Best BSA Ladybird Cycle in India

BSA Ladybird – Latest Models, Colours & Price in India

It is unlikely for a girl in India to not think about BSA Ladybird while considering to buy a bicycle. This particular brand has been in the Indian market for around 25 years now. Ladybird cycles were launched in the year 1994. At that time, this was the only bicycle dedicated made for girls in India.

Ladybird now has multiple different models. Although all of them are still single-geared bicycles. I have listed down the latest and best selling models in the article below.

BSA Ladybird has come up with a new anti-slip chain. This will help you enjoy your bicycle without having to worry about the chain coming off. Have a look at the commercial for the same below:



Top BSA Ladybird Models & Prices:


1. Breeze

Breeze is one the most popular Ladybird model currently in India. This bicycle has slightly thicker tyres compared to regular BSA Ladybird. This helps give more stability to the bicycle. Thicker tyres also help you counter bad road patches with ease.

Colours Available – [4]  Lavender Purple, Tiffany Blue, Flamingo Pink & Butter Yellow

This bicycle is available in two tyre sizes – 24T & 26T. The 26T is the regular size bicycle, while 24T is a little smaller in size.

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Most of the models of Ladybird Breeze are priced around the Rs. 7500 mark. However, use the links above to get the latest updated price of all variations.

Key Highlights:

  • Thicker tyres integrated with the model colour
  • Carrier is integrated with the frame. This gives better stability and durability to the same
  • Stylish dress guard with an integrated rear reflector
  • Front basket


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2. Evita

The stylish frame design is the highlight of the Evita model. You can easily identify this model by looking at the lower frame design. This bicycle is priced around the Rs. 6000 mark.

Colours Available – [3] Blossom Pink, Periwinkle Purple & Dark Metallic Pink

This bicycle is available in only one standard size of 26T.

BSA Ladybird Evita 26T - Blossom Pink Colour

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Key Highlights:

  • Unique but comfortable frame design
  • Printed mud guards for extra style quotient
  • Carrier is integrated with the frame for stability and durability


3. Shine

The frame design of Shine closely resembles that of Breeze covered above. The main difference is that Shine has a much smaller lower stem. The bicycle is priced roughly around the Rs. 7000 mark, hence is a quite affordable bicycle for girls.

Colours Available:

24T Variant has 2 colours – Ruby Pink & Iris Blue

26 T is available in 4 colours – Pearl Pink, Cadbury Purple, Rich Burgundy & Deep Pearl Red


BSA LadyBird Shine - Price & Review in India

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Key Features:

  • The dress and chain guard come printed with cute graphics
  • Integrated carrier with the frame
  • Large enough front basket to carry bags etc


4. Dreamz

This particular model has a more classical frame design as well as colour combinations. This is perfect for someone who likes a bit of rustic product.

This cycle is available in three different colour options – Egyptian Violet, Flamingo Pink & Midnight Blue

Online this bicycle is priced around the Rs. 6000 mark. Use the link below to know the latest price.


BSA Lady Bird Dreamz Bicycle

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Key Features:

  • An etched floral design on the seat of the bicycle
  • Unlike the models above, this model does not have an integrated carrier. A separate carrier is installed on the bike
  • Both dress, as well as chain guards, have unique designs


5. Sofia

This is one of the newer models introduced by BSA Ladybird recently. It has a more modern and curvy finish to it. The design of the bike looks really premium for the price you pay.

The highlight of the product is the use of butterflies in the design. If you girl child loves butterflies, she will fall in love with this bicycle.

Colours Available: [3] Pearl Pink, Regalia Purple & Rich Burgundy

BSA LadyBird Sofia - Price, Colours & Review

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Key Features:

  • The Carrier integrated with the bicycle frame
  • Large front basket with fine mesh. Makes it easy to keep small objects in it
  • Low twin tube frame, makes it easy to climb up and get down from the cycle


Some other Noteworthy models of BSA LadyBird are shown below:


6. Splash


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7. Velona


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8. Bliss

LadyBird Cycle Price in India

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9. Cleo


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This brings me to an end of my review of the Best BSA LadyBird bicycles in India. I have covered their prices as well as colours that they are available in. You can easily and safely place your order online with either Amazon or Flipkart.

You can watch a commercial below which shows all the latest BSA LadyBird bicycles in India.


Do remember the bicycle comes in a semi-assembled state, however, you can easily assemble it at home or visit you nearby bicycle shop to get it fitted.

If you have any further questions, leave them in the comments section below. I will try and answer them at the earliest.



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