Best Cycles in India under 30000

Rs. 30,000 is a really good budget to have to buy your first bicycle. You can buy well made and a balanced bicycle with a good alloy frame. The bicycles can have a variety of good components like disc brakes and gears to make your ride quality even better. Hence, I have compiled a list of Best cycles in India under 30000.

This budget also provides the flexibility to either buy an MTB (Mountain Bicycles), Hybrid or a Road bicycle to commute over a long or medium range distance. Buy a good bicycle also ensures reliability and you need to spend less later on maintenance.

If you looking just for a single recommendation, I suggest you for Montra Blues. At the time of writing this review, the bicycle was available on Amazon for a price well below Rs. 30,000. It is a hybrid bicycle, which gives you the benefit of both, Mountain as well as Road Bicycles.


Best Bicycles Under 30000 in India


1. Montra Blues 1.2 – City Bicycle

Montra as a brand has consistently featured on our best bicycles list. It is an Indian brand owned by TI Cycles (Owner of Hercules & BSA Cycles in India). This particular model, Blues 1.2 looks really nice and modern. The looks are enhanced by the Black and Blue colour combination used on the frame and other components.

This is a hardtail bicycle. The frame is lightweight and combined with a flat handlebar is easy to ride. You can use it on road for daily commutes or for a recreational ride in the evenings.

Montra Blues 1.2 - Best Cycles in India under 30000

Check Latest Price in India – Amazon

Key Features:

  • The bicycle frame uses a lightweight 6061 Aluminium alloy.
  • The cycle has an 8×3 (24) gear combination. The product is equipped with Shimano Altius as the front derailleur and Shimano Acera as the rear derailleur.
  • The shifting of the gear is quite smooth. It uses Shimano Altius SL-M310 thumb shifters.
  • The bicycle frame has a slant on the top. This makes it easy for women cyclists to use this bicycle with ease too.
  • The cycles come with dual mechanical disc brakes. Even the brake levers are made out of metal alloy (Promax XL-90) to give you better performance and reliability.
  • The cycle uses XMR 700C, double walled alloy rims and Wanda BMX style tyres.



2. Ghost SE1200

Ghost bicycles is a relatively young brand. This was formed in North Bavaria in the year 1993 by two bike enthusiasts. They are known for producing high-quality professional bicycles.

The SE1200, on similar lines, is a quality MTB from this brand. It has a minimalistic black and green coloured frame and looks quite elegant.


Check Ghost SE1200 Price online – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • The bicycle frame is made using Aluminium alloy
  • The cycle has Shimano Altus as the rear derailleur and Shimano Tourney on the front – A total of 24 gears
  • Tire Size: 26 inches, uses Impac Ridgepac 2.1 tyres
  • The bicycle is equipped with Tektro V-Brakes.
  • Handlebars: GHOST Low Rizer light 640 mm 31.8 mm
  • Seatpost: GHOST light SP DC 1 31.6 mm. Saddle used is GHOST VL 1535



3. Schwinn Super Sport 2

If you can stretch your budget slightly higher above 30,000 INR, you can go for the Schwinn Super Sport 2. This is an ideal bicycle for someone looking to commute daily at a distance of 10+ Kms. This product is a perfect example of mountain bike being made hybrid to suit the roads.Schwinn Super Sport 2 - Bicycle below Rs. 30000

Check Latest Price Online – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • The cycle is equipped with a light-weight triple-butted aluminium frame. It has a Cromoly fork design for a smooth and comfortable ride over longer distances.
  • The bicycle uses Shimano gear components for trouble free and easy shifting of gears. The front derailleur uses Shimano Altus, FD-M191, 3-Speed. While the rear derailleur uses Shimano Acera, RD-M360, 8-Speed. Thus giving you a total of 24 gear combinations
  • Comes with dual Ektro Aires disc brakes for enhanced braking performance.
  •  The bicycle wheels are equipped with double-walled alloy rims with Kenda K-193 700x32c tyres.



4.  Lapierre Shaper 100

Lapierre is a French brand founded in the year 1946. The brand is known the world over for its endurance bikes and MTBs. The shaper is a really good bicycle for someone who is just starting out but has ambitions to take part in bicycle races that happen in India.

This bicycle is a perfect combination of stability, speed and comfort. There are hardly a few bicycles available in India that can match this feat.Lapierre Shaper 100 - Best Bicycle under 30000

Check Latest Price of Shaper 100 in India – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • The cycle uses a special Shaper Aluminium Alloy 6061 frame
  • The bicycle has 24 gear combinations. Gears used on the bicycle are – Front derailleur: Shimano Claris FD-2403. Rear derailleur: Shimano Claris RD-2400. The bicycle uses Shimano Claris STR243 thumb shifters
  • The tyres used on the bicycle are Michelin Dynamic Sports 700X28 mounted on Alex Rims 700C 32H rims.
  • The Shaper 100 sports a comfortable gel-filled saddle.
  • The bicycle does not have disc brakes. It uses wire brakes on both front and rear tyres.



5. Btwin RockRider 520 MTB

Btwin is a brand of bicycle owned by the sports store chain Decathlon. The brand is known for selling high-quality sports equipment at a very reasonable price. The same can be said about its bicycles as well. Btwin Rockrider 520 - Bicycles in India below Rs. 30000

Check Latest Price of RockRider 520 – Decathlon

Key Features:

  • This MTB uses a specially designed Btwin Evo alloy frame.
  • The bicycle comes equipped with a dual Hayes MX5 disk brakes for efficient braking.
  • The cycle uses an adjustable Suntour XCT fork. This helps you ride easily over minor potholes or an off-road trail.
  • Gears: The cycle comes with SRAM X3 8-speed rear derailleur. Microshift MS22 front derailleur. SRAM X4 shifters with speed indicators.
  • The MTB uses a doubled walled rims with Aero Trail Evo wheels mounted with all-terrain tyres by Btwin (27.5′ x 2′)



6. Montra Unplugged – Road Bike

This is the first and only road bicycle featured on this list. This is a good bicycle for someone who has experience riding and now wants to clock some additional distance at higher speeds. These bicycles are not built for comfort, instead assists the rider to assume a posture to help him/her rider faster.

Montra Unplugged Road Bike

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Key Features:

  • The cycle uses a lightweight aluminium alloy frame.
  • 14 gears to help you tame a variety of terrains.
  • There are no disc brakes. The bicycle uses a standard V-brake system – Promax RC-452. Lack of disk brakes and low gears also further helps the bicycle to keep its weight down.
  • Montra Unplugged is fitted with Kenda K191, 700 x 23C tires mounted on XMR 700C, Alloy Double Wall 32H rims.


7. Phoenix Hydra 9 

This particular bicycle has all the features to top this list of best cycles in India under 30000. However, there is a small drawback holding down to usage for a lot of people. This bicycle has a large tyre (29 Inches), this makes it slightly difficult cycle to ride for short people (Someone with height below 5’8″)

However, for those who are gifted with height, should definitely go for this bicycle. The ride quality & looks both are superior even compared to Montra Blues I reviewed earlier.Phoenix Hydra 9

Check Phoenix Hydra 9 Price online – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • The bicycle frame is made using 6061 Aluminium alloy with a carbon finish.
  • The cycle has Shimano Acera Altus 27 Speed Gears with easy fire shifters.
  • Your daily commute is made easy with front SR Suntour Lockout Suspension.
  • The bicycle uses double-walled alloy wheels with Kenda 29 Inch Tires.
  • The bicycle also has a double hydraulic disc brake system for better braking.
  • The bike uses Quando Alloy Quick Release system for ease of maintenance.



8. Ridley TrailFire 27.5 T

Ridley bikes is a Belgium based brand which was established in the year 1997. They are known for their well researched and efficient racing cycles.

TrailFire is one of their most basic designs made for the masses. This particular model is available in both 27.5 and 29 Inch tyre size. The latter being more expensive (Priced above Rs. 50,000 in India)

Ridley TrailFire Hardtail Cycle

View various models and colours available – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • The frame is made using lightweight 6061 Aluminium alloy.
  • This MTB uses high-performance Shimano BR-TX805 Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
  • The bicycle uses Kenda Fifty-50-K1104, 27.5 x 2.1-inch tires. It uses the Alex MD19-Alloy Double Wall 32H Disc Rims.
  • The TrailFire 1  comes with a Shimano Altus FD-M313 as the front derailleur. It uses Shimano Acera RDM360 as rear derailleur – a total of 24 gears. This shifters used on the bicycle are Shimano Altus SL-M310


9. Schwinn Searcher 4 

This is a really good option for some looking for a bicycle to commute in the city. You can use it for daily commutes to office, school or college. The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty for the fork and 1 Year warranty for Tyres, Wheelset and Drivetrain.

Schwinn Searcher 4 - Best Hybrid Commuter cycle below 30000

Check availability in your area and latest price in India – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • Hardtail model (Comes with only front suspension)
  • Aluminium alloy frame
  • 29 Inch tyre used, giving you extra speed and comfort
  • 21 Gears with easy fire shifters
  • Tyre used Schwinn Sport, 700×35c – Rim used is made up of a double-walled alloy.


Note: Most bicycles bought online will come partially assembled (Around 85% assembled on an average). You can use this to know more about your cycle while assembling it. Else, if you find it too difficult to assemble, you can take help of your local bike shop.


I hope this list of the best cycles in India under 30000 helped you select the right bike for your usage. Which cycle brand did you select? How was your shopping experience online? Did you assemble the bicycle yourself? Leave details of the same in the comments section below.



  • Lovelesh Joshi


    Thank you for this article 🙂

    Can you recommend dual suspension/shock absorber bikes under 20 25K? Is suspension/shock absorber a vital feature? Is it advisable to buy dual suspension/shock absorber bike for this price range?

    Considering the price revision and discounts offered on the models suggested by you, Can you please also include cycles which will now fall under the price category of under 20k – 25k?

    Please recommend me a bike under 20-25k. I am 5ft 8 inch. I live in City which cursed with traffic, potholes and illegal speed breakers. I will be riding the bike 2-3 times a week covering a distance of 20-40 km max on a single trip with occasional long rides. I want a bike which is maintenance friendly, rust free and offers great riding experience. I am looking for a bike which has dual suspension, dual disc, large frame >18″, large wheels >26″ and rust free body. Please advise if I need to reconsider anything.

    I can stretch my budget till 30k if the cycle offers more value for the money spent.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Lovelesh,

      I will not recommend buying a dual suspension bicycle for two main reasons:
      a. The maintenance cost will be higher
      b. Two suspensions cause greater drag and hence you require more energy to ride the bicycle.

      Since you plan to ride up to 40 km in a single ride, dual suspensions are not recommended.

      If you the roads you plan to use have a lot of potholes (that you cannot avoid) for the single suspension bike.

      I think for your height and requirements the Ridley Trailfire or the Schwinn Searcher 4 would do well. Ridley is an MTB and Schwinn is Hybrid (My recommendation would be to go for the Hybrid)

      If you can do without suspensions the best bet amongst all bicycle would be the Lapierre Shaper 100. You can find links to the all the models I discussed in the article above.

      Have fun riding. Cheers!

      • Lovelesh Joshi

        Thank you for your advice.

        Schwinn Searcher 4 looks like a sweet deal but I am also considering Btwin Rockrider 520, Raleigh Conan and Rockrider 540 as my options. Can you help me choose between Schwinn Searcher 4, BTWIN ROCKRIDER 520 and Raleigh Conan?

        • bicycleXP

          Hi Lovelesh,

          I am glad you are considering the bike I suggested.

          I will not recommend either the Rockrider or Conan for your needs as both of them are MTBs. I am not sure about your fitness levels but most people would find it difficult to do a 40 km run on MTBs. Hybrids make a better sense when you wish to travel such long routes.

          I hope this clarifies.


  • Kupar

    I would like to seek your advice for a bike within 30K, I would love to keep one for fitness and weight loss. I will be using about 10 – 15Km everyday and maybe long ride one or twice a month.
    Please suggest me what kind of bike will suit me and my height is 5.7″.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Kupar,

      You can opt for the Montra Blues 1.2. You will find a link to view and buy the product in the article above.

      Hope this helps.

  • SM

    I selected a Frog Plasma 700, 21 speed bike. Although I am bit late for any suggestions. I could not find any decent reviews in India so can you provide some insights? Also I was a bit curious to why it is not included in your reviews. It has some really good features and could be upgraded and also could be used as MTB by changing tires.

  • Manash Nath

    Please be careful when you buy a cycle from Track & Trail, recently I bought a cycle (Montra blues 1.2)from Track & Trail, Kukkatpali, Hyderabad. I felt like I was cheated with one old stock or used cycle, while I paid for new one. Also riding is not that much comfortable and wheels are creating noise continuously.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Manash,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with the community. Did you try going back to the store to discuss your issues? I am sure they will help you with them. I have heard good things about stores in Bangalore at least.

  • Umesh Sharma

    Happy New Year.
    Can you please guide which bicycle has the best front suspension around 20k rupees. The gear sets on most bikes are kinda similar, but very less data is available about the front forks. Which front forks are the most reliable around 20k. I am getting a 10 m old used cannondale catalyst 3 in 23k. I heard some negative points about its suspension. Is it a worthwile purchase. Can you please guide.

  • Arun kr singh

    Hi, I am a 5’5″ feet man I like to choose a bike under 30k . I am confused in schwinn sercher4 and ridley trailfire 2 . I like to use for city ride and weekly off-roading . Which will be good..

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Arun,

      Depends on your usage. If you think you will be commuting more often and at a longer distance, hybrid cycle makes sense (Schwinn Searcher). While if you are commuting only a few kilometers and will be off-roading more often go for the MTB (Ridley)

      I hope this helps.

  • Ashok

    Thanks for the article. My height is 5’11″and weight is 93 kg. Can you recommend me a bicycle. I am a sports person of 48 yrs old. I play badminton and wants to go 25 to 30 kms in a stretch. Budget can be stretched to 30k. Pls advice. Thanks and regards

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Ashok,

      You can opt for a hybrid cycle. The Montra Blues (Link to buy it is provided in the article) is a really good option. Do have a look at the bike. Hope this helps.

  • Parth

    I’ve been looking at the Ridley Trailfire 2 for quite some time, it seems like a solid choice given the recent discounts , just wanted to know what was the approximate weight of the bicycle, and if there were any other similarly specc’d bicycle worth looking at?

  • Vishisht Garg

    I need your suggestion for which bike to buy.
    I would be riding around 20kms in a day. I’m 5’11, 85kgs. I read your article and I’m confused between Ridley Trailfire 2, Montra blues 1.2 and Schwinn Super Sport 2. Please help me choose the best bike for me

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Vishisht,

      Trailfire is an MTB, so I would remove the same from the list of options. Amongst the remaining two SuperSport 2 is surely a better choice but it is expensive. For your need, I guess this bike would surely do the job. I suggest you opt for the same.


  • Tanmay

    I am in two minds whether to go for Firefox Maximus 29er or Montra blues 1.2D. Having doubts if road conditions of bangalore need a mountain bike or a hybrid will be fine. I intend to do longer rides (beyond 50km) in near future. Both are currently below 30k. Also is there any other brand you can suggest near this price point for such usage?
    Thanks in advance for the reply

  • Aekeshwar

    Hello dear,
    My weight is 107 Kgs and aged 42 years. After 20 years I wants to start cycling for my health. wants to ride it at least for 1 hr daily.
    Which cycle you consider best for my situation. Budget No Problem.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Aekeshwar,

      Sorry for the delayed response. If you plan to ride in surrounding areas and have some fun riding, opt for this MTB by Btwin.

      However, if you plan on commuting longer distances over the period of time or cycle in a group, I suggest, you go for this hybrid bike by the same company.

  • Althaf Ahamed

    I am 36 years old. I weigh 108 kg. My height is 170 CMS. I am looking for a bicycle for exercise. My budget is around 16000. I will be mostly riding on the road. My usage will be 10- 15 Kms daily. Can you suggest to me some bicycles in my price range and suitable for my weight?

    I like the Ridley Trail fire 1 bicycle with 27.5 inch tyres. It’s available for around Rs. 18, 500 in Flipkart. Will it be very difficult to ride it on the road? Also I Montra Helicon disc is in my budget. Kindly advise which will be a better option.

      • Ashu Sharma

        Dear Sir,

        Currently my weight is 103kg, height-172cm, age-27 years and i live in himachal pradesh. In here roads are not in “ok” condition. So i need a cycle with good frame and durability o handle my weight and bad road and good gear for long durability. My daily usage(commute) will be 20+km and on weekends 40+km.

        I will ride the cycle approximately 500-600km per month(until i reach my goal).

        There are too many options in the market and i am confused which one is right for me.

        My budget is under rs.20,000.

        Please suggest me good cycle for daily usage and good braking because usually roads are not good here.

        • bicycleXP

          Hi Ashu,

          If the roads are bad, you can opt for an MTB with a front suspension. However, this will increase the effort required to cycle. So do keep that in mind. I would recommend this model by Montra in your budget range.

          Hope this helps.

  • Kishan Jinde

    i want to buy a cycle for use in the city mainly, and my budget is 20k. I’m 5’11”, 90 kg. i plan to do around 5-7 kilometres everyday. i have shortlisted a few bikes, please help me in choosing.

    1) Polygon Cascade 4 (2019)
    2) Montra Downtown (2018)
    3) Raleigh Cadent 700C
    4) Montra Trance D (2018)

    Also, I have found that very few stores store Raeigh cycles. is there any reason behind this?

    Another question that i have is if i should buy it online or directly from a store.

    please help.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Kishan,

      Since you don’t plan to ride really long distances, you can go for an MTB. Out of the bikes you choose, I really like this one.

      You can buy online if you get a good deal. The only drawback is that you might need to assemble a few part yourself (Which can be fun too)


  • mandar

    Hi ,

    Thanks for informative post . Could you please help me to decide between Montra Blues 1.2 vs Schwinn Super Sport 2 disc based on pricing to performance aspect ? some promotional offer ongoing with Schwinn ( online ) which makes it cheaper by 4k than Montra 1.2 blues( with same add on accessories ) …so wanted to check if Montra should still be preferred over Schwinn for beginner ?

  • Jogi

    Hi Sir,

    Can you suggest on “Triban 100 flat-bar ”
    I am planning to buy this cycle for office commute 10km up and 10Km down daily. Please suggest if its good for my requirement, also suggest if you find any better choice under 30k INR.


  • Niraj Singhvi

    Hey, can you suggest a nice sturdy cycle for ~ Rs. 25k, primarily to be utilised for inter-city (80-120 km) riding. I’m looking for something lightweight, value for money that is low maintenance, and if need be, can be fixed easily on the run. Lastly, what are your thoughts whether to go for foldable bikes, hybrid/city bikes, and of what frame size.

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Niraj,

      I would not recommend a folding bike for you. It is more apt for some who travels using metros/trains and needs some help covering the last few kms. You for the distance you need to travel, go for Montra Blues.

      If you need some help selecting the size and make of the bike, I suggest reading my buyer guide (Click Here)

      I hope this helps.

  • Vilas Ail

    My height is 5.7 feet. I want a bike to daily commute to office (12 KM’s both ways) and occasional weekend long ride
    I am confused between Montra blue 1.2D,btwin triban 100 flat bar and btwin rockrider 520.
    Could you please suggest which one should I opt for.

  • Ashish

    Hello sir,
    Am looking for road bike for fitness and casual riding, although am not averse to MTB’s it’s just I can’t compel myself to push for on longer rides and consider them more as a joyful and enjoyment driven. Am living in Gurgaon (pollution is of course a consideration to stay away from messy traffic) and might go for rides in early morning for an exercise driven motive with the incentive of sightseeing.
    Since most road bikes are far north the 35k mark, suggest me something “value driven” that won’t be too heavy on my pocket and physic. Am really concerned about the posture that these bikes force you onto so please keep that in mind (don’t want to compromise on that) a little expansion on budget won’t be an issue. Intending to keep it for long.
    Might consider buying MTB’s at later stage to take on nearby Aravali tracks. Or should I go for MTB’s first and maybe later jump to road bikes. Either way am open for both. Suggest me something suitable.
    Was looking at Montra helicon X.
    Age 27
    Weight 67-69kgs
    Budget 20-30k

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Ashish,

      Since you referred to Montra Helicon, I assume you are looking at hybrid bikes and not road bikes. Since you are looking mainly at fitness and casual riding, hybrid bike will fulfil your requirements well. I recommend looking at Montra Blues 1.2 (Click here for the price).

      Enjoy your ride.

  • anand

    hello i was looking for recommendation on bike, girl with mid height , terrain will be uphill and little plains , budget 15 to 25k , was thinking for mtb however not sure as ard 20 km ride will be plains then uphill . plz help

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Anand,

      If she is ok riding a regular bike (Not a ladies version), I suggest opting for a good hybrid. It will easier for her to rider compared to an MTB over a longer distance and hilly areas.

      I recommend you have a look at this model by Btwin. The small frame size will suit a rider with 4′ 11″ to 5′ 5″ height.

  • Vilas Ail

    Hello Sir,
    Thanks for answering my query. I had planned for Montra Blues 1.2D 2019 but then I tried Bergamont Helix 3.5i and I found it comparatively light and good feel but the only draw back was it didn’t had shock absorber lockout.Just wanted to check ,is it a drawback if you would mostly riding on Indian roads , to have a shock absorber as I was told that lots of energy gets wasted on flat roads if you have shock absorbers
    Also what are my options for best hybrid bikes if I increase by budget to say under 40000
    Again need it for office commute around 20k and occasional long rides
    Vilas Ail

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Vilas,

      Yes, you are right. Shockers add weight to bike as well as increases efforts required to ride on flat roads. If the bike you like has a lockout option, then you can lock the suspensions when riding on flat roads. This will make your ride a little better.

  • Arvind

    im arvind
    u have very good content
    im 17 yrs old 72.8 kg 175 cm
    i want to ride 6+6 12 km a day on week days to my school and next yr college
    so i want u to pls suggest me a cycle
    desc of my location
    has a few potholes
    has some minor uphills and downhills
    pls suggest a bicycle under 30k and 25k and 20k
    on weekends i may go long rides
    road bikes would be fast but more prone to punctures
    hybrid would contain a bit of mtb and road
    mtb would be sluggish but no punctures
    im reaallyyy confused
    this is my 2nd bike tho
    my 1st one was a fixie and was around 7 k
    i dont have any friends who would give me a proper advice
    pls suggest what type of bike and the bike
    thx and sorry for the long text

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Arvind,

      I recommend going to a hybrid. It will be faster and easier to ride compared to an MTB but will be more comfortable compared to a road bike.

      You can either opt for Riverside 500 (This one) or Firefox Volante (This one) based on your budget.

      Have fun riding your new bike.


    Hi arvind,

    I am looking for bike which on weekend I can go for 70 km whenever I feel like
    And can use for leh – Manali trip cycling trip
    One of my goals budget should not exceed including accessories , 30000( at Max)
    I have done 150 km from twice through my 8000 mtb cycle

  • S K Manjunath

    BYCYCLEXP I am S K Manjunath
    I am 64 and I ride a Hercules Rodeo MTB brought 10+ years back
    I ride about 18 to 25 kms a day a week 4 to 6 days for workout only. I have been doing it for maybe for 6to 7 years regularly
    Cycle shop friend recomended a hybrid
    What cycle would be your recomendation. A bit of easy on the back cycle ( May be Merida 20 D) would be prefered.
    Thanks in advance
    S K Manjunath

  • S K Manjunath

    S K Manjunath agagin here
    Sorry I forgot tomention I am 176 (5′ 9″) cms and weigh 76-79 kgs
    So would appriciate wheel and frame size also

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