Best Bicycles in India Under 20000



It is often good to have a pre-decided budget in mind before going shopping. So today I have come up with the list of best bicycles in India under 20000 that you can buy online. This is a good enough budget if you looking for a quality entry level cycle in India.

I have looked at the following criteria’s while compiling the list:

  • The first criteria being very obvious that the cycles have to be priced below Rs. 20,000
  • Overall ride quality
  • Gears systems and their quality for ease of ride across terrain
  • Frame quality
  • Braking

If you are not looking at spending time reading the entire list, you can simply go for Montra Trance Pro. You get a really good deal with this bicycle. The ride and build quality of the cycle is amazing when you look at the price that you paying for it (Sub 20,000 INR)


Best Cycles Under 20000


1. Montra Trance

As disclosed at the beginning of the article, I feel this is the best bicycle in India under 20000 currently. It is a hybrid bicycle.  Hence, It is very versatile and can be used on almost any terrain. You can ride your way to office over paved roads over the weekday and then take it on an off-road trail over the weekend.

The bicycle is built really well and robust. The ride quality is really good. You can use it for recreational rides in the park or for your daily commute to work/college.


Montra Trance - Best Bicycles in India Under 20000Montra Trance Blue

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Key Features:

  • The frame is nicely designed and built using mild steel.
  • The bicycle comes with 21 gears (Shimano). The shifting mechanism used is thumb/fire shifters
  • Tyre size is 26 inches. The wheel frame is built using double reinforced alloy.
  • Uses normal wire brakes on both front and rear tyres.
  • It has a front suspension, so you can ride this bicycle without much issues on slightly bad roads too.
  • The handlebar used is BMX style.


Do Read – Best Montra Cycles in India


2. Hercules NFS Roadeo

This bicycle is ideal for teenagers or people who are young at heart :). The decals used are really bright and colourful. You are sure to be instantly noticed on the road.

The bicycle, however, is built really well. It feels very durable and robust while riding. The best part about buying Hercules cycles is that you can find shops that can service this brand easily. The service and parts are also cheaper compared to some of the not so popular or foreign brands.

HERCULES NFS Roadeo - price below 20000

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Key Features:

  • The frame used in this bicycle is made using mild steel.
  • The rear wheel of the bicycle uses a disc brake. While the front uses a regular wire brake.
  • Comes with a decent front suspension. The handlebar used is BMX style.
  • The tyre size is 26 inches. The rim is made using double reinforced alloy.
  • The cycle has a fewer gear compared to Montra Trance. This bicycle has 18 gears but uses the same thumb shifters. The front derailleur is made by Shimano, however, the rear derailleur is not.
  • This bicycle comes with mudguards.



3. Cosmic Trium 

A great bicycle from a not so known brand in India. Cosmic Trium is top selling bicycles in India. This is simply because you get so much value for the money you pay for this bicycle. One of the best gear cycles in India below 20000.

However, since most of the value is derived from the high-quality components used in the bike. Some of the accessories are not that high quality. I would say, they should simply stop shipping out accessories and just focus on the bicycles.

If you do get a broken water bottle, I don’t think that is a big issue. The main thing I look for when I buy a bicycle is the build quality. I should not be spending time repairing the bike. This product fulfils the same. I will say just ignore the accessories (You can buy better quality ones later and go for this bicycle if you liked it)

Cosmic Trium - Top cycles under Rs. 20000 IndiaCosmic Trium Special Edition

Check Live Price & Reviews – Flipkart | Amazon India

Key Features:

  • The frame is built using mild steel.
  • It has 21 gears with Shimano fire shifters. Both front and rear derailleur are from Shimano (Both Amazon and Flipkart are different variants. So check the product page for exact product code)
  • The bicycle has a front suspension
  • Tyre size is 28 inches
  • The rear wheel has a disc brake while the front uses a regular wire braking system.
  • The bicycle comes along with accessories like bottle holder, water bottle, lock, front and backlight for the bike,



4. Montra Helicon Disc – Hybrid City Bike

This bicycle also featured in our best bicycles in India post. As I have said earlier. This bicycle not only looks like a beast but performs like one too. I really liked the handling of the bicycle. It is very built and feels like a solid bicycle on bumpy roads.

The full black colour of the bicycle adds to its charm. The tyres are slick enough to make your ride zippy. They grip the road well too. It is one of the Best Hybrid Bicycles available in India currently.Montra Helicon Disc - Commuting cycle under 20000

Check Live Price & Reviews – Amazon

Key Features:

  • This is the only bicycle in the list which sports an alloy frame(6061 aluminium). These frames are easier to maintain and generally lighter compared to regular steel frames.
  • Both the front and back tyres come equipped with disc brakes.
  • It comes with 21 gears (Shimano)
  • The tyres used are Kenda 27.5 Inches
  • The bicycle has a rigid fork (No suspensions)



5. Cosmic Voyager – Comfort Bicycle

This is the only comfort bicycle on my list. Comfort bicycles are generally meant for leisure riding. They are not built for riding long distances. The high handlebars help you keep an upright posture while riding. These are good bicycles for casual rides or exercising.

The design of these bicycles is quite fluid and modern. The mudflaps used on the bicycle has their pros and cons. They are made out of plastic and hence are cheaper and lighter. However, they can easily break during a mishap.

Cosmic VoyagerCosmic Voyager limited edition

Check Live Price & Reviews – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • The frame is made out of steel. It is slightly heavier compared to other bicycles on the list. In a way, this makes it good for exercising as you need to put in extra effort to get it going.
  • It has 21 gears with Shimano shifters.
  • Both the front and back tyres are equipped with disk brakes.
  • Both the seat as well as handlebars can be adjusted for height.
  • This bicycle has zoom suspension on the front. It also has a steel suspension for the rear. This makes your ride comfortable on most terrains.



The bicycles you buy online come only 80 to 90% assembled. You will have to assemble them on your own (Or use a bicycle store) – But I will say this is the most fun part about buying a bicycle online.


What are the factors to consider while buying a Bicycle in India?

  • Always check the bicycle frame size on the product page before you place an order. Use a frame size according to your height. If you are unsure of the frame size you should buy, visit a cycle shop nearby and try a few different sizes.
  • Check the wheel size. 26 Inch tyres are one of the most common sizes of tyres in India. You will be able easily to buy replacement tyres or tubes in almost any bicycle shop in India.
  • Number of Gears – I will suggest buy a gearless cycle or a cycle with a minimum number of gears. This not only makes your cycles lighter but also cheaper. You will need gears basis the terrain you plan on riding your cycle on. If there are multiple uphill/bridges etc, go for a geared cycle.
  • Brakes are the most underrated feature on any bicycle. Considering the India traffic conditions and rains, It will be good if you bicycle has basic mechanical disc brakes. They perform well even during rains and will keep you safer.


I hope this review on the best bicycles in India under 20000 helped you select the right bicycle for your budget. If you would like to share your purchase experience or pictures of your bicycle etc with me and readers of BicycleXP, do leave a comment below and I will surely get in touch with you.


  • jayesh l welkar

    hi dear i want purchase bicycle for me. my hight is 5.8 inch and i have purchase first time bicycle my budget is under 15000 k and i want hybrid cycle , and i am not going to gym and no doing any activity for fitness, my moto is fitness and delay ruing 5 kilometre so please suggest me with bicycle for me please give me reply.

    • bicycleXP

      Go for any of the Montra Trance variations. I like them a lot. Have fun riding.

      p.s. – You will find a link to my article on top Montra models in the comment below. It will surely help.

  • Ramakrishnan

    Am 6 feet height, 110kg weight and like to commute 10 kms per day. Which bicycle suits for me? Thinking about montra backbeat 27.5 Large. Please suggest me the suitable one.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Ramakrishnan,

      Yes, a large frame would be suitable for you.

      Regarding the bicycle, I would personally suggest a hybrid bicycle for you (Backbeat is an MTB). Hybrids roll an easier compared to MTBs and are more comfortable to ride. You can check out the Montra Trance (Check my article on Montra bicycles to check out all their top models in India)

      However, if you are confident or if you already ride a bicycle, there is no harm in going for an MTB. MTBs are more fun to ride.

      Summary – Don’t over analyze and go for the bicycle that you like the most. Cause if you don’t like and enjoy your bike, you will eventually stop riding 🙂

  • Ankit Bhardwaj

    Montra Helicon or Firefox cyclone DD 26.
    There’s an ongoing offer on Firefox cycles that we can get accessories worth RS 1000 free.. And the price of these bicycles is maximum I would like to spend. But stil, kindly suggest in terms of quality which would be better?

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Ankit,

      The cyclone is an MTB and Helicon is a hybrid city bike. So these are two completely different types of bicycles. Also, don’t think of the freebies. Opt for a good bike that you will enjoy riding.

      If I was to choose between the two, I will surely opt for the Helicon. If you wish to buy MTB then you can also consider the Madrock (Check my article on Montra Bikes for more details)


  • ramakrishnan

    Am concerned about my weight to go for Hybrid cycle. So, i asked. Thanks a TON for your prompt reply. As you suggested I shall go for Montra Trance.

  • Abhi

    What are your views on Infinite Mixway Disc??
    Which other hybrid bicycle (national/international brand) would you suggest in the range of 30-40k?

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Sachin,

      Buying Fat cycle is a matter of choice. Fat cycle in India can be used to have fun and also exercise. These bikes are not meant for commuting.

      If you plan on riding long distances, go for a good hybrid bicycle. While if you wish to ride for leisure, you can opt for the fat bike.



    What is your viewpoint about BTWIN Triban 100 Flat Bar?

    My only requirement is to travel from home to office and back daily, that roughly estimates to around 20kms full trip.

    Thanks !

  • Feby James

    How about maintenance of these cycles like puncture fixing ?
    Which is the best brand which offers good after sales service.
    I am looking for good hybrid cycle with excellent after sales support near to Hennur, Bangalore.

    Feby James

  • KV Srinivas

    I am planning to buy a Hybrid Bike and based on your article almost zeroed on Montra Trance Pro or BTwin Riverside 500. Please suggest which one is better. While Montra comes with 21 gears, BTwin comes with only 7. Not sure how they can be compared.

  • ambarish burman

    I just want a cycle which is really cool looking and also a accessories. And my budget is 25000,can you pls tell me which cycle will be the best.

    Is Atlas peak p400 a good bicycle? Or can you help me pick one but remember my cycle should have atleast more than 21 speed and not lower then that

    Thank you.

  • kiran surya


    I would like to buy hybrid cycle(first time buying hybrid cycle) , my daily commute approximate 15-20 KM in the city (jampacked traffic) and rarely weekend trips… In your technical point of you view could you suggest me which one is good for me… and my height is 5′ 9″ weight 95kg. cycle should help for daily commuting basis and fitness too… kindly throw some light regarding. my budget around 15k( strechable upto 20k)…. so much of suggestions coming my way by this that etc.. confused so kindly clear this confusion cloud…. thanks in advance

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Kiran,

      Suggest you go through my article on Hybrid Bicycles. I would recommend you to opt for either Montra Helicon Disc or Trance Pro. You will find links to find more details about the models in the article I suggested above in this comment. I have also recommended a few other models in different price ranges in the same.

      Do have a look. Hopefully, it should help you make up your mind.

  • Pranjal


    I am planning to buy a cycle for daily commute of 5-10 KM for fitness purpose(Weight loss).
    Please suggest the best suitable options in MTB and Hybrid.
    Price range: 10-15 K
    Hieght : 5.7 inch
    Wieght: 90 kg

    Also, can you share your views on Huffy Granite 26 26216 Mountain Cycle ( ForWomen)

    Thank you!!!

  • Mahesh

    Hi Bicyclexp!

    I Weigh 97 kg & my height is 5.11′

    I am looking for a decent bicycle for daily routine around 30kms* and planning to do long distance weekend trips around 100kms*. And i am on a tight budget Rs.6000/- Kindly advice. I am very eager to join in the cycling community.

    Thanks’N Advance


  • Soma


    Thank you so much for the excellent website. This is very helpful.

    I was in UK on a 6 month research work and bought a used 15″ Raleigh mountain bike. I should also tell you that I learned how to ride a bicycle just a couple of months ago at the age of 33. The bicycle is in excellent condition and I absolutely love it.

    I can ship this to India or sell it here and buy a new bicycle in India. But, it’s Raleigh and I am wondering should I take the pain of shipping it to India or will I get good cycles under 10K once I return?

    Thanks and regards,

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Soma,

      I am not very well versed in international shipping charges. But I assume you will have to pay a lot. I think it will a good option for you to buy a new bike here in India (PYour budget + Shipping Charges will give you decent money). Plus if you manage to sell your Raleigh in the UK before coming down, you can extend your budget further.

      Having said this, please do enquire about the shipping charges before you take any decision.

  • Adityansh


    • bicycleXP

      Hi Adityansh,

      Backbeat is an MTB while Avalanche 38 is a Fat Bike. Amongst the two Backbeat will provide more utility and can be used for daily commute over short distances as well. I suggest you opt for the Backbeat.


    • bicycleXP

      Hi Ansh,

      If you will be riding around where you stay and don’t plan to use the bike for commute, then you can opt for a Fat Bike (Click for recommendations). They are fun to ride and good for exercise.

  • ranjit

    please guide me i am 6 ft 90 kg 30 years of age from chandigarh. i just needed a cycle to commute to office daily updown total 12 km and occasional long ride on weekends with my friends who r routine riders. i had driven there bikes and found montra blues 1.2d and schwinn sercher4 very comfortable. can i find same control and riding comfort in little low budget i tried montra trance v brakes find it comfortable but bit jerky with front brakes. can i get comfort of blues and schwinn like comfort at bit low price or i have to extend my budget.i likes looks and comfort so i could take it to office daily with full confidence. please guide me

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Ranjit,

      Unfortunately no. I would suggest, wait for a few months, increase your savings and go for the bike you love.

      Optionally, keep a look out on marketplaces for a good deal. You might be able to purchase an even better 2nd hand bike in your budget if you get lucky. I know a lot of people who buy expensive bikes but don’t ride after a few months and then sell it off cheap.

      • ranjit

        Thanks Sir fir your advice. please help me more as i dont want to buy online and schwinn is not available offline in my city so i left with only montra blues 1.2d . can u advice me any more bike of same comfort and looks so that i may have an option to choose from. There is only track & trail, firefox, kona, Raleigh bike showrooms here in my city.

  • Zameer Sheikh

    Respected sir
    You give awesome and valuable info really no words to express thanks to you…
    Respected sir I wanted to know about promount cycles are these cycles good???
    Is it a good brand???
    The cycle store I visited said that it is a German brand and it is second number in India…
    The model I liked had 29″ tyres with hydraulic brakes and Shimano altus gears…
    I am very new to nowdays modern cycling and wanna purchase cycle for weight loss…
    Respected sir please give your expert comments… I’ll be highly obliged…

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Zameer,

      Thank you for the kind words. It keeps me motivated to write more 🙂

      I have not heard about this brand. Their website states that the bikes are “designed” in Germany and necessarily made in that country. I have a strong feeling that this is an Indian brand.

      Since I have not seen the bike in person, I cannot really comment on its build quality. You may opt for the known brand like Montra & Firefox instead.

      I hope this helps.

  • arun

    Hi!, Am planning to buy an bicycle for daily usage(3-5 KM), Near my home there are lots of pothole/bad roads. So can you please suggest whether I should go for HYBRID or MTB cycles. My weight is 84 KG and am 5.10.

    I have filtered Montra Downtown & Madrock. Please suggest if you prefer/suggest an different model or brand.

    My budget would be 15K and max I can go with 18K.

    Thanks for taking your time to respond my query 🙂

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Arun,

      Since your daily usage is on the lower end, you can very well opt for MTBs.

      They will be more comfortable and fun to ride compared to Hybrids. Use the link above to check out a few I suggested above.


  • jaiveer

    hi sir pls help me i want a bike for daily commute to office one way distance 5 km. please suggest me any bike for around 25k . my hight is 6 feet weight 90 kg.thanks

  • Sathish


    I’m planning to purchase a MTB bike. Budget is between 10 – 15 K and i have made my choices to go for Cosmic Eldorado or flamingo. Kindly provide your suggestions one my choices or please suggest any other better bike that is good for our road conditions. I’m 5’11 inches height.

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