Btwin My Bike vs Mach City ibike Review

Btwin My Bike vs Mach City iBike – Review

This review post will compare Btwin My Bike vs Mach city iBike in India. The review will cover single speed as well as geared cycles by these two brands.

If you are looking to buy a good quality budget bicycle (Well under 10000) then Btwin MyBike and Mach City iBike will surely pop up in your radar during the research phase. Hence, I decided to write an article comparing the two bicycles. The idea is to help you decide which one should you buy.

Mach City and Btwin, both have been rising in popularity in India. Mach City is a brand owned by the renowned BSA cycles. While Btwin is the brand name for bicycles by Decathlon. Decathlon is a French sporting company and the largest sports goods retailer in the world.



To be honest both cycles are good for beginners with a limited budget. However, you also need to keep your expectations lower according to the budget. We have to acknowledge the fact that companies cannot use to notch components for bikes that so budget friendly.

Who should buy Btwin My Bike – Someone who wants to buy a basic single speed cycle with the minimum budget. Ideally, you should have a Decathlon store nearby where you can get the bicycles serviced/fixed if there is an issue with the same.

Check the price of Btwin My Bike in India – Flipkart | Decathlon


Who Should buy Mach City iBike – Someone who does not mind spending some extra money for a slightly better build (Very minor difference), colours & more options. If you are looking at a bicycle with gears, Mach city has three options for you. A single speed/gearless cycle, a 7 speed and 21-speed version.

They also have a special frame meant for Women called iBike Women. The premium range of Mach City is called Munich.

Check the latest price of Mach City iBike online (All Versions) – Flipkart | Amazon


I will now proceed with the detailed review.


Mach City iBike Review:

As stated earlier, Mach City is owned by TI Cycles (BSA). This is lately one of their most popular products. Mach City is available in a lot of variations (Quality / Colour / Speed etc).

At a high level, these are the variations available in Mach City iBike

  1. Gearless Bicycle (Most Basic version)
  2. 7 Speed Bicycle
  3. 21 Speed Cycle
  4. Premium – Munich Single Speed
  5. Premium – Munich with 21 Gears
  6. iBike W for Women – Single speed

Single Speed Mach City Review

(Single Speed / Non-Geared iBike)


If we compared the single speed version of Mach City iBike with Btwin My Bike, the iBike is almost 2 to 2.5 thousand rupees more expensive compared to Btwin (At the time of writing this article).

However, the good part is that the 21 gear version is only a few hundred rupees more expensive compared to the single speed iBike. So if you want a bicycle with gears, this is certainly a great deal for you.


Mach City iBike Price in India

(21 Gear Model of Mach City iBike – For More user reviews click the link in the summary above)


Key Features of iBike:

  • The bicycle is made using lightweight and sturdy steel. The advantage of steel is that it helps the manufacturer keep the costs down. However, the frame is very strong and can last you for a long time.
  • Surprisingly even the cheapest model of Mach city has a quick release lever on the front tyre. This makes maintenance very easy as you can take off the tyre in a jiffy. (Compared to regular bicycles where you would need to open up a bolt)
  • The single speed bike uses a bird type (a little raised) handlebars, while the geared version shown below has MTB style handlebars. Both models have a comfortable ride quality for shorter rides around the city.
  • The saddles are comfortable enough and have a quick release system to easily adjust the height as per your needs.
  • The geared versions of the bicycles use entry level components from Shimano. Shimano Tourney Gear System with Shimano EZ Fire Shifters.
  • The tyres used are standard nylon ones.
  • The bicycle uses regular brakes. The braking works fine for a city usage (Don’t expect it to stop immediately at high speeds)


Mach City iBike Review

(Colour variations on the geared model)


Pros of Mach City iBike:
  • Excellent build and ride quality compared to the price you pay
  • Multiple options available. Beginners will find at least one option suiting their requirements. A model available for Women as well.
  • A lot of colour options available across models.
  • The bike uses good quality entry level components like Shimano Tourney.
Cons of iBike:
  • Like any other entry level bike, you will have to take good care of your bicycle. Maintain & service it after regular use to extend its life
  • No meant to ridden hard. You will need to avoid potholes. Do not suddenly ride over to the pavements/off the road while you are riding on the road at a speed. You will likely damage the rims.
  • You will have to take care while shifting the gears.


What Size Bike Should I Buy?

Ok, so this is a very subjective question and not easy to answer. Simply because no two human beings are the same, their need will be different too. However, you can still use the below as guidelines to buy your Mach City (or even Btwin).

Mainly two sizes of bikes are available in these two models:

  1. The “M size” bike is the right fit for adults have a height of around 5’4′” to 5’8″
  2. Someone with the height of 5’9″ and above can go for the “L Sized” frame



Btwin MyBike Review:

Btwin MyBike is amongst the cheapest quality bicycles that you can buy online in India. It has a clean and simple design. Very close to the bicycles we used to ride a couple of decades back in India.

In fact, Decathlon is so confident about the quality of the bicycle that they offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, the rigid fork, handlebar and the stem of the bicycle. They also offer a three-month free service for the bike, provide you bring the bicycle to their workshop.


Btwin MyBike Review

(Single Speed Btwin My Bike)

Key Features of MyBike:

  • The bicycle as expected uses a steel frame. The bicycle feels really sturdy and I did not find any issues with the ride.
  • MyBike uses a PU saddle. This is a mountain bike style saddle (Wider – To make your ride more comfortable)
  • The cycle uses V-brakes (Helical spring) – The performance is good enough for a leisurely ride in the city.
  • The rim is made using aluminium to help keep the weight of the bicycle down. You cannot use this bicycle off-road or ride it at high speeds on the potholed roads. This will surely damage your bicycle.


Pros of Btwin MyBike:
  • The cost of the bicycle is the biggest advantage. At the time of writing this review, this bicycle is available for under Rs. 5000.
  • Sturdy and a well-built bicycle for someone who wants to ride under 10 kilometres per day (I know people who ride it over 30 Kms per day, However, I feel this is not built for extreme usage)
Cons of MyBike:
  • Only a single speed version is available.
  • The bicycle is available only in White colour (AT the time of writing this post)
  • Few users have a complaint about noise coming from bottom bracket after some usage.
  • Additional accessories by Btwin Cycles are generally expensive.
  • No meant to ridden hard. You will need to avoid potholes. Do not suddenly ride over to the pavements/off the road while you are riding on the road at a speed. You will likely damage the rims.
  • Regular care and maintainence is required.


Suggested upgrades for both Bicycles:

Apart from essential accessories like a good helmet, lock, kickstand & air pump, I suggest the following two upgrades to both bicycles for a more comfortable ride.

  • A good saddle. You can replace the saddle or add a gel cover which suits your riding style and body.
  • You can add better bicycle grips or get yourself some gloves if your hands don’t feel too good after a ride.


Other Alternatives to consider:

Below are some alternatives you can consider. Some of these are a bit expensive bikes compared to the two in discussion in this post.

1. Raleigh My Ride

2. Cosmic Shuffle 700 C

3. Btwin Riverside 100

4. Viva Ryde On 



How to assemble Btwin My Bike?

If you buy any cycle online, most likely you will get it in a semi-assembled state. The video below will help you understand how to assemble your bicycle once you receive it at your home. The procedure would be very similar for the Mach City iBike too.

Final Words – Btwin My Bike vs Mach City iBike:

As you can see from the review both the bicycles are worth every penny. If you are just starting out, these bicycles will act as a cost-effective way of testing your passion.

You can also use these bicycle to build you knowhow about self-maintaining your bikes. You can easily take apart a few parts and try to fix them yourself. Even you if you make a mistake, it won’t be a very expensive one 🙂

You can upgrade to a good quality bicycle after a year or two.


Which one did you decide to buy? Do let me know your choice in the comments below. If you already own one, do leave a review below for fellow cyclists.



    • bicycleXP

      Hi Daniel,

      Sorry, I should have mentioned this in the review itself.

      Most MachCity Models use – 26″ X 1.95″ Nylon tyres.

      While the MyBike uses – Ralson Semi-slick 26 x 2.0 tyres.

      p.s – This might change in future models.

  • Roopak Patel

    Is maintenance of btwin bikes easier compared to mach city since there are service stores in Decathlon ? Where are mach city bikes serviced ?

    • bicycleXP

      Hi Roopak,

      If you have a Btwin store nearby, you can avail of their free service. It makes sense for you to opt for Btwin bikes in this scenario. Else, opt for Machcity iBike.

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