Best Cycle Computers in India

Top Cycle Computers / Speedometers in India

Cycle Computers or Cyclocomputer are now becoming an essential accessory for a cyclist in India too. The Cyclometer is generally mounted on the handlebars. A device that shows various essential information about the trip to a cyclist.

There are varieties of cycle computers that are available these days. The most sophisticated ones will cost more then what the average Indian spends on his/her bicycle. While the cheapest version can be bought as low as 2 to 3 hundred rupees (Browse through to the 5th option on the list below to view the product)


Do you need a Cycle Computer?

A lot of people think that they can use their smartphone to replace the need for a cycle computer. It may happen sometime in the near future.

A smartphone might work fine for someone who rides only a few time a month. However, for most cyclists, it is better to buy this gadget. Here is why:

  • Weather – I don’t like the idea of exposing my phone to the weather in India. Most regions get heavy rainfalls and/or heat. You can buy a cheaper cycle computer compared to the fancy phone protectors.
  • Loss/Theft – Most people have expensive phones. There is a good chance that it might get flicked off. People might be less interested in a small gadget which is useless to them.
  • Battery Life – Most apps would consume your battery. So either you will have to charge it frequently as you stop or carry a good power bank.
  • Size – Gone are the days of carrying small phones. While people enjoy the screen size, a lot of cyclists don’t like to have a such a big gadget on their handlebars.
  • Accuracy – Most apps will use the phone’s GPS to track your ride. While cycle computers rely on the sensors attached to your bike.

Although, there are certain advantages of using an app like Starva. They have a huge community of like-minded people that you can interact within your neighbourhood.


Which is the right Cycle Computer for me?

Most of us would be happy with just basic ride information like how much distance did you cover, what was your average speed etc. For them, any good quality beginner product should work well. If you ask me for a suggestion, I would recommend you look at the CatEye Velo 9 (9 Functions) or the Btwin 100 Wired Cyclometer (5 Basic Functions)

However, I understand this these options above might not fulfil everyone’s requirements. Keep reading below where I would also cover some advanced options with wireless & GPS functionality. I will also cover some really cheap/budget options for someone just wanting to try it out.


List of Best Cycle Computers in India:


1. CatEye Velo 9:

Cateye is a Japanese company that has made a mark for itself world over. They manufacture affordable but quality bicycle accessories.

I think Velo 9 is one of the best gadgets you can buy for your bicycle. It has tons of features and is priced attractively (The product is worth the asking price).  Use the link below the image for latest price.

The only notable features that it does not is the ability to measure cadence.

Cateye Velo 9 cycle computer price reveiw india

For more User Reviews  – Click Here (Amazon)

Key Features:

  • This is a wired cycle computer with 9 different modes. It shows you maximum speed you hit during the ride, the average speed, your current speed, amount of calories burned, trip distance, time since you started, total distance covered (Odometer) etc
  • Interesting pace arrow functionality – This shows you if you are currently riding above or below your average trip speed.
  • Large display screen. Easy to use mode change button. Long press on the button helps you reset the last trip. (Odometer is not reset)
  • Power save functionality keep the computer on while you are riding. It goes into sleep mode (Time is shown) while not riding.
  • Comes with multiple pre-programmed tyre sizes. This makes the installation process even simpler.
  • This is a lightweight product and weighs only 28 grams.
  • Needs one Lithium-ion battery to operate.
  • Comes with everything you need (Including zip ties & installation guide) to easily install and start using it.


  • The wire provided is short.
  • Only 6 zip ties provided. If you make a mistake during installation, you will have to separately buy more of them.

You can see how compact the product is in the video below:


Cateye Velo 9 vs Velo 7:

You would have noticed that there is Velo 7 version available on sale on Amazon as well. However, the price of the two product is exactly the same. Hence, I suggest you buy Velo 9 (with 9 features) compared to Velo 7 (with 7 features).

The two products otherwise are exactly the same.



2. Btwin 100 Wired CycloMeter:

As you would already know, Btwin is a brand owned by Decathlon. The products sold by them are reliable you can buy them with your eyes closed.

Btwin 100 cyclometer is perfect who are looking for something basic and cost-effective. The price of this product is significantly lower compared to the Velo 9 showcased above.  Btwin 100 CycloMeter by Decathlon

Check the Latest Price in India – Decathlon

Key Features:

  • This is a wired cyclometer.
  • Provide you with 5 different information, your current and average speed, ride and total distance (Odometer) & time.
  • Is compact and has 3 easy to use buttons.
  • Large display
  • Waterproof
  • Manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty on the product

The video below helps you get a better look at this device.



3. Garmin Edge 200 – Wireless

Garmin Edge 200 is one the most simplest and affordable GPS enabled Cyclocomputer that you can buy online. The main advantage of this device is that you can easily use it on any bike. You don’t need to install any sensors as it works using GPS.

You can simply attach it your handlebar and you are good to go. One more useful function is that you can easily connect it to Garmin connect (Garmin’s web platform/site). And you view you earlier rides in details.Garmin Edge 200 - Best Cycle computers in India

Check the latest price in India online – Amazon

You can also use it to set courses, which the device will help you navigate to your destination. It is very sleek and lightweight. The device is also water resistant, so you can use it during rains as well,

Some useful features that I liked and few features that it misses:

  1. If you have done a lap/course earlier, this device can help you compare your present ride against your earlier ride.
  2. Tracks elevation, weather etc
  3. It does not have a Cadence and heart rate tracking


You can watch the videos below to get more idea about the device and how it works.



4. CatEye Strada Cadence Bicycle Computer:

If you prepping for a bicycle race or even a long distance ride, you would know the importance of maintaining a good cadence.

So if you are looking for a cycle computer that can help you measure your cadence along with the other essential information about your trip, you can go for the Cateye Strada Cadence.

CatEye Strada Cadence Bicycle Computer Review

Check the current price on – Amazon


Note – The sensors might need some additional layers. To ensure that the distance between the sensor and the magnet is in the range as depicted in the installation manual (Below 3 mm).

The video below shows how the use added some packaging material to solve the problem.

You can watch the device in action in the video below:



5.  Sunding SD 548 Speedometer:

I understand that a lot of people might be reluctant to spend a significant amount on these devices and are unsure if they will use it/find it useful.

For them, I suggest you can buy this simple device which costs less than Rs. 500.

Sunding Cheap Cycle computer

Check its price on – Amazon (For a few other cheap options – Flipkart)

Once you have used it for a few rides and get comfortable using such computers, you can then upgrade to a better device from this list.

There are a lot of cheaper options available as well. However, I found Sunding products more reliable compared to them.

They have various models available. E.g – Rs. 100 extra will get a model which will have backlight and you can easily use it even at night.



6. Cateye CC-MC100W – Wireless

If you looking for a wireless model. Then you can either for this model of Cateye or the Garmin Edge 200 discussed above.

This is one of the most popular Cateye wireless cycle computer models. It boasts of having 10 different functions and 12 features built into it.Cateye CC-MC100W Micro Wireless Cyclocomputer

Check More User Reviews on – Amazon

Key Features:

  • Displays your current speed as well as the average & maximum speed of your trip.
  • It shows Trip distance & trip distance 2. It also shows average speed and elapsed time for both trips.
  • It has a programmable odometer and a clock
  • Pace arrow lets you know if you’re riding above or below your average trip speed.
  • Automatic start/stop/power-save/sleep modes save you time.
  • Dual wheel size – This setting allows use this device easily on two different cycles.
  • LED backlight – Makes it easy to use while it gets dark/night time.
  • Easy-to-use bracket, help you mount the device easily on the stem or the handlebar of your bicycle.


This brings me to the end of my review on the best cycle computers in India. Do let me know your thoughts on these devices. Which one did you like? Are you using any device currently? If so, do share your experience with other readers in the comments section below.


  • Nachiket Jadhav

    Hi. Really informative article. I was looking for a computer and will likely buy Cat eye cadence strada. But i qas really looking for a computer under 10k which measures cadence as well as can sync to strava like Garmin does. Any ideas?

  • Nachiket Jadhav

    Hi. Really informative article. I was looking for a computer and will likely buy Cat eye cadence strada. But i was really looking for a computer under 10k which measures cadence as well as can sync to strava like Garmin does and has auto pause function. Any ideas?

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