Best Cycle under 5000 In India

In this review post, I will list down the best cycles under 5000 in India. I will be covering bicycle models for both Adults as well as Kids. The cycles in this list have been chosen basis their performance, features and price at which they are available online.

I will be breaking down this review into two parts. The first part will list down top bicycles below Rs. 5000 for adults. While the second part will cover the best cycles you can buy in this budget for kids.


Adult Bicycle:

If you are an adult looking for a bicycle in this price range. I suggest you buy a single gear bicycle. Rs. 5000 is a really tight budget for you to buy a good bicycle with all the features like gears and suspension.  If you buy a geared cycle in this price range, it is sure to break down in a few days as the components used will of really poor quality.

However, there are still some good single speed options that you can consider. Go through the list below for more details.

If I have to suggest just one bicycle at this price band. I will recommend you buy the Hero Urban – This bicycle available in Black and White colour variants.


Kids Bicycle:

However, if you are looking to buy kids bicycle in this budget, you will have a lot of good options to pick from. If you are confused about which size bike is right for you kid, refer to my guide on best bicycles of kids. If you are looking for a good bicycle for kids under 12 years of age, you can look at buying the BSA ChampBSA champ series has multiple products which would suit different age group children.

I will now proceed with the detailed list and review.


Best Bicycles Under 5000 for Adults:

1. Hero Urban 26T

This is one of the top-selling bicycles online in India. At the time of writing this review, this particular model by Hero was available exclusively on Flipkart. It is a single speed, non-geared bicycle.

This is a really good urban bicycle which will work well both for teens as well as adults. This bicycle has all the right components that are essential. The build quality of the bicycle is really good as compared to the cost of the bicycle (Below Rs. 5000)

Right now the bicycle has around 5000 rating and over 1300 user reviews on Flipkart.

Hero Urban 26T - Best Cycles under 5000 in India

Check out some actual user review – Flipkart

Key Features of Hero Urban 25T:

  • The cycle is made using a steel frame. This helps you get a really sturdy and strong bicycle at a low cost. However, the drawback is that these steel frame bicycles will be heavier compared to alloy frame ones.
  • The tyres used are standard 26 Inch tyres. You can easily get them replaced at most bicycle shops if need be. It uses tyres made by the Ralson company.
  • Uses standard V-Brakes. These brakes are enough for regular use and commute within the city.
  • The bicycle comes with accessories like reflectors, bicycle stand and mudguards.


2. Btwin MyBike

This is a really good budget bicycle by Decathlon. The build quality of this bicycle is slightly better compared to Hero Urban. However, I have still rated it at the second position due to the fact that Decathlon store is not available in every city across India.

While Hero has a really wide distributor network. In case of Btwin, if you face any issue or need specific parts, a few people might not have access to the store. Also, if you need to avail of their free service and lifetime warranty, you need to bring the bicycle to their workshop.

Btwin MyBike Gearless cycle India

Check the Latest price of Btwin MyBike in India – Decathlon

As of now, the bicycle is available in a single colour, white. It is a single speed bicycle made out of steel frame. This bicycle is a little more comfortable to ride compared to Hero Urban and you can easily use it to commute short distances every day.

You can read a detailed review of Btwin MyBike and comparison with MachCity in my earlier post – Click here to read the same.


3. Brooks Myth SS 26T

Brooks Myth SS 26T is so far the best looking bicycle in my list. Brooks is new bicycle brand in the India market. Their cycles are designed in the UK but are marketed by TI Cycles group. The same company that owns the BSA & Hercules brands.

The black colour is priced around Rs 5000 currently (Although the MRP is much higher – Around Rs. 8000). However, the blue colour variant is a little expensive.


Brooks Myth SS - Bicycle priced around 5000 INR Brooks Myth SS 26T Review

Check the latest price of both model – Flipkart


Key Features:

  • This is a single speed bicycle, however, an upgrade is available on Flipkart which comes with gears. That model is called as Brooks Myth 7S.
  • Made using a sturdy steel frame.
  • This bicycle also has a standard V-Brake system. The braking performance is satisfactory for a regular user.
  • The tyres used are 26×1.95 Inches.
  • The handlebars are slightly raised to give you an additional comfort while riding.
  • This model does not come with mudguards – You will have to purchase them separately if you need them.
  • The accessories that come along with the bicycle are the reflectors and a side stand.


4. Hero Octane Parkour 26T

Hero Octane Parkour is the fourth bicycle in my list of best cycles under 5000 in India. This bicycle has surprising good features for the price. This bicycle is suited both for men as well as women due to its nicely designed slanted frame. It is available in two colours on Flipkart, Orange as shown below and Silver.

The bicycle has a nice minimalistic design and a very sleek frame design. Only very essential components are provided by the manufacturer to keep the weight and the price of the bicycle down.

Hero Octane Parkour 26T - Bicycle priced below 5000

Check User Reviews & colour variations on – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • The frame is made using lightweight aluminium alloy frame. This is the best feature of this bicycle.
  • The tyres used are standard 26 Inch size. Although the manufacturer claims the bicycle can be ridden over rough terrains, I would suggest you avoid doing the same. This rim can easily get damaged on budget bicycles and can cost you a lot in repairs.
  • The V-brakes used on the bicycle work well for a regular user. Although don’t expect this bicycle to stop immediately at high speeds.
  • The handlebar stem is adjustable. This will help you modify the bicycle as per you height & comfort requirements.
  • The bicycle, however, does not come with essential accessories like mudguards and side stand. You will have to place a separate order for them while buying the bicycle online.


5. Hero Spunky 26T

Hero Spunky is a very sporty looking bicycle. This is a perfect cycle for teens looking for a sturdy ride or for someone who is still young at heart 🙂

This product is again exclusively available only with Flipkart.

This cycle is available in two colour variations. Matt black as shown in the picture below and matt green. I personally liked the black version much better.

Hero Spunky 26T - Best Sporty Bicycle under 5000

Check User Reviews & colour variations on – Flipkart

Key Features:

  • The bicycle frame is made using steel. Apart from this difference, all other features of this bicycle are same as Hero Octane Parkour above.
  • I will suggest you buy a side stand, mudguards and a nice lock for your bicycle along with your online purchase on Flipkart.

If you can extend your budget, I suggest you have a look at better bicycles which priced under Rs. 10000 and Rs. 20000 respectively (Use the links to view recommended product)

At this budget, I would seriously recommend you to not buy a bicycle with gears. However, if do want a gear bicycle under 5000, I would suggest you increase your budget slightly and buy the Mach City iBike (Read a detailed review)



Best Cycles Under 5000 for Kids:

If you are looking to buy bicycles for kids, I will suggest you read my buying guide which also lists down some good options for the different age groups. However, you can still refer to the review below for specific kids cycles under 5000.

1. Outdoor Bikes Jaunty BMX

This is one of the top-selling kid’s bicycles in India for the age group of 3 to 5 years. If you have a look at the picture below, you will immediately figure out why.

The bike looks really cute and is available in various attractive colour variations.

Ideal Age – 3 to 5 Years

Outdoor Bikes Jaunty BMX - best kids cycle under 5000 india

Check latest price & colour variations on – Amazon

The bicycle comes with a small carrier at the front. There is a water bottle attached to the cycle on the rear. The bicycle also has two trainer wheels to assist your kids to ride the same with ease.

The bicycle is available in two colour variations of blue and red each (4 models) and a yellow colour option. All of them look really good and the kids would surely love them.

Alternatively, you can buy a balance bicycle for your toddler. You can view find more details about the same on This Page.


2. Atlas Mettle Sports Bike

Atlas Mettle is a well-made bicycle that can take the abuse your child will be dishing out to it 🙂 – This is a perfect bicycle for kids around the age of 5 to 8 years of age. However, the height of your kid plays an important role in selecting the right bicycle for them.

The tyre size used on this bicycle is 16 inches. Kids with height in the range of 110 to 120 cms can ride it with ease.

Ideal Age – 5 to 8 Years, Height 3’6″ to 3’9″

Atlas Mettle Sports Bike - Cheap bicycle for kids

Check the latest price on Flipkart

The bicycle has a really nice matt finished paint with green designs on top. The same colour theme is flowing across the entire product.

It comes with regular accessories like mudguards, trainer wheels. The seat height is also adjustable.


3. Hero Disney 20T

Spiderman inspired bicycle by Hero. They have made this bicycle in partnership with Marvel, which owns characters like Spiderman that kids just love.

The bicycle is full of colours and graphics. The bike is available in two colours Blue & Black. The wheel size used is 20T. This ideal for kids with height ranging in the 4 feet mark.

Ideal Age – 5 to 9 Years, Height 4′ to 4’9″

p.s – The bicycle is a tab higher than Rs. 5000. However, I still included it in the list as it might be ok for most people to stretch their budget by a couple of hundred rupees for a good product.

Hero Disney Spiderman bicycle for kids India

Check the latest price on Flipkart


I hope this helps you select the right bicycle for your needs. Do let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

Which bicycle did you select? How was your shopping experience? Do share your review with others.


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