List of Best Cycling Accessories in India - Essential + Cool Ones

List of Best Cycling Accessories in India

Since you have landed on this page, I assume that you either already purchased or have zeroed down on the bicycle that you will be buying soon. If not, I recommend you go through my bicycle buying guide here.

So here goes my list of Best Cycling Accessories in India!

Do note that this list of cycling accessories has been compiled with beginners in mind. Those who have just taken up cycling or have been riding casually for a couple of years now. If you are an experienced rider and need help with anything specific, please feel free to reach out to me in the comments below.

I have divided this list into two parts. The first one will cover only the essential bicycle accessories. While the second part will cover things that you may or may not need.

If you have a limited budget, I recommend you stick to buying products only from the first section.

So, without any further delay. Let me jump right into my list of recommended products.


Essential Cycling Accessories:


1. Cycling Helmet:

If you can buy only one accessory, this is the one that you should go for. I always recommend all beginners to buy and use a bicycle helmet regular.

It does not matter if the trip is a short one. Wearing a good quality helmet that fits your head properly is a must. If you need help selecting one, don’t read this article that I wrote earlier.

Since I am only recommending one product of each type, I will go ahead and recommend you to buy the RoadR 100 Cycling Helmet by Btwin.

RoadR 100 Cycling Helmet Review

Check the Latest Price & Availability – Decathlon India


2. Bicycle Repair Toolkit

You might be thinking that you do not need a toolkit since you are just buying a new bike, wrong.

Even if you have a totally new bike, you are bound to buy a few accessories like a kickstand or mudguards. Even if you don’t plan on buying them now, you might need a toolkit to make minor adjustments to your bicycle as per your needs.

It is always advisable to have a portable cycle repair toolkit with you when you ride. Plus the basic ones are not very expensive, you can easily buy one on Amazon. Have a look at one such recommended product below.

Bulfyss Imported Multi Purpose Bicycle Repair Toolkit with Allen Key

Buy This Toolkit Online – Amazon India | Decathlon


3. Air Pump

Keeping your tyres inflated at the right pressure will not ensure their long life but will also help you keep rolling with minimum effort. If you own a bicycle, having a good air pump is a must.

Ideally, I would recommend having two. A regular one that you can keep and home and use on a regular basis. A second, more compact pump that you can carry around with you or store it in your toolkit.

You can consider buying a foot pump like the one shown below for regular use (at home).

Krevia Bike Foot Pump with Accurate Gauge

Check the Latest Price & Availability – Amazon

If you also wish to buy the compact, I suggest you look at the one available with puncture repair kit shown below by Btwin. It is a good quality product, made available at a very affordable price in India.


4. Bicycle Lock

Imagine your parking your bicycle for a few minutes and return to find out that the love of your life has been stolen. In India, where it is so difficult to get your stolen car or bike returned. Finding your stolen bicycle might seem next to impossible.

Investing in the best lock that you can buy makes a lot of sense in our country.

I personally use and would recommend buying Btwin 500 Bike Chain Lock.

Best Bicycle Lock in India

Buy this Lock Today – Decathlon | Amazon


5. Puncture Repair Kit

Next on my list of essential cycling accessories is the Puncture Repair Kit. You never know when you might need.

There have been months when I did not need this kit. I actually forgot that I have this kit in my strap on the saddle bag. However, there have also been months when I need it not once but twice.

I recommend buying this kit by Btwin. As stated above, it also comes with a handy and portable hand pump.

Btwin 500 Puncture Repair Kit

Check Availability & Price – Decathlon


6. Inner Tube

Most of the times, you will be able to mend the puncture using the repair kit mentioned above. However, there will come a time, when it will not be worth repairing the tube anymore.

It will better and much easier to simply replace your old tube with a new one. So it is advisable to have an inner tube with you at all times.

Do reach out to your bicycle shop or buy a tube that is compatible with your cycle tyres.


7. Bicycle Light

I have written an entire article on bicycle lights. I have discussed a few good options that you can buy in India and what are their pros and cons. You can read that article by clicking here.

However, if you want a value option right away, do consider the product shown below.

Lista112 Dual Cree - Best Bicycle Light in India

Check the Latest Price – Amazon | Flipkart

Additionally, you should also buy a strobe light that you can fit at the rear of the bicycle. It will be good if this is specialised backlight (Red coloured and not bright white).

Remember the rule, be as visible as possible on the road at night.


8. Cycling Shorts

This is the last product on my list of essential cycling accessories. This may not seem like an essential for a beginner but if you planning to use your bicycle for your daily commute, you should surely invest in good cycling shorts.

They will help you remain comfortable on your seat for a longer time and will also substantially reduce and pain in the backside after a long ride.

Decathlon 500 CYCLING SHORTS - Essential cycling accessories

Check out some good options at – Amazon India | Decathlon



Good to Have’ Cycling Accessories:


9. Water Bottle & Bottle Holder

So before you start bashing me around for not keeping this product in the list of essentials, do hear me out.

I am not saying that carrying water is not essential. However, buying a new bottle and a bicycle holder for the same is not.

You can use the regular bottles that you drink water from at your home. Just carry the same in your backpack. You can surely invest in this product if you have extra budget lying around once you have all the essentials in place.

I hope this makes sense.Cycling Water Bottle with Holder

Check out Various Options Available – Flipkart | Amazon


10. Cycling Glasses

This is the 10th product in my list of Best Cycling Accessories in India.

It is very important to keep yourself safe while cycling. One of the aspects is keeping your eyes safe from the dust, wind and rains.

So while it is necessary to have glasses, but like the product above, you can start off by wearing sunglasses that you use while riding your bike etc.

However, once you decide to get a pair. Do buy good glasses like the one shown below.

Cycling Glasses - Good to Have Cycling Accessories

Check out Availability & Price – Decathlon (You can find a few cheap options Here)


11. Anti Theft Backpack

Like the two products above, you can always use your regular backpack. However, since I always commute to work, I prefer to have a good quality anti-theft backpack. This way I have peace of mind that my laptop, mobile, wallet and other important papers remain safe while I ride on busy streets.

The product that I personally own is the one listed below.Anti theft backpack for cycling

Check the Latest Price & Designs – Amazon

This bag has a capacity of 22 Liters and should be enough for your daily commute. If you do need a bag of different size, you will easily find more options on Amazon (Link above)


12. CycloComputer

Once you start riding, you will obviously want to know how well are you doing. Cyclocomputers help you keep a track of each ride.

Depending on which type of model you buy, you can easily sync your data on your mobile phone to keep a tab on your progress.

I would recommend either buying a bicycle computer by CatEye or by Btwin. I have used both brands and they are quite accurate and robust devices.

Cateye CC-MC100W Micro Wireless Cyclocomputer

Check Prices & User Reviews – CatEye | Btwin


13. Windcheater Jacket:

There are multiple advantages to owning a lightweight & good quality windcheater/windbreaker jacket.

These jackets help you protect yourself from harsh winds, sunrays and dust. It can also protect your clothes from getting dirty. Good jackets are normally water repellent and can also help you protect from a light drizzle.

Being light and thin, they do not need a lot of storage space in your bag.


Check the Latest Price – Decathlon


14. Cycling Shoes:

Almost everyone starts off by using their regular sports shoes for cycling. However, regular and prolonged use or shoes that are built for walking or running can cause injuries to your muscles, if used for cycling.

Running/Walking shoes have flexible soles so that they can bend as we move. While cycling shoes have a slightly harder sole, this helps you maintain your grip on the pedals.

A lot of advanced cycling shoes also come with cleats. These cleats get attached to pedals (not regular ones) and help the cyclists pedal with more efficiently.

However, if you are beginner, I don’t recommend you going for cleats (They need practice and the entire set can be a bit expensive). You can go for beginner cycling shoes like the one shown below.


Check the Latest Price – Decathlon


15. Cycling Jersey:

You may not need a cycling jersey if you only cycle leisurely. However, if you do ride long distance or plan to do so in the future, you will need to consider buying this product soon or later.

Cycling jerseys make you more aerodynamic. These also handle sweat much better compared to your regular clothing. The fabric used is such that the sweat is sucked away from your skin on to the outer layer of your clothing. This helps it evaporate much faster.

So, unlike your regular cotton clothing, you do not remain wet and cold while riding. This helps you ride more efficiently.

Cycling Jersey - Must Have Bicycle Accessories

Check out All Available Designs – Amazon | Decathlon


16. Cycling Gloves

Again, a cycling accessory that you will need when you planning long tours. Cycling gloves help protect your hands in multiple ways.

They provide some protection from the sun and also can protect your hands when you have a light fall (from scratches). However, their main advantage is the cushioning that they provide during long rides.

Your hands take up a lot of friction, vibrations and pressure while riding long distances. This can cause sores or discomfort. However, wearing good quality gloves with enough cushioning can really help you avoid the same.

ROADC 900 CYCLING GLOVES - Best Accessories for cycle in India

Check Availability and More Designs – Amazon | Decathlon


17. Saddle & Pannier Bags

There are many types of bags that you can buy for your bicycle. There are bags available for handlebars, bags that get attached beneath the seat, pannier bags and many more options that you can use for long/short journeys.

You can choose one as per your needs and travel requirements. If you only commute to work a saddle bag might be enough for your needs.

900 WATERPROOF BIKE SADDLE BAG - Best Storage Bag for Bicycle India

Check all Available Options in India – Amazon | Decathlon



18. Bicycle Rack/carriers for Car

This is a useful tool for people who like to travel and carry their bicycle with them. While buying you need to ensure you buy the right rack which is compatible with your car and bicycles that you have.

There are racks which can carry even 2 or 3 bicycles. Good addition for families who like to ride together on holiday. If you are looking to buy this product, do ensure you check by buying guide here.

However, before buying this cycling accessory, do check with your local cyclist. In some cities, the traffic police does not allow you to install and/or use this product.


19. Reflective Vest

This is the second last product in my list of Best Cycling Accessories in India.

As I said earlier in my blog if you plan on riding at night, be as visible as possible. Use all the tools you have. Lights & Reflectors are two of the main accessories that cyclists use.

However, if you plan on riding on highways or streets where vehicles can go down really fast. I suggest using a reflective vest as well.

This jacket is not very expensive and offers a lot of benefit vis-a-vis the price you pay.

Reflective jacket for cycling at night in India by Decathlon

Place your order – Decathlon


20. Kick Stand

A lot of modern bicycles do not come with a standard kickstand. A lot of people prefer to have a kickstand to park their bikes.

These kickstands are very cheap and are available across all major online bicycle stores.


21. Mud Guards

Similar to kickstands, bicycle nowadays does not come with stock mudguards. However, the good news is that there are a lot of plastic mudguards available on the market.

These mudguards can be installed very easily at home.


22. Bells/Horns

If you plan on riding on crowded streets, you may wish to get a simple bell or horn installed. This will help you alert pedestrians etc while riding.


This brings me to the end of my list of Must have and Best cycling accessories in India. Which one did you decide to buy? Am I missing any cool accessory that you would want to have me included in this list? If so, drop me a note with your feedback in the comments section below.


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