Best Scooter for Kids Children India

Best Kid’s Scooters in India

Skate Scooters are one of the best gifts you can give to your kids. They not only provide a fun activity for the kids but also have multiple health benefits for the children. Parents currently struggle to keep their kids away from Televisions, Mobile Phones and Video Games. Kick Scooters are amongst the best options that the parents have to keep their child outdoors. In this review, I will be listing down the Best Kid’s Scooters in India


Factors to look at while buying a Skate Scooter in India:

  • Age Group – Not all Scooters are built the same. Carefully look at the age group that can use the particular product before buying it.
  • Safety – Always buy a good quality product for your kid. Especially when your child would be riding it at a high speed outdoors. You don’t want the handle or the wheel to come off while it is in use.
  • The number of Wheels / Type – These scooters are now available in various different tyres. Some have two wheels, while others have three. A few products have two wheels on the front while some will have two wheels at the rear.


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Confused which one is the right fit for your child?

Read on, to look at the recommendations I have shortlisted.



Best Skate Scooters in India


1. Micro Mini & Maxi Scooters

If you wish to buy a quality product for your child, look no further. Both these products are from Micro Kickboard, a Swiss company known globally for its kid’s scooters and kickboards. They now also make quality products like Tricycles for Kids and other mobility solutions for adults.

Micro Mini:
  • One of the best-rated kick scooter for 2 to 5-year-old kids
  • A 3 wheel scooter for which can be easily ridden by young children
  • Highly durable wheels made using Polyurethane. Safe for indoor use as they are non-marking
  • Large deck, comfortable for kids to place both feet on top

Micro Mini Scooter India Review

Micro Maxi Scooter India Price

Check Latest Price in India & More User Reviews – Micro Mini | Micro Maxi


Have a look at Micro products in action:



2. Smoby Mighty Battle Scooter

However, if you are looking for a product that is more cost effective on the pocket, you can opt for the Smoby Mighty Battle Scooter.

The Smoby Mighty Battle is one of the top-selling products online in this category.  The scooter has been EN-71 certified (European Safety Standard for Toys). 

Smoby Might Battle Scooter - Best Kid's Scooters in India

Check the Latest Price & User Reviews – Amazon


Key Features:

  • Suitable for kids aged 4 years and above
  • Uses a strong metal frame with three level adjustable handlebar
  • The scooter can be easily folded and carried in the boot of the car
  • Uses Rear fender brakes. Press to stop
  • Maximum load capacity of 50 Kgs


Whichever product you choose, Don’t forget to buy a good helmet along with it. Safety First!


3. B1 Scooter Frame and Deck – By Decathlon

A quality product from Decathlon. The scooter has been designed for kids in the age group of 2 to 4-year-olds. 3 wheels provide additional support and stability of infants as they are just starting out on their scooters.

You can later upgrade to 2 wheel scooter as your child becomes more confident in riding his/her toy.

If you wish to buy this product, you will have to place an order for two things. The first and more expensive piece is the frame. You can then choose a shell that you can place on the frame. This shell is available in multiple colours (Two colours at the time of writing this review.


Decathlon B1 Scooter

Check Availability – Frame | Shell

Use the link above to view the frame and the shell. The shell is actually not very expensive and you can buy multiple colours. This will enable you to change them every few days to keep your child engaged.



4.  Sapphire Adjustable & Folding Scooter for Kids:

Similar to Smoby product displayed above, this is also a budget option for parents.

Sapphire Adjustable & Folding Scooter for Kids

Check More User Reviews & Latest Price – Flipkart

A good option for older kids aged above 5 years. The best feature of this scooter is the build quality. The product is very robust and should be able to a beating at the hands of your kids.

The product is available in various colours. You will find colours suitable for both boys as well as girls offered by this brand.


5. Razor A Kick Scooter

Razor is a world-renowned Scooter brand from the United States. Model A is the first model that they launched in the year 2000.

The product uses aircraft grade aluminium frame, tube and deck. It has adjustable handlebars and highly durable Urethane wheels.

This product is suitable for kids with age above 5 years.

Razor A - Best Kick Scooter in India

Check out all colour Combinations & Latest Price in India – Amazon

At the time of writing this review, the model A was available at a significant discount to its MTR on Amazon. The product is available in 6 different colour combinations.



6. Decathlon Oxelo MID 1 & MID 7

Two amazing product for a really good price offered by Decathlon. As you know, bicycles sold by Decathlon are sold under the brand name of Btwin. Similarly, Scooters by Decathlon are sold under the brand name of Oxelo.

The two products are almost similar. The major difference is the age group that these scooters cater to.

The Oxelo MID1 is suitable for children in the age group of 6 to 9 years. While the Oxelo MID 7 is more suitable for kids above the age of 10.

Decathlon Oxela MID1 Scooter Price Decathlon Oxela MID7 Scooter Review










Check the Prices of the Two Models Online on Decathlon – MID1 | MID7



7. Zinc GTX-R Spark

If you are looking for a scooter with premium and innovative features, the Zine GTX-R Sparks is what you need to buy.

This product comes with a working speedometer that records speeds in both Kmph as well as Mph. It also keeps a track of the highest speed achieved on this bike.

The second innovative features that this scooter boast of are the sparks that it produces once you hit the brakes.

Kids scooter with Speedometer Zinc GTX-R Spark Scooter with speedometer and brake










Check the Latest Price in India – Amazon

The product comes with an adjustable handlebar and can be used by kids aged 4 years and above.



8.  Razor 13111231 – Best Electric Scooter for Kids in India

This is an electric scooter for kids by Razor. The frame of the bike is made using durable steel.

It uses twist throttle to deliver power to the wheels. This bike has a max speed of 10 miles per hour (Around 16 Kmph). The maximum run time on full battery is about 30 to 4o minutes (Depending on the conditions)

Razor 13111231 Best Electric Scooter for Kids in India

Check the Latest Price & Availability at your Pincode – Amazon

The bike needs around 12 hours to recharge fully. It comes with brakes on the front wheel.

It is recommended that you explain the kids about the potential injury it this product can cause to self as well as others. This will help them develop a sense of responsibility.

You should also ensure your kids wear proper protective gear while riding the same.


This brings me to an end of my review of the Best Kid’s Scooters in India. Do let me know the product you selected to buy for your child. If you have any further questions, do feel free to reach out to me using the comments section below.


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