Viva Ryde On 26T Single Speed Cycle Review & Price in India

Viva Ryde On 26T Single Speed Cycle – Review

This review article will cover price & features of Viva Ryde On 26T Single Speed Cycle. This is one of the cheapest gearless cycles in India. The bicycle is currently available at a price point around the Rs. 5000 mark.

Viva Ryde One is available online in two variants. The more popular variation comes with mudguards as well as a kickstand. However, there is an even cheaper version available which does not have these two accessories. At the time of writing the article, there was a good 1000 Rupee difference between the two variations.

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Review Summary:

Viva Ryde On is a decent bicycle considering the price you are paying for the same. This is a good product for someone with a very tight budget but still wants to explore his/her passion for cycling. However, if you can afford to increase your budget by a couple of thousand rupees, you can opt for Mach City iBike

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Mach City has both single speed & geared variations. The bicycle is available in multiple colours and has a better-built quality compared to Viva Ryde On 26T


Viva Ryde On Review:

Not much information is available about Viva Bikes on their website but looks like that they are an Indian brand. Most likely they would be getting their bikes made in China while they assemble and market the brand in India. I may be wrong on this part as it is an assumption that I have made.

Let’s get to the bicycle in question now.

Viva Ryde On 26T Single Speed Cycle Review & Price in India

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The bicycle comes in black colour with modern graphics. This makes it usable by both Adults as well as teens. The colour theme flows well with the cycle and is present on the frame of the bicycle as well as the saddle.

The frame size ideal for men with a minimum height of 5 feet 5 inches to about 6 feet tall (Even though the manufacturer claims it can be used by a wider range of audience)

As the name suggests, this is a single speed bicycle and does not have any gears to work with. The overall ride quality is good considering that this is a super cheap bicycle. There were instances when you could hear some sound from the bicycle on constant usage. You will need some regular fixes maintenance to keep it going.


The frame of the Bicycle:

Viva Ryde On 26T Steel Frame

The bicycle uses a steel frame. This is expected as steel frames are generally cheaper compared to alloy frames.

The frame is sturdy enough and can handle regular Indian roads with ease.

However, the problem with steel is that generally, it is heavier compared to alloys.

This bicycle weight roughly around the 20 Kgs.



Ryde On 26T Saddle

The bicycle uses an MTB style saddle. This saddle is flatter and comfortable compared to road bikes.

The best part is that it has a quick release knob. This can be used to quickly adjust the height of the saddle without the need of a spanner to loosen up any bolts.

The design on the saddle also looks good and is consistent with the other graphics stickers/decals used on the bicycle.




Viva Ryde On 26T uses a V braking system for both the front as well as back tyres.

The braking system works satisfactorily and I could not find any issue with the same. You can ride around in traffic with full control of your bicycle.

The brakes will get loosened up on use, however, you can easily tighten them up to maintain the performance.



Viva Ryde On city cycle Accessories in India

The regular version comes with mounted kickstand made out of steel.

It is also equipped with sporty looking plastic mudguards. My only apprehension is about their durability. It feels like they might break on a minor impact.

The bicycle also has safety reflectors (Standard)

It is suggested that you buy an air pump if you are planning on assembling the bicycle yourself as the tyres will come deflated.

Couple of more accessories that I would suggest you buy is a good helmet for your own safety and a good bicycle lock for the safety of your bike 🙂


Note – The bicycle, if bought online, comes in a semi-assembled state. You will have to invest some time to assemble the parts. It is not very difficult, however, you will need some patience and few hours to get the task accomplished.

Alternately, you can visit you nearby cycle shop to get it assembled by a pro. My suggestion would be to assemble it yourself. This will help you understand your Viva Ryde On 26T better. You will also be able to fix any minor issues that may arise later.

Have a look at the unboxing video below to see how the bicycle will be shipped to you.

Viva Ryde On – UnBoxing Video


I hope this review article help you make up your purchase decision. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also, which bicycle did you buy? Did you decide to stick to Viva Ryde On? or did you take my advise and upgrade to Mach City iBike?


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