Octane DTB Plus Hero Gear Cycles with Disk Brake

Best Hero Gear Cycles with Disk Brake – Price & Review

Hero Cycles is one of the top selling and old brand in India for bicycles. This review post will cover the Top 6 Hero Gear Cycles with Disk Brake in India. The cycles listed below are based on the following criteria:

  • Build Quality
  • Price in India
  • Overall features and Value for money


After spending hours evaluating a lot of Hero Geared Cycles with Disc Brakes, I strongly feel that Hero Octane Endeavour is the best bicycle that you can buy in this category. At the time of writing this review, the bike was priced well below the Rs. 15,000 mark. It has 21 Speed Shimano gears, a high quality and lightweight Aluminium Alloy frame and a comfortable front suspension.

However, If you are looking for a cheap bicycle in the range of Rs. 6000 to 7000, you can opt for the Hero Sprint Next model. The price will vary depending on which model and size you choose. You can have a look at the entire range of bicycles on Amazon by Clicking Here.


All the Hero Cycles on this list below have the following in common:

  • The bicycles have at least 18 Gears
  • The cycles have at least one of the wheels with disc brakes on them
  • The cycles have at least one suspension.


Top 5 Hero Gear Cycles:


1. Hero RX2 Sprint 

This cycle from Hero looks absolutely amazing. It has double suspension (Both front and back) making it a very comfortable bicycle to ride. The handlebars are slightly higher compared to the saddle, adding to the comfort of the bicycle. If you buy a gel cover for the saddle, the ride quality improves even further.

Amazon has three colour variations available with them at the time of writing this review. The colour below (Orange + Black) is the most expensive. The other two colour variations are cheaper. Flipkart only had one model available with themHero RX2 Sprint - Gear Cycle with double Disk Brake

Check Live Price of RX2 Sprint in India – Flipkart | Amazon

Key Features:

  • The bicycle is equipped with 21 gears which use easy fire shifting technology (Thumb Shifters). Please do note that these gears are non-Shimano
  • The frame is made out of Steel and hence is little heavy
  • The cycle comes with both front and rear mudguards. They are made out of plastic
  • The tyre used is regular 26 x 2.125 Inch size
  • The bicycle comes equipped with a disc brake on the front wheel


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Do note that you are getting a lot of features for a bicycle which is priced around the range of Rs.10,000. So please do expect the quality accordingly.

Have a look at the advertisement for this particular model by Hero featuring Arjun Kapoor.


However, if you are looking for a bicycle which is better built, I suggest you go to the next product on my list.


2. Hero Octane Endeavour (Sprint Pro)

If you looking for a cycle that is really durable and one that you can ride on any terrain, you can select this Hero Octane Endeavour – Sprint Pro. I really love the colour combination. It is nice and bright. The stickers on it look good too.

The bicycle comes with only front suspension. I really like bicycles which only front suspension because of the following reasons:

  • They take less effort to ride
  • The front suspension is enough to handle most minor potholes (I expect you to steer clear of the big ones)
  • Low on maintenance. The lesser complicated parts a bicycle has, generally means it will need lesser maintenance.
  • If two comparable bicycles cost the same. It generally means that the bike with lower features/expensive part will have a better build quality overall (Remeber, the bicycle company needs to make money to stay in business – So if they are giving you tons of feature, it means they are saving costs elsewhere)

Hero Octane Endeavour - Sprint Pro Cycle 

Check Live Price of Endeavour Sprint Pro in India – Amazon

Key Features:

  • The frame is made up of mild steel and feels very sturdy
  • The bicycle has 21 Shimano gear with a quick-fire mechanism (Thumb shifters)
  • The front wheel of the bicycle is equipped with a disc brake, while the rear wheel has V-brakes
  • The tyre size is standard 26 Inches. The wheels have a double walled alloy rim, enabling you to ride it hard on any surface without facing many tyre issues.
  • This is a hardtail MTB. It does not have any back suspension. The front, however, has a fork suspension.


3. Hero Octane DTB Plus

This is the third bike in my list of Best Hero Gear Cycles with Disk Brake. The Hero Octane DTB Plus is well made Mountain bicycle as well as a comfort bike.

This bicycle is suitable for kids to roam around with their friends or for adults to around the park for some exercise. It comes with dual suspension, which makes the ride comfortable even on bumpy roads.

Octane DTB Plus Hero Gear Cycles with Disk Brake

Check user reviews of Octane DTB Plus – Flipkart | Amazon

Bicycle Features:

  • The frame of the bicycle is made using mild Steel.
  • The cycle has 21 Shimano gears. The gears work really well and are easy to shift as they use thumb shifters
  • Dual suspension
  • The tyre size is 26 x 2.125 Inches
  • The cycle uses V-gear assemble and has Disc brakes on the front wheel. The rear wheel has rim brakes.


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4. Hero Octane Dude

One more Octane on my list. This cycle is similar to the one above apart from the fact that it has a single suspension on the front. This bicycle is meant to be driven hard and fast. This is not a comfort bicycle but a true hybrid mountain bicycle.

It is available in two colours on Amazon, Blue and Red. This cycle can be used by kids(Above 15) to go to nearby places/School. It can be used by beginner adults to commute short distances of about 5/7 kilometres.

Hero Octane Dude - Gear MTB cycle with disc brake

Price of Hero Octane Dude in India – Amazon

Key Features:

  • The material used for the frame is Steel.
  • The suspension is available only for the front wheel.
  • The size of the tyre used is 25 inches.
  • The bicycle has 21 speed Shimano gears.
  • The front tyre comes with a quick release functionality for easy maintenance.


5. Hero Sprint Next

This is the last cycle on my list by Hero. This is also one of the cheapest bicycles that you can buy with gears as well as disc brakes in India. There is no doubt why this is selling so well online.

To start off with, I am not a big fan of the graphics & the colour of this bicycle. The graphics on the saddle could have been better. Same can be said about the green colour on the wheels. However, the colour should get dull as you ride it on roads/dirt). There is a red and black colour option available as well. That model looks slightly better.

However, having said all this. The ride quality of the bicycle is very good compared to the price you are paying. For a cycle that is priced under Rs. 10000, this product has tons of attractive features.

hero sprint next gear cycle with disc brake

Hero Sprint Next Price in India – Flipkart | Amazon

Key Features:

  • The main difference between this cycle and all others on this list is that this model has 18 Speed gears (Shimano)
  • This bicycle is made using a sturdy steel frame.
  • It also comes with a lot of additional accessories like mud-guards, side stand, front and back reflectors etc
  • The bike has a dual suspension to give you a comfortable riding experience.


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I hope this review helped you select the perfect bicycle to suit your requirements. Do let me know your feedback on the bicycle you purchased in the comments section below.

I will now be covering some general information about Hero Cycles below. This information might be useful for someone who wants to research further about their bicycle.


History of Hero Cycles:

Hero Cycles is one of the oldest bicycle brands. The company was formed in the year of 1956 in the city of Ludhiana in Punjab. They are easily one of the best cycles brands in India. They sell bicycle not only in India but also export it to over 70 countries world over.

Hero group is planning on expanding their reach further in major countries like the UK. They also have stakes in a lot of regional brands world over. The most notable highlight of Hero Cycles is that they are planning to launch the World’s cheapest bicycle priced at just Rs. 1999 in 2018.


Hero Cycles Customer Support:

If you face any issues with their products or simply want more information, you can reach out to their customer care by writing at [email protected] or calling their toll free number on 1800 208 4376. You can visit their customer support page (here) for more options on reaching them.



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