Best Roof Cycle Carrier for Car India

Best Cycle Carriers for Car in India

The post will review the Best Cycle Carriers for Car in India. Rear Mounted (Tailgate Carriers) & Roof Mounted Racks from Thule, BikerZ, Allen Sports etc are included as a part of the list.

India is a vast country with an abundance of natural beauty to explore. Unfortunately, with our busy schedules, it not feasible for most of us to ride our bicycles to most of these places. One possible way to do this to carry your bicycles with you on your trips in your car.

This where bicycle racks or Cycle carriers for cars come in handy. It is not possible for you to carry two or three bicycles in your car along with your luggage. Bicycle racks alloy you to load you rides either near the tailgate or on top of the roof of your car. Both racks have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Best Rear-Mounted Bicycle Rack for Cars:

1. BikerZ TrunkZ

This is a product made by an Indian company. The product is really good as it fits easily across multiple Indian models. The rack can easily hold 2 to 3 bicycles and can carry a load of up to 45 Kgs. The rack is also very economical compared to some of the imported brands.

RikerZ - Best cycle carriers for car in India - Rear Mounted

The product has amazing reviews on Amazon – Check some of them here

Key Features:

  • Fits all types of cars like Sedan, Hatchback, SUVs and MUVs.
  • Made using a sturdy but lightweight Aluminium frame.
  • The rack can be easily folded can be easily stored in comparatively small space.
  • The highlight of this cycle carrier for the car is that it is truly universal – You can carry all types of bicycles on its. Be it kids cycle, BMX, Fat bikes etc.
  • Since this is one of the top-selling bicycle racks online, you know user feedback that it is compatible with most Indian car model.
  • Easy assembly and quick release mechanism for ease of use.
  • The manufacturer offers a one year warranty on the product.

Car models it is compatible with:

The product’s website lists down a whole lot of cars. However, I will mention some of the top models here. Customers have confirmed compatibility with Ford Figo, EcoSport, Honda City, Jazz, Mobilio, Creta, Hyundai Santro, i10, i10 Grand, i20, Verna, Mahindra Scorpio, Thar, XUV 500, Maruti Alto, Dezire, Swift, WagonR, Renault Duster, Tata Safari, Toyota Innova, Fortuner and many more cars 🙂


How to Install BikerZ Rear Mounted Rack?

A lot of first-time users are bound to have this question. The company has made an easy to understand video tutorial. The video shows how you can install the rack on your car. Have a look at the same below:



2. Btwin Bike Carrier – 300/320 by Decathlon

This product is by Decathlon and is very robust. The make and the quality of finish of the product are really good. However, this product does it share of drawbacks.

Both the 300 & 320 models hold a maximum of three bicycles at a time. The two products are almost the same apart from the extra bar that the 320 versions have. The 300 model is meant to be fitted only on the glass of the car while the extra bar enables the 320 to be fitted over the glass with an extra support coming from the bumper.

If both models fit your car then I would suggest you buy the 320 model, as it will be more stable compared to the 300. The price difference between the two is not that high.


Check the latest price of both car racks on – Decathlon

Key Points to note:

  • The product can handle up to 3 bikes depending on the model of your car and weight of your bikes.
  • The maximum load it can support is 45 Kgs. 15 Kg per bike
  • The 300 Tailgate carrier weights around 5 KG, while the 320 Tailgate carrier weights around 7 KGs
  • These racks are designed to handle Men’s cycles only. You will have to buy additional adaptors if you wish to carry women’s or kid’s bicycles. – This is the main drawback of this product.


How to Install Btwin Cycle Carrier on a Car?

There is a video made available by the company showcasing the installation procedure for the Btwin 300 Tailgate Carrier. You can watch the same below:


3. Thule Passage 3

Thule is a globally renowned brand known for its super sturdy bicycle racks. As with any good brand, their products are always available at a premium (Read expensive) – However, if you own an expensive bike and are worried about its safety while you travel, you should seriously consider Thule products.

This particular model by Thule is very compact and easy to install. It should work with most sedans. The compatibility with SUVs and Hatchbacks can be an issue as the straps might not stay stable enough on them.

Thule Passage - 3 Bike Strap Rack with Cradles

Check price & user Reviews – Amazon

Key Features:

  • The rack weights around 6 KGs and is designed to hold a maximum of 6 bikes. The product is equipped with 6 nylon adjustable straps. These straps help your bicycle and rack remain stable even on rough roads.
  • Thule products come with their patented FitDial, this makes it very easy for you to install the rack. This also helps make the rack more stable and secure.
  • You can fold down the arms when not in use. This way you can keep the rack installed on your car.
  • The rack can support multiple types of bicycles.
  • The special no sway cages used to protect the bikes and the car. The bikes don’t move much and thereby prevents scratching the paint off each other.


4. Thule 9001 Raceway 2:

This is the second Thule product in my list of Best Cycle Carriers for Car. This product has some additional features compared to the one I discussed above.

This rack should fit most car models with ease (Do check the compatibility before buying).

Thule RaceWay 2 9001 - Best Tailgate Cycle Carrier India

Check the Price on Amazon


The rack has all the features that the Thule Passage has above. In addition to them, It also has the below-mentioned features.

  • This rack supports only two bicycles. However, you will need to use an adapter (Thule 982) if you wish to carry other bicycle frames like Kids, Ladies, BMX etc
  • Has locks to lock the bicycles to the carrier and the carrier to the car. This adds another layer of safety to the product.

If you wish to see this product in action or view the installation method, you can watch the video below:




5. Allen Sports 102DN  – 2 Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Allen Sports is the company that claims to be the original inventors of Bicycle racks for cars. This company is based out of USA and formed by Allen Dick in 1967.

The company is now also into child trailers and joggers. Their products are really well designed, simple to use and sturdy.

This particular product 120DN is quite versatile and can fit multiple types of cars like Sedans,

Allen Sports Deluxe Cycle Trunk Mount Rack

Check Price in India – Amazon


This is one of the best selling bicycle carriers on the Amazon US site. The product, however, is available through the Amazon global store in India. Hence, the delivery time and charges are higher compared to some of the other products in this list.

You can watch the installation and product demo in the video below.





Best Roof-Mounted Cycle Carriers for Cars:

So far, we covered the best rear mounted rack, I will now list down a couple of good roof-mounted cycle carriers that are available in India.

To install most roof racks, you will need some side rails or cross bars already installed on your car(Refer the images below). You can then install the cycle roof rack on top of it. Also, always check the maximum permissible load your car can carry on the roof before buying this product.


1. Thule Sprint Xt Bike Rack

Roof carriers provide a safer ride for your bicycle. This also enables you to have the much-needed access to boot door during the travel. The only thing that you will need to worry about is clearance height. Do not take a road which has any low clearance bridges/underpass to go through.

Thule Sprint XT Fork Mount Cycle Carrier for Car Roof

Check Latest Price in India – Amazon

Key Features:

  • The rack is made using a lightweight aluminium and is corrosion resistant.
  • The carrier is designed to make click sound to help you understand when your bicycle is attached correctly to the rack.
  • Telescoping wheel tray moves in and out easily.  It securely fits most bikes while providing greater hatch clearance


2. BikerZ Car Bike Rack: Roof Mounted

If you have doubts over the compatibility of the rack with your car, just go with this product. You will find a lot of questions already answered by the seller on the product description page.

The rack is also made using aluminium and fits almost all Indian car models. The seller ships two types of crossbars, one that fits cars with roof rails already installed and another one for cars that don’t have roof rails.

Best Roof Cycle Carrier for Car India BikerZ Car Bike Rack Roof Mounted

Check Latest Price in India – Amazon

This installation will support one bicycle, to begin with. However, once you have installed the crossbars, you can simply buy more bike racks (Only the top stand) and attach it. This way you will be able to carry around 3 to 4 bicycles easily on your car roof.

Tip – If you are someone who loves to have additional safety can buy bungee cords like – this one to tie and secure your bikes even further.

I hope this guide helped you select the right bicycle carrier for your car. Do let me know which did you opt for in the comments section below.


    • bicycleXP

      Hi Karan,

      I personally haven’t faced any issue so far. But I now mostly use a carrier on my tailgate. I will try and have this information validated.

      Thanks for raising this issue.

  • Chetan

    Recently I was driving on Pune mumbai expressway. A cop stopped me for carrying bicycles on Btwin rack 320. According to him it is illegal to carry bicycles like this on car and will be liable for penalty.

    Can anyone throw some light on this. How true is this? Are our laws silent on this and hence cop take advantage.

    In foreign countries it is very common to use such racks to carry bicycles on cars.

  • Akshit

    I had the same issue. I was using a boot cycle carrier and a cop in mumbai stopped me and issued an e-challan. He said that these types of carriers are not allowed.

    The challan was for unauthorized alteration of vehicle.

    Can anyone throw more light on this?

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