Type of Bicycles in India

Types of Cycles in India – Which one is right for you?

This blog post will cover the common types of cycles in India. You can buy these easily in online/offline bicycle shops. The post will also cover various features of each type of bicycle and their most common uses. This will help you decide the right bicycle for yourself.

Below is a quick list of various bicycle types. I will cover them in details below. However, if you are looking to buy a bicycle, you can refer to our guide on best bicycles in India.

Most Common Types of Cycles in India:

  1. Mountain Bicycles
    • Fat Boy Bikes
    • Trail Bicycles
  2. Road Bicycles
  3. Hybrid Bicycles
    • Comfort Cycles
    • Road Bicycles
  4. Roadsters
  5. Single Gear Cycles
    • Fixed Gear Cycles or Fixies
    • Free Wheel Single Gear Cycles
  6. BMX Bikes
  7. Folding Bikes


So, I will now go in details of each of the bicycle type.:


Mountain Bicycles:

Mountain bicycles or MTBs are built to go over any type of terrain. You can ride these bicycles off road, on gravel, up or down hills. These bicycle will take you over rocks, bumps, potholes, dirt tracks, roots or twigs with easy.

Mountain Bicycle - Types of cycle
Photo by AquaChara

These bicycles have the following features:

  • The most distinguishing factor is wider tyres. These help you get that extra grip you need in harsh terrains.
  • These bikes usually would have a good suspension.
  • These bicycles generally come with lower gear ratio. This will help you go over steep, difficult to climb terrain.
  • These bicycles are meant and built to be really durable. Hence, they tend to be a bit heavier compared other bicycles in the same category.



Road Bicycles

These are sometimes also called as racing bicycles.  These cycles are built for riding fast and with relative easy on paved roads. They have a very distinctive frame. This helps the rider to bend low. thereby causing low air resistance.


Road Bike - Bicycle types in India
Photo by Simon

Distinguishing feature of Road Bicycle:

  • The tyres of the bicycle are really narrow. This helps keep the friction low.
  • Most of these cycles will have high gears. This enables the cyclists to hit high speeds.
  • The handle of the bicycles are bent low. This helps the rider to bend low and helps cuts the air resistance.
  • The weight of the bicycle is lower.



Hybrid Cycles:

These cycles are cross between mountain and road bicycles. There are various types of hybrid bicycles being built to suit different requirements. However, the two most popular hybrid bicycles are city/commuter bicycles and comfort bicycles.

The commuter bicycle is built for riding around the city. You can use them to go to work or college.  The bicycle is designed for medium range travel. It will also take care of your comfort.

The comfort bike however, is built the other way around. Its main purpose is to give you a comfortable ride. You can ride leisurely around the park or go pick up your grocery.


City bicycle
                                                        Photo by Sanwal Deen





Bicycle by Gender & Age:

  1. Ladies/Women Cycles
  2. Unisex Cycles
  3. Tricycles for Toddlers
  4. Kids Bicycle


Specialty Cycles:

  1. Skate Scooter
  2. UniCycles
  3. Tandem Bicycles
  4. Tricycles (Cycle Rickshaws)
  5. Quadra Cycles
  6. Hover boards


Gym Bicycles:


Electric Cycles: 

  1. Electric Cycles
  2. Electric Unicycles
  3. Electric Scooters

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