bicycles in India under 10000

Check more User Review & Price Online – Amazon

The bicycle does not come with additional accessories like mudguards or side stand. You will have to buy them separately while placing the order.

This is a hardtail model. It means it comes with a front suspension to make your ride more comfortable.

The cycle uses V brakes, which can be adjusted easily and are good enough for regular use.

This model is available in silver/white colour.  It will look good for both teenagers as well as adults. However, if you are looking for something more colourful and made for teen, you can consider the Hercules Roadeo Maverick (Use the link for more details)


7. bikeARK Orb (Fixie Cycle)

You would immediately notice that this is not your regular bicycle. It cycle looks amazing but you should not buy it for its looks. It is a fixie cycle. If you do not know what a fixie bike is, keep reading. I will explain it in a brief.

This bike has two modes of operations. It has a rear flip flop hub. You can use this to change the mode of operation.

  1. Fixie mode or Fixed Gear – In this mode, the bicycle moves only when you feet pedal. If you stop pedalling the bicycle will immediately stop. Think of it like your pedals are hard-wired to your back wheel. The wheel moves only when you move the pedal.
  2. Freewheel mode – This is like your regular bicycle. In this mode, you can stop pedalling but the bicycle will still keep cruising.

I hope this helps you understand how this bicycle works.

BikeARK Exo Review - Best Fixie Cycle


Check live price and user review – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • Nice clean sleek design. If you like attractive bikes that go fast. You can buy this product.
  • As the name suggests, this is a fixie bike. It does not have gears
  • The frame is made using steel but it is light compared to other bicycles on this list.
  • It does not have suspensions.
  • Tire size is 26 Inches.
  • It also sports a bullhorn handlebar for extra comfort during long rides

Riding in the fixie mode requires some practice. I suggest going slow for a couple of months before trying to speed up.


8. Kross Maximus

The bike looks really good. I love the black colour on it and the minimalist decals. The bike looks simple but works really well. It is a well built robust bicycle. It has a front suspension to take you over the rough terrains and trails.

Tip – You can actually remove the stickers altogether to get a nice clean black look.

Kross Maximus

Check live price and user review – Flipkart | Amazon

Key Features

  • The frame is made out of stainless steel. The makes the bike a bit bulky.
  • The front wheel has a disc brake while the rear wheel has a regular wired one.
  • Comes with front suspension
  • 21-speed gears with Shimano thumb shifters



9. Hero Ranger DTB VX

This is the third bicycle in our list of best bicycles in India under 10000. This cycle is built for two reasons:

  • Teenagers
  • Comfort

This cycle is all bright and colourful. The kids just love it. It has everything that the kids would need. Dual suspension for their rough riding. Carries to carry their bags/toys. A nice comfortable stance/sitting posture to have fun with their friends while riding.

Hero Ranger DTB VX priced under 10000


Check live price and user review – Amazon


This MTB bike is available in two different variations:

  1. 6 Speed and 18 Speed Gears
  2. Black + Green colour variation & Black + Red.


Key Features:

  • Refer to the product page (Link above) as the variants have slightly different specs.


10. Hercules Roadeo A275

This is the third Hercules Roadeo on the list so far. They are good, I do not have any other choice but to include them in the Top 10 list.  This particular variant is available in two different colours online. Red & Blue.

I personally really like the colours and the decals on the bike. The Roadeo A275 is easily the best-looking budget cycles in India.

Hercules Roadeo A275 - Budget Bike


Check live price and user review – Currently Out of Stock on Flipkart

Key Features:

  • This is a 21 speed geared cycle with Shimano derailleurs (Thumb shifters)
  • The frame is really well made. It uses an aluminium alloy.
  • The front wheel has a disc brake, while the back wheel has normal wired brakes.
  • The tyre size is 27.5 inch (Larger compared to regular 26 Inch tyres)


11. Atlas Voltage

We don’t get a lot of bicycles nowadays with raised handlebar right out of the factory. These were quite common a few years back. I really like this additional feature. This immediately adds a comfort ride option to your bicycles. Helps you give your back the much need comfort once in a while during the ride.

The bicycle has a nice Black and Gold colour

This is a similar model to the one above(Number 3). The main difference is that this cycle has only front shock absorbers. To be honest, I would prefer a budget bicycle without shock absorbers (Or with just the front ones). This gives you better build quality.

Remember, if 2 bicycles are selling the same cost but one has premium features. The manufacturer of the premium bicycle will have to cut costs elsewhere to make a profit.

I hope that was not too confusing 🙂Atlas Voltage cheap budget cycle India

Check live price and user review – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • Non-Geared (Single Gear Cycle)
  • Uses wire brakes on the back wheels, while the front wheel has a disc brake.
  • The frame is made using mild steel
  • Comes with only front suspension
  • Has plastic mudguards and steel carrier attached,
  • Tyre size is 26 Inches. The wheel uses a double wall alloy rim.


12. Kross K-40

Kross is comparatively a new brand in India. However, I really liked this bicycle. You get a nicely balanced bicycle for the price you pay. This bicycle is again in the comfort bike category. It is not meant to be used for long distance riding.

You can use it for your daily exercise routine or a casual ride around the park.

Kross K 40

Check live price and user review – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • The frame is made up of lightweight steel.
  • It comes equipped with 21 gears. ‘However, the shifters used are Revo shifters. These shifters are not as efficient/easy to use as the thumb shifters.
  • Both front and back tires use wire brakes
  • It comes with both rear and front suspension for extra comfort.



Important Tip: Bicycles bought online come in a semi-assembled state (80 to 90% assembled – depending on brand and model bought).  You can do it on your own. This will help you know your bicycle inside out. If not, you can take the help of the nearby cycle shop.

These bicycles can be good starter bicycles for teens. They can use them rough terrains, have fun, while not splurging a ton of money on their ride. If you a mid-aged adult planning on taking up cycling to keep fit, again the bicycles listed on this post can be a good starting point. It lets you explore your passion for cycling without committing too much financially. Once you get your confidence back, you can go for better bicycles priced under 30000.


Things to keep in mind while buying a budget bicycle:
  • Try to buy the bicycle with minimum features. Most people will not need a dual suspension bicycle for riding on roads (I will recommend you buy a cycle with no suspensions – rear or front)
  • You will need gears only if you plan to ride for longer distances. The other reason for buying a geared cycle is to ride over difficult terrains like hilly areas/bridges etc – Buying a geared cycle will be a good decision for most people
  • Check if the bicycle comes equipped with essential accessories like the side stand, mudguard or a bicycle bell (Depends on your requirements) – Most budget bicycles might avoid these to save on cost. It will be good if you can order the same while you buy your bicycle.
  • Maintain your bicycle well. Clean it regularly. Lubricate moving parts such as chains, derailleurs etc on regular basis. If you take care of your cycle, it will last you longer and will require less cost to be spent on maintaining it.


This concludes this review on the Best Bicycles in India under 10000. I hope this post helped you with your purchase. If you would like to review your bike on my blog, just leave a comment below. Also, do share your purchase experience as well as a video on how you assembled the bike.

Have a good day!


  • Chirantan

    Hello sir, i am looking for a hybrid cycle, i have shortlisted the mach city munich 21s and the hero octane zephyr 7s, i will be riding on good tarmac with minimum gradient, i will be commuting 2*20 kms everyday, now the thing is that the hero is almost 3 kgs lighter than the mach city whereas the mach city has more gears(which i dont think i will be needing). I want to get your opinion on which one should i buy??

  • Ruturaj bendkhale

    Hello friend I liked this article.
    Can you suggest me a cycle for daily ride of 5 km in little bit roughy roads.
    My height is 6 feet and 70 kg weight.
    My budget is below 15000rs .

    Dual suspension or single suspension?
    What are your opinion on Hercules rodeo Maverick (10,100 rs)

  • Ashish Sharma

    Hi bicycleXP,

    Please suggest a cycle for daily commuting 6-7 Km in Pune with my laptop bag. Roads condition are good.

    Budget under 8k.

    Currently I am confuse between MachCity iBike hardtail or CITY CYCLING CYCLE – MY BIKE – BTWIn.

    Any more suggestiion are most welcome.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Ashish,

      MachCity is a good choice, However, I would personally avoid the HT (I don’t like budget bikes with suspensions). Opt for the regular geared MachCity of MachCity Munich (Links above).

      Have fun riding.

    • Saravana Kumar

      Hi sir,
      My height is 5 feet 7 inches and weight 105 kgs. I would like to buy a cycle for daily regular use of 5 to 10 kms for fitness purpose.
      My budget is under 15k.
      Kindly suggest me.
      Thanks in Advance.

  • karthikeyan

    I’m 35+ Male weighing 82kg, looking for a new cycle to roam around about 2 kms in a day..
    After googling for sometime now, I’m most attracted to 1. Hercules MTB Assassin (the yellow one 🙂 which has a carrier as well, looks good for a family man) 2. Mach City iBike single speed or iBike Hard Tail.

    Could you please give me a comparison between them and which one would best suits me..
    If Mach City, should I go with gears or single speed / no suspension is good to go ? and also will the quick release option in Mach cycles for seat and front tyre prone to theft ?


    • bicycleXP

      Hi Karthikeyan,

      Mach city and Hercules are two different types of bikes. Mach city is a hybrid and is suited best to commute daily on paved roads. While Hercules MTB is more of a fun ride.

      If you go for Mach city, go for the model with gears and no suspension (Link is provided in the article above)

      Since you need to ride only 2 kms a day, any of the two cycles you selected would work fine. Go with the one that you like the best.

      Yes, quick release tyres are easier to remove and more prone to theft compared to a regular option.

      Have a good day.

  • abhay

    i have ain confusion between machcity hard tail or munich please suggest me whicha is perfect forfor going to coaching on regular basis anda i was attractedfor by the HT which isfor best please suggest and also give reason also ?

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Abhay,

      I will personally not be keen on getting an HT bike in this budget. The suspension will not be great and also increases your maintenance cost. You will get a better quality bike in Munich.

  • Sandeep

    Your article is really exceptional. Thank you very much for a detailed and comprehensive guide.

    I’m 31 years and weigh 80 kg. I’m looking to buy a bicycle for my daily commute to the office (10 km one way) in Hyderabad. Roads are decent, and I carry a laptop bag with me. My budget is around Rs 10,000 – 12,000.

    I shortlisted Mach City Munich 21 gear from your article and Kross Bolt 21 gear with a front disc brake from my visit to a local bicycle store.

    Which of these do you suggest would be a better deal – in terms of value for money, riding comfort, and maintenance?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Rajesh Kuvera

    Hii im Rajesh 44 years old and weight 78 kgs ht. 5.9 feet .I want to purchase a bicycle in a budget of 10000 for a ride of around 15 kms daily the roads are with a lot of patches and also pot holes pls can you suggest me a good bicycle .it should have a mud guard .
    Hercules Roadeo A50
    Mach City iBike

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Rajesh,

      Roadeo will be a good bet since you said the roads are bad. If you want mudflaps, you can just order separately on Flipkart or Amazon along with your bike purchase. You now get good plastic ones that are not too expensive.

  • Pooja loona


    I want to buy a bicycle for my daily riding my height is 5.8 and my weight is approx 95 kg. I also want to reduce my weight so thts why i want to go on bicycle for my daily routine can you please suggest me the best option of bicycle which i have to buy n my budget is 10k to 12k

  • Pankaj bhatter

    Sir i want aa bicycle for racing and daily routine pls suggest me cycle under price 10000 pls i like match i bike ite looking good and pls suggest me

  • Mrinalini

    I am looking for a cycle under 15K. My height is 5’2 and 55kg weight. I want it for racing , brevets (100km and above) and daily rides.

  • Srinath

    I require a bicycle to ride 5 km per day within the City for a regular usage kindly suggest me a best bicycle to be used below 10000 ( between 4 to 8k max)

  • Ramachandran

    Why didn’t you mentioned about Btwin Riverside 100. I undergone ACL KNEE SURGERY planning to take on cycling to strengthen my leg as well as reduce my weight which cycle will be best under 10000

  • Vikas

    How are you?
    I have to commute around 12kms daily.
    Is Btwin Riverside 100 a good choice ?
    And Is geared cycles are long lasting ?
    Or can u suggest any other long lasting, good performance cycle below ₹10k ?

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Vikas,

      Good bikes are long-lasting. It does not matter if they are geared or not.

      Riverside 100 along with Machcity (Check the article above for links) are two good options in this price range.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Sri,

      Bike ARk, as I mentioned on the post, is a fixie bike. If you don’t have experience riding them, my strong recommendation would be to go for the Mach city mentioned above.


  • niladri

    hello, I am Niladri. I need a bike for daily commuting 20 km [10 km up and 10 km down]. I am 23 years old , 55-60 kg weight , height 5ft7inchs. My budget is around 10k. mainly looking for a THINNER TIRE bike for high speed cycling.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Niladri,

      Please do have a look at Mach City Munich. The link to the same should be available in the article above.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Prayag,

      You can consider the Roadeo A50 mentioned above (Any other bike that you like in the Roadeo series).

      Hope this helps.

  • Hemant Sharma

    This is really a great work by you! More power to you

    plz suggest me good ride. I need to ride 8 kms one side so 16 kms per day. I have slight problem in my left knee cap due to some injury but i wana ride again. Plz suggest a bike which could be slightly less stressful on my knee

    Bugdet range is both below 10K & Below 15K also.



    • bicycleXP

      Hi Hemant,

      Thank you for the compliments. Words like these help me keep going.

      Have a look at Mach City Munich. It should work well for your requirements.



    I am having 6ft hight and 105kg’s of weight, now I would like to buy a bicycle for fitness purpose. Every day one hour for cycling, please suggest the best model with updated features in Rs15000/-.

  • Ragu

    Hi , Can you compare between Munich 21s and Bike Ark Jazz 21s ?

    Looking for a hybrid with occasional weekend long rides. And something that looks clean like a expensive bike.

    Any suggestion between Munich / Ark Jazz / trans pro/ ?

    I have tried Munich and quit satisfied , any other suggestion that will be better than munich within 20 k( triban100 maybe ?? ). Thanks

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Ragu,

      Bike Ark Jazz is a comparatively new model and brand. I haven’t tried it yet. However, you can certainly consider buying Triban over these two. If you not yet comfortable riding road bike, you can go for this flat bar model of Triban.

      This model will give you the speed of road bikes along with the comfort of hybrids.

      Hope this helps.

  • Shashil

    Hi Gud Evening

    I am 55 year old and fond of cycling, will you kindly suggest me a good hybreed bicyle with gear and good suspension for commuting to work place and also for casual rides? My budget is under Rs.10000

  • satishvaliv

    Hi Sir,
    I am Satish Valiv, Navi Mumbai, age 52 yrs, height 5′ 7″ & weight 74 kg & I am half marathon runner from 8 years & can ride ordinary cycle. I want to purchase road bicycle for ride cycle on alternative days for fittness & once in a year goto 400 km to 500 km ride in 3 – 4 days. Please suggest me best fit for me. My budget is near by 10k.
    Thank you Sir.

  • Rigved


    I am looking for a casual bike, will ride mostly on weekends, around 5-10 kms. My height is 6ft 2 inches and weight is 107kgs. Can you suggest me a good bike, mu budget is under 15K.

  • Rigved


    I am 6ft 2inches and wiegh around 106 kgs, looking for a cycle upto 15k. Will ride mostly on weekends for 4-5 kms.
    Could you please suggest something good.

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